New Vegas game update available on all platforms (Updated)


Update: The PC patch is now available. Restart Steam and launch Fallout: New Vegas to begin the auto-download. The update is also available on Xbox 360. You can access it by starting up Fallout: New Vegas while connected to Xbox LIVE.

Today PlayStation 3 users in North America and European territories can download the latest game update for Fallout: New Vegas. With your PS3 connected online, you should receive a prompt to download update 1.02*. This update will be available on Xbox 360 and Steam early next week (we’ll keep you posted). Below is list of issues resolved with the game update.

Top fixes:

  • Companions now show up as waypoints on the map
  • Companions will always fast travel with you, unless told to wait or sent away
  • Fix: DLC error/save corruption
  • Fix: Entering the strip after Debt Collector causes crash and autosave corruption
  • Fix: Using Mojave Express dropbox can cause DLC warnings
  • Crafting menu now filters valid (bright) recipes to the top of the list
  • Weathered pistol no longer glitches when applying mods

After the break, see other issues/quests the patch covers…

In addition, this patch addresses issues with the following areas:

  • Pip-Boy Interface
  • Pre-Order DLC Items
  • Reputation System
  • Radio Stations
  • Companion fixes
  • Companion Quests
  • Repair Menu
  • Caravan
  • Weapons and Weapon Mods
  • Hardcore Mode
  • Perks
  • Skills
  • Crafting Recipes
  • Crafting Menu
  • Mojave Express
  • Chems/Addiction
  • Doctors
  • Vendors

And fixes for the following quests:

  • Ain’t That a Kick in the Head
  • By a Campfire on The Trail
  • They Went That-a-Way
  • My Kind of Town
  • Boulder City Showdown
  • Ring a Ding Ding!
  • King’s Gambit
  • For The Republic, Part 2
  • Render Unto Caesar
  • Et Tumor, Brute?
  • The House Always Wins
  • Wild Card
  • Beyond the Beef
  • GI Blues
  • How Little We Know
  • Oh My Papa
  • Still In The Dark
  • You’ll Know It When It Happens
  • Arizona Killer
  • Eureka!
  • Veni, Vidi, Vici
  • All or Nothing
  • No Gods, No Masters
  • Birds of a Feather
  • I Put A Spell On you
  • Come Fly With Me
  • That Lucky Old Sun
  • Don’t Make a Beggar of Me
  • The White Wash
  • Ghost Town Gunfight
  • Restoring Hope
  • Bleed Me Dry
  • Aba Daba Honeymoon
  • Tend To Your Business
  • Wang Dang Atomic Tango
  • Flags of Our Foul-Ups
  • Debt Collector
  • Talent Pool
  • Left My Heart
  • Someone To Watch Over Me
  • Hard Luck Blues

*Please note that once you’ve updated the game, you can confirm it’s been installed by going to the Title Screen>Settings>Display. In the lower left corner you should see Version in the lower left-hand corner.

Reader Comments

  1. I can no longer toggle camera or go in to VATS. The R2 and L2 buttons no longer work on any controller after the update. Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. Still a lot of old and new issues with this game. It’s a new year, so it’s time to get some answers already.

    When is the next patch coming out, or are you even working on one?

  3. I cant hit most monster’s heads in VATS. The target just won’t move to head slot no matter what I do 🙁

    When is the next patch coming?

  4. The last patch finally got my game working again and I got a few more days play before the same old error occurs

    namely I launch the game only for it to fall over when I hit continue (loading any other save gets the same fault)

    I think I have spent more time trying to get this game to actually run than I have had actual play time


    With just 4 easy steps i was able to stop the crashing in NEW VEGAS permanantly!
    This works for all systems and the pc version aswell and is %100 fool proof and guaranteed to
    get results. I found these ground breaking tips from one of the actual designers at Bethesda/ Obsidian, he is a good friend of mine.
    Ok so first thing to do would be to open the drive in which your fallout new vegas is currently in. step 2. remove the disc and clean it throughly with a lent free cloth and a little alcohol to remove any dirt or fingerprints. step 3. open window and thrust it into the air and hope for a head-shot on a passer-by. step 4. insert call of duty Black-Ops.
    problem solved…
    After trying this method, im 100% satisfied… Knowing that Bethesda = Epic Fail made the decision that much easier.

  6. @Gstaff i found a new bug in Fallout: New Vegas when your at the final part of the mission right when ceasers legion is attacking Hoover dam when u get to the control room elevator it does the same thing before the patch for ps3 version update 1.01 when you get into the strip that thing well just wanted to inform yall the new bug it also does it at goodsprings as well wen u get to the building where the old man is on the porch u go in does the exact same thing as what im telling above so there you go for the new bugs to patch cuz i cant get past the elevator cuz i need in there and i need to beat the game

  7. There is still a major glitch with the factions. I put on a Legion armor to infiltrate their base and before this I was accepted by the NCR. Now when I put on my regular armor, it says accepted by the NCR but they still fire at me. It’s pretty annoying, just wondering if this problem is being worked on and when the patch will be available.

