You look like you could use a sarsaparilla


In our final In the ‘Works newsletter for 2010, we let everyone know we’ve got six brand-spankin new wallpapers for Fallout: New Vegas. New Vegas fans will also want to check out the newsletter to see brand-new screens for Dead Money — releasing on Xbox LIVE tomorrow!

To check out our full catalog of wallpapers, visit the official website for Fallout.

Reader Comments

  1. DLC should be free since you stuck your 360 customers with a broken game for 2 months with no apology.

    Is a new patch coming out alongside this DLC? If now, WHEN is the next patch coming out that will hopefully fix the rest of the known issues?

  2. You guys should really open up a shop section on the site, and sell the posters found in the game. I’d totally buy a bunch.

  3. I am a dedicated player of all of Bethesda’s games, and I have played, and beaten, Fallout 3 and New Vegas. (Yes, I have played the original games, and I didn’t care much for them.) I even went through the trouble of getting Fallout 3 GOTY in order for me to play all of the DLC, despite the constant glitches I played through and got every possible trophy. Now, I wonder, why on earth does Bethesda constantly put PS3 systems at the butt-end of their concerns. It seems that if Bethesda is going to make us wait and endure through the glitches and delayed DLC, then they might as well not include the PS3 system as one of the platforms of their games. I was a proud owner of an XBOX 360 for a good 2 years, and when Fallout 3 came out, I was so happy, and I thought it was THE GREATEST game I had ever layed. Once my brother left with the XBOX, I decided to get a PS3 and I purchased Fallout 3 GOTY, only to be dissapointed by the glitches, and less-than-perfect graphics. (The same goes for Fallout: New Vegas.) I just really think that Bethesda shouldn’t treat PS3 owners like we aren’t an entire gaming community. We aren’t about to go out and spend 299.99 for a SECOND system, so get used to the fact that there are other people out their, and those people are potential CUSTOMERS.

  4. Another Xbox exclusive…great!!! I hope it these wallpapers come with another sucky patch that dosen’t fix anything. I love Fallout…I really do…but I quit playing new vegas 1/2 way though b/c I was tired of all the freezing up and rebooting I was having to sit through!! And every NEW patch I downloaded seemed to make the freezing worse that the last. Have fun with your wallpapers guys and gals…hope they work.

  5. Not sure why everyone’s still complaining about the patch… I find its made the game 10x better. I’m having as much fun as I had playing FO3… which is what I was hoping for with this game! Sure it was somewhat disappointing to have all those bugs in the initial release, but I feel the patch makes up for it.
    And to the customer’s that complain and request something for free because of this issue, well they obviously don’t work in the gaming industry and don’t realize that it’s the (insert explicit here) PRODUCERS that rush the release in order to hit the projected gold date so they can make their healthy bonus, clean game or not. Also, had they pushed the gold date back a couple of months to clean it up, they would have gotten the usual complaints from impatient gamers, so it’s really a lose/lose situation for Obsidian.
    In my books, they’ve redeemed themselves…

  6. I still think its kind of funny to hear ald of the complaints about the game not working while i have beaten it four time and not had a problem. 😀 haha maybe you all doing it wrong.

  7. Well… havent tried the game since the patch came… never will either. Bethseda have shown that i as a player on a PC arent worth the air they breath so i wont buy any more games that are released by them.

    Have all rpg games as collectors edition but as i said, no need to buy games just becouse they look good on the shelf. Elder Scrolls V would have been nice to have and play i guess but as i cant see that they will treat the players differnt with that game ill pass in that as well.

    As someone said, have fun with the posters… hope you choke on them !

  8. @FrankBroWest

    Thanks for pointing those out… still, as I said, “in my books, they’ve redeemed themselves”… which is just giving my opinion! I encountered any of the issues that were listed.

    Pre-patch, the most problems I had was with a few crashes and terrible loading times. Now the game just seems to run smoother… a LOT smoother… which is all I was looking for. Personally, I can’t expect a game of this size and scope to be perfect. I mean, the devs are only human after all! =P

    Anyway.. whatever. I’m happy with it… and I’m sorry you’re not.

  9. I have to agree with Scotty that pre-patch and post patch play I am still very happy with the game and no major issues. Beside a couple of gliches and such I have plugged in many hours of enjoyable game play! I like a few of the corrections they have made that seem to help make the game play smoother. Keep making great games! I have loved all your games I have played with multiple play throughs!

  10. There’s a mistake in your description.
    “New Vegas fans will also want to check out…” should read “Xbox New Vegas fans will also want to check out…”

  11. WEll onestly…I dont have Fall out:new vegas but im a realy big fan of fallout and I love it and I finished Fallout 3 GOTY and my qestion is…will there be a Fallout:new vegas GOTY addition with all of the DLCs in it?

    answer me soon plz