The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim announced at the VGAs


“You should have acted. They’re already here. The Elder Scrolls told of their return.”

And returned it has! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced to the world by game director Todd Howard at tonight’s VGAs. Along with Todd’s appearance, viewers were able to to get the first look at the game’s announcement trailer. If you missed it, it’s now up on our teaser site. And while you’re there, if you click on the background of the page, you can pan around and explore the backdrop.


Skyrim releases on Friday, November 11, 2011… that’s less than a year away!! In the coming weeks and months, stay tuned for more details on Bethesda Game Studios’ latest game.

Reader Comments

  1. For one side, I hate that you made us wait so long… but from the other side I’m virtually exploding with love.

    I hope you guys will show us more updates soon! I may have a stroke trying to contain all this excitement!


  3. I didn’t catch the announcement on the VGAs…going to watch it soon. But definitely GREAT news!!! The music for the trailer is just made of pure awesome.

  4. This is the game i have been waiting for since Oblivion. (Got xbox 360 just because of it!)
    What i love is that you guys didnt rush a sequel even though it was extremly popular, which shows the love you have for it. So i hope you dont bring it out too early like FNV which i cant wait to start playing
    once the update is out soon. Looking forward to 11.11.11 is the biggest understatement of the year!!!!

  5. seen a few people asking for the composer of the music. My guess is that it will once again be the brilliant composer Jeremy Soule seeing as the music in the teaser uses elements from the Oblivion intro. The most obvious example is the trompets at approx. 1:09 to 1:16 in the teaser the original piece is from approx. 0:16 to 0:23 in the TES IV: Oblivion score.

    and of cause there is the history between TES and Jeremy Soule.

  6. I was completely suprised by the vga announcement of skyrim.most anticipated game of my lifetime for sure.I,for one am proud of what they’ve done w/ their company.I play everything they make and it’s nice to see them return to elder scrolls.On top of that We get a Game Informer issue in february !!! I hope they include the guilds and races again as it adds more content and variety to the gameplay.Stoked about this news.definitely a preorder on this one!!!

  7. I read that a new game engine will be used. I think I’ll wait for others to do your beta testing. I played Oblivian IV. It takes considerable time to level up .. many many hours. After this marathon of gaming, I ran smack into a bug where my avatar became encircled in swirling bright lights that prevented me from continuing the game (no visibility). Granted, I was able to enjoy many hours of great game play. The flip side is that having my character become destroyed after investing all those hours to level up was a *SERIOUS* buzz kill. My second effort ended the same way. Others encountered this, gave it the name “ABomb Glitch” My point is that no effort was ever made to address this defect, reported by some as a floating point overflow in the game’s database. I can dismiss floating rocks, game freeze, disappearing items, but having the game progress terminated after weeks of effort with no hope of a fix does not instill confidence in your game brand.

  8. REALLY To Tell The Truth,… I Want To Be Able to Travel To Cyrodill, Elsweyr, Hammerfell, Vvardenfell The Summerset Isles AND the Nordic Lands of Skyrim,… Is That Too Much too Ask Though???

  9. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YES. Finnally another elder scrolls been waiting forever cant wait for it to come out.Hopefully its good.Im sure it will be tho i mean oblivion kicked ass

  10. Finally, have loved the elder scrolls since Morrowind, played Oblivion from release until last year (due to the replay value and the mods from the communities). I am really looking forward to this game since none of the competitors (Arcania or Two Worlds 2) have given me anything similar to what Morrowind and Oblivion gave me in gaming pleasure.

  11. I wait for this game like …. Forever!!!! I hope they will make it event bether then oblivion and i hope they will remove camouflage from game since is vary stupid when u get like 120% camouflage and can kill any1 and they cant even see u :p

  12. I think the combat in this game should be smoother coz in oblivion it was just attack in the same way each time thay should do diffrent attacks other than just swing swing and swing agen

  13. I am so excited that you guys are going back to the games that made me fall in love with you work. Morrowind and Oblivion completely blew my mind and shattered everything I came to know as an RPG. Please, continue to push the envelope, LISTEN TO YOUR GAMING COMMUNITY, and do what you do best, creating those awesome gaming experiences. Game on =)

  14. I’m thrilled to see another elder scrolls game coming out… Please, for the love of all real gamers, do not making everything level-based like in oblivion….