  8. Even with both patches, the game still freezes on the PS3, particularly at locations around Lake Mead. Two months after release and the game is still not fixed. Did you not beta test this game?

  9. I see that havok was used in the making of new vegas any chance you can cross that with dead rising for a co op down load or xbla game? If not MAKE NEW FRIENDS! or buy out capcom I’m sure it would only be a few hundred million. In short ride the zombie train, a sand box co-op will do good…looking forward to skyrim…love you guys!

  10. Very disappointed I’ve got 25 hrs tied up in this junk. Now it freezes every time after 5 mins. It’s so addicting, and such a let down. Gamestop knows it apparently I tried to trade it today. They offered $18 and they want $54.99 for a used one.

  11. damn man is there any other way to get the patch other than xbox live?…im 2 broke to buy a subscription just to get a real tho, wasnt 60$ enough..o and has anybody else had a problem getting climb ev’ry mountain 2 work?

  12. @gstaff I understand you guys dont have an official word on further updates but i’d really love to finish my game without saving after every encounter. (PS3) Are the lockups even a priority right now?

  13. How about a patch for people that have purchased the XBox 360 Fallout New Vegas game but aren’t connected to XBOX Live? If this isn’t made available it seems very unfair to customers that do not choose to use XBOX Live.

  14. So, um, what are you going to be doing for all of those offline gamers out there? Or do you intend to just rip them off with the unfinished disk?

    • @JJ, Rick: game updates are only provided through Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam. If you can bring your system somewhere to connect online, you can grab the update. There is no cost associated with PSN or Steam, and you can also get an Xbox LIVE free account.

    • @Matt, check to make sure you don’t already have the update — you should automatically be prompted to receive an update when you start up your Xbox or PS3. You should be able to see the version you have by going to the title screen, selecting settings, and then display. The version # will be displayed in the lower left hand corner.

  15. Hey Bethesda. Why are you guys the only ones that release games that don’t work. Its pretty bad you expect us to pay 60 bucks for a game that doesn’t work. Seriously! Really! Come on! Try releasing a game that is completed for a change.

  16. fallout new vegas is a disgrace!!! how can u release a game with so many problems i have a copy on the ps3 and even with the patch it is still freezing !!!WTF!!! last time i buy any of your games !!!

  17. @gstaff – I submitted a request to regarding my game crashing intermittently (PC) on 12/24. Sent the Dxdiag and was told to disable UAC on my PC. After several emails back and forth with tech continually telling me to disable UAC and to update my graphics drivers, even though I had already done this, it was “escalated to the next level of support” on 12/28. I have not heard anything back. Subsequent emails have come back that they are still working on my problem. Can I expect to actually hear anything? I have customer and case numbers if it will help.

  18. I have fallout 3, fallout New Vegas is very pleased with the play. Yes, of course, they have some errors. But to be as good as the game is so I do not think there’s anything to complain that everyone does here. Some say it’s the last game of the “you ” to purchase. But in all the world, not to buy the game, let us think it’s good to be allowed to buy it.

    Refrain from buying the game, and you came away from this page, do not let the irritation go beyond us.

  19. Patch doesn’t seem to have solved anything on my 360. Fortunately, no game breakers but still very very very very annoying. Also seems to have carried through to the dlc Dead Money where I am getting freezes as well. Dead money was a bit of a disappointment by the way with the last section being seriously annoying and very un-Fallout like in its gameplay. Sorry guys but bring back the Fallout 3 team, they gave us a much better game.

  20. I’m having several issues since completing the Dead Money add on for Xbox. All of my followers were either back at their way points or at the lucky 38. I wanted to re-enlist Arcade Gannon and Ed-E. Upon going to the Followers in Freeside and saying “I think we should travel together, he suggests that I already have too many followers. I do not have any at the time.

    So then I tried to go to Primm to get Ed-E, as soon as I walk in the building he becomes hostile (plays music) and attacks Jonathan Nash, then his wife. After they are dead he will begin attacking me.
    I have 94 hours of gameplay in so I would like to finish but I fear I will have to go all the way back to before the Dead Money add on to continue.

  21. I appreciate the reply Gstaff, but that’s just not for me. I expect a product that I pay $60 for to work properly out of the box. I’m not going to mess with purchasing the equipment to go online just to get a fix for a game that shouldn’t have been released prematurely in the first place. I’ll have to content myself with simply vowing to never purchase another product from Bethesda or Obsidian again.

  22. So I’m over by the Fisherman’s Pride fighting some LakeLurks with Good’ole Boone and I get killed.

    Reload from last save, oh look two-thirds of my inventory is GONE. Corrupted save file.

    OK, good thing I saved about an hour back, oh wait inventory GONE.

