Dead Money DLC trailer

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just released the trailer for Dead Money, the first downloadable content for Fallout: New Vegas.

As the victim of a raw deal you must work alongside three other captured wastelanders to recover the legendary treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino. In Dead Money, your life hangs in the balance as you face new terrain, foes, and choices. It is up to you how you play your cards in the quest to survive.

Dead Money will be available via Xbox LIVE on Tuesday, December 21st.

Reader Comments

  1. @Pwsro no you pay because bill gates is a greedy nerd and know you fanboys will pay for it but i digress WTF bathesda/obsidian what about PC and PS3???

  2. Screams “The Pitt” all over the place, but smaller. And an X360 exclusive? I love when we PC owners become grunts facing bugs and holes everywhere, absorbing and reporting issues, just to be screwed and discriminated. Awww, don’t worry you guys, you’ll just invoke the goold old “piracy” wild card to justify this. It’s a matter of time!

  3. I buy it generLly for the 360 first just for the dlc, and then buy the game of the year edition of the pc about a year after it comes out. I couldn’t afford fo3 so I am gunna buy the gotye lAter for the 360 bought of first. But does anyone know the price of the up. Oming dead money dlc?

  4. Excellent, judging by the state of the game on the 360 vs the PC (especially as we could patch it ourselves) we’ll let those 360 muppets debug the new content so us PC owners get the version that works…. ahhahahahahaha! 😀

  5. Hi,

    I have a question: I have the PEGI (AT) Version of Fallout New Vegas, but I live in Germany. Does Deadmoney from the german Marketplace run with my PEGI Version???


  6. you guys really need to read the comments. and stop mapkeing DLC excusive, if you know other platforms want it then stop signing with ONE company to have it go there first, its not a good marketing idea it just anoyes you’re fanbase :/

  7. so let me get this straight…. us ps3 and pc gamers that have this game arent going to get this dlc so its apparant our money isnt good enough for you and your braniac idea to single microsoft out for getting this dlc is your idea of making mega-millions right? i hope you realize that your losing huge amounts of profit if you were to just send it out to all consoles… but then again that might just be too smart for you people -.-… leave us in the dust right?… even if i had it for the 360…. id fight for the ps3 and pc gamers just because its wrong to single out one console when you have multiple consoles with the same game… and i doubt people are willing to pay the extra money to buy a 360, buy fnv, and get the dlc, just so they can “keep up” with the competition…

  8. Yeah well i have a 360 but im still mad that they sold out to microsoft about this ..but dotn worry theyll get it for yall pretty soon. They better.

  9. I have all the platforms, but I specifically purchased the Fallout series for the PC, as it has the best graphics for all round gaming. So I guess I won’t be buying this DLC.


    i am stuck in the quest all or nothing at the end mr house rolls up to you and said go back to vegas but even though i bought dead money DLC i cannot advance as in the credits come up and i reload back at the camp??
    Ply reply for help

    • @confusedfalloutjunkie… if you’re already at the end game, you need to revert back to an earlier save before you reach the “point of no return.”

      To be clear, Dead Money does not allow you to play after completing the main quest.

  11. Seems like you are losing respect and money by not releasing the DLC to the PC and the PS3, not only that, I bet quite a few individuals have downloaded the torrent for the DLC instead of waiting for Bethesda to release it for them. Poor move.

    Why is the Microsoft/ Bethesda “relationship’ so important when the first Fallout was released on the PC? Shouldn’t the system who originally homed the first game that started the epic series get so more respect than Xbox 360?

  12. You can bring back FO3’s music if you are a PC owner. You know those PC owners who you screwed over with making DLC exclusive and alienating a lot of your fan base.

  13. So… how long are you binded to your dumb contract with Microsoft? Because I bet you’d get A LOT of money by selling dead money to the other two systems… just saying… there appears to be a lot of people who are eagerly waiting for the add-on to come to the pc and PS3…

  14. Well i think fallout new Vegas is a very good game but i believe it is more of a test for new ideas it is more like assassins creed brother hood or red dead all this game was for is testing and incoprating new and good ideas into a already amazing series and i don’t mind it coming to xbox first but i would like all others with multi-platforms like it on all and would like to thank bethesada for them allowing us modders to tinker with the files many amazing mods can be seen on oblivion and fallout 3 some mods add ideas to future games and personally i can’t wait for either elder scrolls 5 or fallout 4/5 and i only can hope and know it will raise the bare for modern RPG’s and the new engine i think their going to use is the one in brink so if you want a glimpse into the graphics and maybe the game style get the game i know i will
    Thanks Bethesada for the thousands of hours of fun and joy you have brought to me and hope you continue you to expand and grow bigger thanks so much.