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  1. I knew that this announcement was upon us, when ya’ll started posting some Elder Scrolls IV things on here again, just letting you know that I think you made gamers around the world piss their pants with excitement from this announcement, lol.

  2. Its easy to see why the Empire fell: the council accepts anyone with a facebook! ๐Ÿ˜› (though I suppose if you equate facebook with the ability to dreamsleeve interface it becomes a lot more impressive…)

    Hilarious poll, btw.

  3. It is annoying that we have to be 17, because in the UK, Oblivion, and I think Morrowind as well, is a 15 instead.

    So some people are old enough the play Oblivion, but not old enough to join a group about a game series?

  4. Joined the Elder Council and eagerly anticipating more! Looking forward to what you have up your sleeves for this chapter of The Elder Scrolls!! Hands-down my most anticipated release of 2011.

  5. I can’t wait; I had heard back in June ’10 that Bethesda had acquired the trademark “Skyrim”, and I was hoping so badly that it’d be about the Nord’s frozen fatherland. I can’t wait, and the game actually comes out one whole day -after- my birthday, heh. Hail the All-Maker and let his voice guide you to Sovngarde!

  6. By Azura! Am I the only person who has commented thats old enough to buy a drink in here? What happened to all the original fans?

  7. Don’t worry kids. I’m sure you’ll get to see all the cool content that will be posted on the facebook page through other means. Your real challenge will be when it comes to begging your parents to buy it for you when it comes out.

  8. I want to see this but I don’t want to like it, so all my friends see I’m a loser who’s SO EXCITED FOR A GAME THATS NOT ARRIVING FOR 11 MONTHS.

  9. This could be another true masterpiece. Limiting the number and severity of bugs in such a complicated game may be the greatest challenge, and beta testing will be the key to success in this context.

    Please put me down as a beta tester. (I have completed Oblivion and 100% unlocked all achievements.)

    Gamertag: cbjoe

  10. I don’t get it, i’m old enough to walk into the games shop and buy oblivion or morrowind, yet i’m not allowed to join a group based on one of my favorite franchises. Please Bethesda, just lower the age limit. It’s not like whatever you post on there is going to scare us 14-16 year olds for life…

  11. Honestly I find it quite annoying how I cannot see these screenshots due to me being 1 year younger that 17… Really? Why restrict us? Why not change the age to 15? Just a suggestion, I hope I am heard.

  12. Hang on, scratch that. Why not just upload any new screenshots on the Elder Scrolls site as well? I think it’d be fair then, yes?

  13. I’m kinda late on commenting, but anyway, the Elder Council shouldn’t require you to be 17 and up. So my one issue with every Elder Scrolls (or just Bethesda) game (besides tons of bugs) is the extremely slow console sensitivity. Since I can’t post on Elder Council I thought I’d say it here ๐Ÿ˜›