    Nothing is more lame than looting quest items at low level, and having them suck because of it… Horrible idea… This forces us to hold off on doing quests till we are max level so that we ensure that all the cool epic weapons aren’t totally borked when we get them….

    If you guys just remade Morrowind with the kind of graphics you introduced with oblivion, you would be spot on.

    Also go back to the older style of enchanting items like in Morrowind… 1 piece body suits in oblivion were useless… Enchanting was lame in general with oblivion. I still enjoyed playing Oblivion, but Morrowind still kicks Oblivion in the junk..

    Im tired of games being dumbed down…. Its insulting, really.. to assume that your fans/gamers really need such a simplified dummy-proof system in order to enjoy it…. Get rid of quest markers… Or atleast give the ability to have a hardcore mode that turns off waypoints and “tips”… The beauty of Morrowind was having to explore and find stuff on your own… Using old books and scrolls to locate ancient weapons that are supposed to be lost in time…. There was nothing cooler than seeing my older brother show me his collection of epic weapons he had found just on his own like Indiana Jones uncovering lost artifacts that nobody knows about.

    Give us that kind of depth of gaming again…. Dont dumb crap down like everybody else out there… Make us work for satisfaction again… PLEASE.

    Other than that… Keep rockin!

  15. I can’t say I’m unexcited. I thoroughly enjoyed Oblivion… even if PS3 didn’t get the expansions *coughjerkscough* and even though as a direct result the GOTY Edition caused permanent vampirism *coughcauseofshiveringislesandnothingelsecough*… C’mon guys, look out for your Sony-bound brethren this time, eh? We got Fallout 3 GOTY and it was hotness, with all the packs. And we only get Shivering Isles? Laaaame. Hook us up, brudda’s!

  16. OMFG!! Awesome!
    Heard it’ll be a brand new gaming engine. Hope it won’t be to different from the Oblivion/Fallout engine c:

  17. Please get rid of the scaled levelling from oblivion- it takes a lot of joy out of the experience to fight your way through a huge ruin or dungeon only to find all the chests full or junk just because of your level.

    if the game engine alllows, the return of the flying spell would be fantastic.

    i agree with other posts which say release the game when ready -don’t rush ,we’ve waited this long, another month or two won’t kill us.

  18. veri nice

    armore sets women – men please.
    buy houses + in u house make potion – craft weapens / armore – enchante. put gems in armore / weapens
    tatoo u karakter
    have random quest wen game ends

    ps3 as good as other version!!!

    but realy need tropies on oblivion , very please.

  19. where to begin… first, I hope you guys will be putting skyrim out for the wii… my xbox 360 was stolen last year and I chose to replace it with a less expensive system. though I have no real say in what your team does with this game, I’ve put incredible amounts of thought into what I, as a gamer and huge fan of elderscrolls 3 and 4 would like to see in this next chapter of elderscrolls. oblivions format was much easier to get used to than morrowind… hopefully that hasn’t been changed too much. I’d also like the ability to duel wield weapons and select a dominant hand as apposed to me being left-handed and being forced to use a right-handed character. I can’t see how two one-handed weapons can’t be used at the same time, in one hand an axe and in the other a shortsword… or longsword and dagger…
    that’s just the tip of the iceberg… so many thoughts and ideas, I could go on all day… bringing medium armor back… adding a forging skill so you can make your own armor instead of buying it or killing people for theirs… of course the game is due out in 10 months so I doubt that even if you guys agreed with my ideas, if they aren’t already in the game then they probably wouldn’t be added just because I suggested them.
    ok done rambling for now… even though this elderscrolls may not be what I want… you have to make the game that everyone wants, I’m excited either way

  20. Now I can only hope something has been do ne about the leveling… my level 40 Redguard is having a hellish time getting thru the main quest because of the ridiculous baddies… yes I started the main quest at level 40 with 200+ hours in the game. Only in TES

    very simpel = SHADOW FORM _ CAMELEON SPEL .lesser nasty beat, lol

    intresting magick = alteration chield en feater
    ilusion : camoufage u self + licht
    desruction = magick weaknes of enemy
    restoration = heal
    conjuration = sumoning.

    not need alchemy , u LOOT ore BUY u not benefis of hijer lev potions.
    mysticism = soul trap

  21. So awesome! The physics in fallout are already awesome enough to use in this game, just maybe up the graphics a little, and no bugs this time please!