    What is wrong with you guys? Seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?

    I’m not even gonna even bother to talk about all the PC-freezing game crashes I’ve experienced along the way… You guys can’t even figure out how to properly save a game state! You can’t figure out how to protect previously saved game files from being corrupted. Any of you on here thinking these guys will figure out how to fix your freezing consoles/PCs, get in line, they haven’t gotten past the “HOW DO WE SAVE THE GAME” phase? Someone had better be getting canned for releasing this jalopy.

    Way to ruin my favorite franchise.

  23. This is ridiculous! I’ve got new Vegas on the 360 and it’s crash after crash after freeze after crash! When is this going to be fixed so I can actually play!?

  24. Loved the game having bought it when it first came out.

    I had managed to save the President on For The Republic Part 2 but I couldn’t get any further due to the bug so I stopped playing.

    Imagine my joy when I read that there was now a patch now downloaded it and I still can’t complete For The Republic Part 2

    Please Please Please fix this

    Or do I have to restart the game for the patch to work?

  25. Hello I’m from Canada and steam seemed to start internet problems as no DNS site would load until I cancelled steam. These patches you wrote about could you direct me to them as I cannot locate any help. Thanks

  26. Excuse me if this is posted twice as I do not see my post. Steam seemed to cause a problem as DNS was not recognized at any site until I stopped steam. I cannot find any patches and I forgot to mention I’m using a Dell desktop, the inspiron with an nvidia graphics card and windows 7 home edition. Thanks

  27. Is there a THIRD patch coming to Fall Out New Vegas for the Playstation 3 version?
    If so, when could we expect it to arrive the platform?

  28. I would just like to add that like myself, other potential buyers are waiting for a definitive patch..soon…otherwise, games like Mass Effect 2 are almost around the corner…

  29. Great on getting the patch out, but I am still amazingly frustrated by the freezes and having lost ED-E! I know exactly where the map says ED-E is, but when I look for him, he’s not there. Please, Please, PLEASE – respond to tell me if there is any way to regain ED-E with out starting a new game?!


  31. I am seeing the same problem on my PS3 version with the 1.02 patch as Russell Buckley is seeing. The L2 and R2 buttons do not work and I can’t enter VATS mode at all! I really rely on VATS so this is unplayable. I uninstalled my game data and loaded up my save while not connected to the internet to see if VATS would work in the base install version and it did, but I would like to be able to have my system online so I can earn trophies, plus who knows what other game breaking bugs are in 1.0. This is really unacceptable guys, if New Vegas isn’t fixed there is no way I’m getting Skyrim.

  32. Ive been looking on all the forums about “for the republic, part 2” when ranger grant has no other dialogue options par “goodbye” when your told to report to him. They all say about the wild card quest but i havent completed that quest yet and grant is still glitching. If it is to do with the wild card quest, it never informs you about it, and its stupid that it doesnt let you help the ncm before you complete it -.- i still have the white glove and brotherhood of steel to talk about with yes man, i stopped before i did them and then went on to doing the ncr quest to kill mr. house ad that all worked perfectly fine o their still accepting my help as far as i know 🙂

  33. Seems like a lot of unhappy customers I bought Fallout New Vegas back when it came out. I stopped playing it for some reason. then I pop the game in a few months later and there’s an update. I was excited at first that a lot of bugs would be fixed but now the game seems to freeze a lot more then it did before. Why does this happen, is it damaging my ps3 i have to turn it off then back on, can this be fixed? If not why would I buy another one of your games?

  34. I just got new vegas and the game when i try to go to camp mccarran to do i put a spy on you sidequest and when i use the vats the game freezes what should do????

  35. jus wondering is there any way to get ahold of this patch in a CD? i dont have internet or xbox live but would love to be able to get these fixes for my game somehow. anybody know the answer to that?

  36. Bought this game for my girlfriend. She loved fallout 3, still does. She got through to saving the president from being assassinated (you’ll know it when it happens) only to find she wasn’t able to tell colonel Moore the president was safe. Game ending glitch, she couldn’t finish the game and I threw away 80 dollars. Bethesda – you make some of the most awesome games I’ve ever had the pleasure to own and play. All I ask is that you have integrity and professionalism to make this game the way it should of been when you first released it. Keep working on those patches. The game could be amazing, but instead you released a faulty product. Please validate your name and not let new Vegas continue to be The glitchiest game ever to make it in the Guiness book of world records.

  37. I love New Vegas and I am regrettably suffering through playing it due to the absurd amount of crashing it is causing on my PS3. This will be my last purchase unless the stability issues are addressed rather than being ignored as they currently are.

  38. For some reason when I started up the game on my xbox 360 the game Prompted me with a message saying that the merc pack had been disabled or taken off my hard drive. When I attempted to load my game it froze and I had to restart my xbox. This problem persisted even after I deleted the merc pack from my hard drive. Any ideas or fixes?