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  1. Thanks a lot. I still can’t believe that SKYRIM is coming out next year… I’m so happy. Oblivion was definitly the best RPG I had ever played… Can’t wait to play it’s sequel. Can’t wait to see some screens, details and gameplay-vids… OMG – I’m sooooo happy…

    THANKS BETHESDA for doing it!

  2. I realized after it said Todd Howard through the loudspeaker. Thats when I realized it was and new Bethesda game. But I really didnt realise it was The Elder Scrolls till it showed up Skyrim, remembering from the map of all the areas that Skyrim was in the Elder Scrolls Lore.

    But before it said Todd Howard, i actually thought it was going to be something stupid…


  3. 20 times? You fall short. Big time. 😀

    Will Max Von Sydow give his voice in the game, or it was just for the trailer? Let us know, I beg you!

  4. The second I saw Todd Howard speeding up the stage :P.
    With the whole scene behind it, it couldn’t be about Brink or Rage.

    Thanks for the share indeed. I couldn’t find a good quality version on youtube of it yet 😀 .

  5. As soon as i saw Todd i recognized him. That was all it took for me to bend backwards in excitement.

    Also, any chance on getting the script for the chanting?

  6. I knew it was the new Elder Scrolls right when i saw all the guys in the robes come out haha.
    It totally reminded me of the Dark Brotherhood and cults from Oblivion/Morrowind.

  7. Since I saw this page. But if I pretended I just saw this at random, I’d orob’ly be suspicious at the” Tooddd Howard!”

  8. I wasn’t 100 percent sure until the narrator said “the elder scrolls told of their return”

    thats when I flipped the crap out lol!

  9. When Todd Howard was introduced, I went bat-shit with excitement. I immediatly knew what was coming. I was blown away not only by the announcement itself, but by how little I had anticipated it. I was up – at 3 am, on the other side of the world – waiting pretty much just for the Biowares announcement I knew would be at the show – and suddenly, there you come from nowhere and reveal a sequel to the game I’ve probably played for more hours than … well, probably any game in the last ten years. I’ve probably spent more time playing Oblivion than I have spent playing the CoDs and Halos out there – and, from a MP-junkie, that says a lot.

  10. ^-^ you say 20 times i think more! the music at the end of the trailer is amazing gives me goosebumps 😀 hope you do a really awesome special edition game with sound track and a nice large hardback art book with lots of concepts and sketches 🙂 and lots of other really cool stuff!!

  11. Yea once I heard “Elder Scrolls” in the trailer on VGA’s I let out a loud.. well something and then pumped my fist and yelled YES!! This was at about 1:30 in the morning and I maybe have woke some people up as a result.

  12. is it just me or does anyone else want xmas to go away so we can see what news we get in February plzzzzzz let it be screen shots!! 😀

  13. The most epic game announcement of all time. I can’t even begin to estimate how many people had to change their pants last night after seeing this. Me included.

  14. When Todd walked on stage I basically got up and ran around the house in excitement. I already had a grin two miles wide from the speculation threads in knowing that we were right! The Excitement has not faded, it is the most epic unavailing ever!

  15. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    How were you guys able to keep this a secret for so long? It’s pretty scary actually.

    Oh, BTW, thank you.

  16. Maybe you might release a game that works when you buy it. Maybe this game will have decent support. Or maybe you should stop trying to wring out every penny you can out of us and actually fix fallout new Vegas. Maybe.

  17. I knew as soon as I heard the epic music start playing with the men in the cowls… Todd’s name simply confirmed that that night would indeed be magnificent.

  18. Knew it….anyone who does not like TheElderScrolls are on Skooma and are CriminalScum. Skyrim kinda reminds me of Beowulf.

  19. When I saw the mountains in the background I actually thought “Yeah, I wish,” but when Todd Howard walked up on stage I knew that this might actually be it. The second it was totally confirmed was when the video said, “the Elder Scrolls told of their return.” This still feels surreal haha

  20. [So, at what second of the video did YOU realize it was the unveiling of the next Elder Scrolls game?]

    When i saw the metal pewter look of the landscape which reminded me of the metal Ordinator figurine from the Collector’s Edition of MORROWIND. It also reminded me of some pretty detailed artwork i’ve seen like something out of a old Fellini movie or at 😀 When i saw the Dragons thats when the TES 2 DAGGERFALL flashbacks hit then next thing i know i hear those magic words THE ELDER SCROLLS.

