Quake Arena Arcade hits XBLA


Xbox LIVE gamers can now get their quick QUAKE fix with the release of Quake Arena Arcade today.

Frag up to fifteen of your friends in six game types, including Deathmatch, CTF, and Harvester modes. Quake Arena Arcade features over 30 classic maps, 12 Xbox-exclusive arenas, HD and widescreen support, and a brand new single player campaign.

All that for only 1200 Microsoft Points. Grab it now on Xbox LIVE.

Reader Comments

  1. Hi, it has come to light over the 24hrs since Quake Arena Arcade’s launch that many users are unable to connect online with the game.
    In particular VirginMedia customers in the UK.

    Players select multiplayer from the main menu of the game, then either “Player Match” or “Ranked Match”, watch a “loading” message for 20-30secs, then get a “connection test failed” error message before being dumped back at the initial multiplayer mode selection screen.

    It’s not just a few isolated cases.

    The question is, are you guys aware of the problem?
    If so, is there a fix being worked on or is there a fix you can suggest to enable all buyers of the game to actually play it online?

    Gamers can be very passionate about their favourite titles and there’s a lot of “passion” being stirred up by this issue.

    Any help/response you can give would be gratefully received.

    apologies for posting this here, but all other “official” sources concerned with the game don’t appear to want to respond/help.

  2. Same here, virginmedia. I can sometimes play. It always seems around peek times. I’m wondering if some isps are throttling certain ports this game may use? Then when peak time goes away it works. I’ve had about 3 games upto now. 1200 points on a internet based game where the internet fails. It’s amazing this game made it through quality checks. That’s if it even had them.

  3. Yeah, I’m on virgin media and also getting the exact same issue since release. Is there a solution to this or are you just not bothered about customers who are on virgin media connections. I have tried forwarding the ports which didn’t work, reset my internet connection, which didn’t work. I can connect to servers and get multiplayer in other games. This is a huge disapointment for me as I have been looking forward to having a free for all in quake for years since the dreamcast servers went offline, seems like this will never happen again 🙁

  4. Hi,
    I’m also a UK Virgin Media customer that get’s the “connection test failed” error message, have Bethesda found a fix?