RAGE mobile update v1.11


A new update is available for RAGE and RAGE HD on iTunes, adding a number of new features — including Game Center support. Full details below…

v1.1 Update Info

  • Game Center Leaderboards – Compare your daily, weekly and all-time scores with friends as well as global leaders.
  • Game Center Achievements – More than 50 achievements to unlock. Career, map and difficulty specific challenges!
  • Gyroscope Support (iPhone 4 & iPod touch 4) – Hold and move your iPhone in front of you like a virtual window with full gyroscopic aiming control.
  • Museum Mode – Explore the levels at your own pace, eerily void of any mutants. Take-in a taste of the spectacular RAGE universe, powered by id Tech megatexturing technology
  • 2nd Display Support – Play on a TV or Monitor using your iDevice as a controller. Output 480p over the official Apple Component cable & 720p over the official Apple VGA cable.
  • Mirror Mode – mirrored levels flips the world for a new shooting experience.
  • Language Localization –  now in French, Italian, German & Spanish.
  • Additional Bug Fixes

Reader Comments

  1. This is great.
    Gamecenter and Gryo are welcome additions.

    I personally never had an issue with not being able to explore the levels but from a tecnological point of view its an exciting new feature.

    One thing this game really needs is a shop. There needs to be a reason for me collecting all this cash. I want to upgrade my weapons and by new ammo or armour.