Around the web: The latest on Brink


Before we get all festive at our holiday party this weekend, I thought I’d share some compelling coverage for our games.

Recently, there’s been some really great coverage for Brink. If you haven’t already, be sure to read CG Society’s feature on the game’s art direction — complete with never-before-seen concept art for the game (like the image below)


Additionally, in the past week,’s Techland has had a couple features on the game. Head there to read Evan Narcisse’s quick-look preview, as well as an interview with Richard Ham and Paul Wedgwood.

For more on Brink, check new previews at Mana Pool and Atomic PC

More after the break…There’s a pair of new interviews with members of the Fallout: New Vegas staff online. Delta Attack has an interview with technical producer Jason Fader, while Designing Sound interviews audio director Scott Lawlor.

As soon comes to a close, various gaming sites are beginning to look back at some of their favorite titles of the year. Fallout: New Vegas has received recognition at a number of sites, including…

  • IGN: Winner, Best Bang for Your Buck (PC).
  • Spin puts New Vegas as the #5 game of the year.
  • The Escapist: Russ Frushtick includes the game in his top 5 of the year.
  • FearNet: Ranks New Vegas in their top five list as well.
  • The Atlantic: Includes the game in their holiday gift guide.
  • Dan Wilks of Games On Net picks New Vegas as one of his Top 5 RPGs of 2010.
  • OXM UK: We’ve received news that Fisto was awarded with this year’s Sexist Robot Award!

Aside from New Vegas, here’s a few more cool bits around the web…

  • GamaSutra has listed off their top 5 biggest surprises in the industry — a list that includes news that legendary developer Shinji Mikami and his studio, Tango Gameworks, joined the ZeniMax family.
  • Ripten predicts Skyrim will be the best Xbox 360 game in 2011.
  • As fans of Bioware’s work, we got a kick out of this trailer mashup of Mass Effect 3 and TES V.
  • CNBC and TheSixthAxis includes RAGE in their list of games to look forward to next year. TheSixthAxis list also includes Brink and Hunted.
  • Blog Technical includes Brink in their list of games to look forward to in 2011.
  • GameFocus shows love for Brink in part 1 of their 2011 preview, while including both Skyrim and RAGE in part 2 of their list.

Wrapping up this round up, Todd got a kick out of this Oblivion/Halo parody and asked me to share it. Have a great weekend!

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