The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim announced at the VGAs


“You should have acted. They’re already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return.”

And returned it has! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced to the world by game director Todd Howard at tonight’s VGAs. Along with Todd’s appearance, viewers were able to to get the first look at the game’s announcement trailer. If you missed it, it’s now up on our teaser site. And while you’re there, if you click on the background of the page, you can pan around and explore the backdrop.


Skyrim releases on Friday, November 11, 2011… that’s less than a year away!! In the coming weeks and months, stay tuned for more details on Bethesda Game Studios’ latest game.

Reader Comments

  1. Yes!!! i totally can’t wait, and for the love of your fans.. Don’t release a buggy game, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I don’t care if i have to wait till 2012, make sure it isn’t buggy on release.

  2. Been anticipating this announcement for months now… absolutely great news. By far my favorite franchise of all time. Great news indeed1

  3. Now I can only hope something has been do ne about the leveling… my level 40 Redguard is having a hellish time getting thru the main quest because of the ridiculous baddies… yes I started the main quest at level 40 with 200+ hours in the game. Only in TES

  4. This is great news
    Myself and members of the Dark Brotherhood site on Facebook were sick n tired of the speculation surrounding the next installment.
    the group is buzzing with excitement of the announcement .

    We look forward to screenshots and other information relevant to the release and wish the team at bethesda the best at marketing and finalising the game and what may well be the biggest and most rewarding release in company’s history.

  5. Yes!!! Incredible. This is hard to melt. Thank you king Todd and the rest of Bethesda.

    I’m crossing my fingers for Jeremy Soule doing the soundtrack.

  6. so, now that TES V has been announced, perhaps all the Fallout fans should pepper every TES-related post with comments like “screw TES, what about Fallout 4?!?” just so you get that same enrichment.

  7. Finally the day i thought i will never witness is now coming: 11.11.2011 what a magical day it is, full of hope, dreams and wishes. May God (or every Gods you believe) guide you Brave Man and Woman from Bethesda to create the Game we all hope, wish and dream.

  8. I agree with Brett. This will be awesome, we know that this will be awesome – just please, please learn from previous mistakes and finish the game before releasing it. Sure, you’re not the worst offenders when it comes to this (at least not as horribly bad as my other favorite game company, Obsidian) but seriously – you are notorious in the game world for buggy releases. I love you, I love your games, but it’s getting annoying seeing every discussion about your games get taken over by people who dismiss the games out of hand because of bugs.

    Bottom line, release when it’s finished. We can wait, and we’ll all be better off. Look at Valve for instance – they are utterly ridiculously late with their releases but they are still beloved and we will still buy their games.

    (When I think about it I realize that I left a very similar message when FNV was coming up… Now that wasn’t all up to you guys of course, but we all know how that worked out… :))

  9. This is like the greatest day of my life! Haven’t been that excited for ages! Love you guys! I hope you follow the release date.

    Will there be awesome gameplay presentations at the E3, like there were with Oblivion?

    For the Emperor!

  10. Finally, youre the best!!!:) But could you guys release a statement aswell, were you address the some of the improvements youve done to Skyrim over Oblivion? Im just wondering if the scaled levelingsystem has been improved in Skyrim so we dont get bandits running with deadric/ebony armor everywhere like in Oblivion when we played as a highlevel character. And if the amount of artifacts have increased and if theyre spread throughout the map as in Morrowind. In Oblivion there was no point in exploring the elvenshrines because all you got was crappy randomized loot… Or release som other info, anything will do!:)

  11. Man when Todd Howard came on stage I got a rush of excitement and then they showed this trailer and I fainted. THANK YOU Todd Howard and everyone at Bethesda for announcing this OMG I am so excited. Looking forward to sinking another couple hundred hours into this series. Elder Scrolls Skyrim WOOOOOT