    Now if i had seen the intro of Todd Howard before i would have started thinking about TES V SKYRIM the minute i saw the huge misty mountains and vast landscape. A work of artistic mastery in execution. Thank you for the fiery rush.

    The one of a kind Bethesda intro also conjured up images of a future gaming reality as Todd Howard walked in majestically serious as if he was actually inside the game world and revealing some new STAR TREK type holodeck gaming technology.

    Truly a magical release into the splendour miraculous…

  21. On behalf of the Dark Brotherhood group on facebook , we wish Todd, Pete and the team at Bethesda all the sucess at finalising the game .
    The marketing itself will be worth a price of admission .
    This news WAS the xmas cheer that everyone needs and we love the Black Hand robes.
    Thanks again
    and Sithis be with you !

  22. I am looking forward to this game so much. Thank you!

    I love that gorgeous male chorus and can’t wait to find out who the performers are.

  23. OMG! Didn’t have the chance to say this yet. Thanks a lot Bethesda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m probably the biggest elder scrolls fan there is! You picked my favorite province! I’ve been waiting for this ever since Bloodmoon was released. I’m also happy about the new engine. Though I never had that many problems with the other engine. But now TES can look even better!

    Thanks again and now go make something great out of it!

  24. I´ve looked all over the internet for this video! Thank´s!
    I almost fainted when I saw the announcement trailer. Then I got all “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and was looking for a paper bag to breath into.

  25. Thank you so much for putting this up Matt. I missed the VGAs and scoured youtube the day after and part of yesterday morning to find the full intro…but I found zilch.

    Now when can we see some screens or at least some concept art?

  26. Also, I forgot to mention. I really like how there’s an actual set release date. Hopefully that deadline will be met and I noticed someone said Todd Howard can make things dramatic. I must say I agree but then again some people have been waiting for this game for 4 years….so I believe the dramatic intro was necessary.

  27. To be honest,I had allmost taken it for a given that the next TES announcement would be sometime in 2011,so I was only anticipating Bioware’s announcement.Thanks to Gamebanshee,I woke up!

    The announcement of every TES game allways makes me feel warm inside, and I consider it a good sign in the progress of my life.

    God bless Todd Howard and Bethesda.

    I love you people.

  28. Great little speech but the skill is no more than 40 😉 and that hand in the pocket is a charisma draw of -1, but it’s still a 8 or a 9 (messured by the girls in the room when i showed them this).

    the people how ever are appalling at being a crowd. You need to let more regular people in at the VGA Spike! For better atmosphere!

    Hmm I knew as soon as i saw those hooded figures.

  29. “Jasion Fedor wrote on December 13th, 2010

    Knew it….anyone who does not like TheElderScrolls are on Skooma and are CriminalScum. Skyrim kinda reminds me of Beowulf.”

    Oh i really hope it won’t resemble that to much! It’s a horrible interpretation of the tail.
    Even worse is Marvels interpretation of Thor! Please bethesda do something to not crap all over the Norse and celtic cultures! like hiring actors not clearly speaking american english and consulting some people that know about the culture to get som refferences right. I know the Nords in the ES are not the Norsemen and Celts of our world but the inspiration is clear!

  30. Dear Irate,

    maybe if you got your head out of your Fallout loving arse you’d realize that Bethesda did not create fallout New Vegas, and that Bethesda always supports their games.

    Sincerely, Fetcher

  31. I was shocked with disbelief when the announcer said “Todd Howard.” Then I raised my arms up and whooped “It’s Todd Howard!!! Elder Scrolls V!!!”

  32. You had me at Todd Howard.

    Uhh… I mean I expected it to be the new Elder Scrolls as soon as I heard Todd Howard. Good thing too because if you had announced anything else I would have been livid.

    I think anyone who’s been following The Elder Scrolls since Morrowind (like me), knows you guys don’t talk about games until your close to releasing them. Which is good. As much as I hated spending the last for years just wanting someone to say “yes we’re working on it’. I’m glad you didn’t do this three years ago.

    “The new Elder Scrolls game coming…. in three years. HA!”

    Side note: I’m beginning to become a little concerned by the Todd’s inability to age. Seriously, he looks the same as he did doing promotional stuff for Morrowind!