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  1. So, are we going to see DLC on the PC or is this another instance of whole markets of users getting told they aren’t worth the money they spend?

  2. Hey, just bought the new DLC. I’m having trouble getting to the new Dead Money quest from my last save. I tried beating the game again and going through the final cut scene, but it just ends the game and takes me back to the main menu. I have tried just fast traveling there as well, but it says it is not available. What do I do to start playing?!

  3. hello gstaff,

    it is possible to know if the localized version of the dlc for the 360 includes english voice-over and text?

    i remember buying the first dlc for fallout 3 two times, because the italian version only includes italian and i have the uk version of the game

    many thanks,

  4. @Stefano… it’s the same as Fallout 3. The language of Fallout 3 DLC is tied to the region associated with your gamertag and not by any other criteria (such as the location you are downloading from or the version of your game). We are not going to make languages available that we did not ship to that country.

  5. I’m gunna agree with amber because any ps3 owners will have to wait a while for the dlc even though we spend the money to buy the game at the same time as a xbox 360 owner and the same goes for someone who it on the pc

  6. Just started playing the DLC, im enjoying so far.

    Hope a future DLC will let continue playing the game after the main quest is done.


  7. I really like dead money but i hope the next dlc lets u continue.
    Its just to good of a game to stop at the conclusion of the main quest..

  8. Hey my DLC doesn’t work at all this is sooo dumb as soon as I talk to father Elijah it freezes I re downloaded and everything this is a major piss off

  9. i played it but i must say this is the worst dlc i have plaed of fallout i just keep etting 1 ending that i die. and there is no option to ge the other 2 ending the game play was fun until i got to the cassino si bethesda but this in’t why i played fallout

  10. So what’s the reasoning behind alienating players on the PS3 and PC versions of your games lately? They paid just as much money for the title, and so have been just as supportive as the 360 players, yet you are clearly marking 360 players as your favourites. Is there even a speculative release date for this DLC for players on other platforms?

    Please don’t follow this tactic with Skyrim. I know money from Microsoft must be tempting… but is it really more important than treating fans from all platforms equally? Really?

    Signed – a confused fan

  11. @ everyone annoyed that dlc for xbox only at the moment…

    Remember they are a business guys, if they don’t make business actions (such as taking an offer from microsoft simply to release a bit early) then they would struggle to make so many games and so awesome! besides by the time PC and PS3 gets it it will probably be bug free…maybe!

  12. I don’t get why it’s not on PC too. You spend Microsoft points for either Xbox or PC so it all goes to Microsoft int he end anyways, right?

  13. @MrDaVe

    Yes they’re business guys. I sure hope they’re getting enough out of Microsoft for this, because I’m a customer and my money doesn’t seem to be worth it.
    So I’ll do what works best: vote with my money. Which means no NV DLCs unless I can pick them up from the bargain bin (and they still seem to be worth it, by that time).

  14. As with Fallout 3’s DLC’s, Dead Money and any future New Vegas DLC’s are timed exclusives. PlayStation 3 and PC owners will eventually have the opportunity to play them by late 2011, as Microsoft doesn’t own Bethesda. Besides, there will be plenty of awesome titles to play by then in late 2011, especially the next Elder Scrolls installment and Rage. Fallout: New Vegas can’t be the only game you’re playing, is it?

  15. Notice how they aren’t replying to people asking why they choose to alienate PC and PS3 players of their games? it is a very valid question and concern for people who own these versions (me too being a PC version owner) And I voted for Mass Effect 2 for best RPG and Heavy Rain for GOTY so hopefully people will also vote with their computers that DLC exclusivity doesn’t just affect sales but also affects peoples views of your product.

    Couple of other questions for the staff:

    1) How come we aren’t getting a release date for PC & PS3?
    2) Is this even GOING to be released on the PC & PS3?

  16. As i have said before, New Vegas are the LAST game i buy with the stamp Bethseda… have fun with your xbox players becouse its obvious that they are the only ones worth anything i your eyes!

  17. at least compared to ps3, remember that xbox pays for its internet content…we put more in we get more out, maybe you should be complaining at sony for lack of effort, its good psn is free, but every aspect lacks compaired to xbox live…and i got 360 and ps3, and before you bitch yes, your right PC should be getting it, they really do support gaming industry! just wish i could keep up to date with upping my machine 🙁
    long story short, makes complete sense why, so deal with it. Doesn’t make it any better tho.

  18. Good grief didn’t you Guys make enough money out of FO3 & FONV to employ a few more Programers to encode for all platforms at the same time.?? Or is this just some childish Microsoft Vs Sony thing?? Not to mention PC is where it all began …. oh how quickly you forget ..!!

  19. Dear Bethesda,

    I was fairly excited for this new DLC. However, I found it to be terrible. If i wanted to play a point-shoot-kill game, I would be playing Call of Duty. I believe I speak for a fair amount of the Fallout community that although we like action, we don’t want to see the exploring element of the game and new items sacrificed to make room for a flashy cinematic. I almost feel like I’m back playing Mothership Zeta, which almost felt like i had to force myself to get through it in order to obtain valuable items. We like to explore, like Point Lookout. We like weapons. Please don’t keep up this habit of boring and frustrating DLC.

    Oh and on a sidenote, please find the person who had the great idea for the explosives collar and punch him in the face. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

    With love

  20. The only official statements we’ve gotten from Bethesda is from Pete Hines, where he seems to duck the question altogether:

    “We’re excited to continue the partnership between Bethesda and Microsoft, and build on the success of the game add-ons released for Fallout 3 on Xbox Live,” said Bethesda mouthpiece Pete Hines in an announcement. “Fans will once again be able to continue their experience in the Fallout universe with the add-on packs planned for after the launch of the game.”

    At least Pete Hines is exited.

  21. @Biohazard
    Yes, there will be plenty of good games to play until late 2011. Which supports the question: why should I care about NV DLCs at that point? My (personal) answer is: I won’t.

    I love what Bethesda did with Morrowind, Oblivion (truely enjoyed it and still do) and Fallout 3. However, Skyrim just moved to the “get it as GotY-edition” list, as it’s highly possible that they pull the same stunt yet again. Since that means I’ll have to wait at least 1 year or longer, I might even take my time and wait until it’s on a cheap sale.

  22. Come on Bethesda will you please answer everyones question?? Will Dead Money ever be for PS3 and PC?? If so, then when??

    Seriously for the love of God its not that hard to just say yes or no, and a date,, come on it will only take 5 seconds..

    signed with love,

  23. I have downloaded Dead Money and have gone to where it tells me to start i go in and get to a cutscene where gas makes my player pass out. it then goes on to go to a loading scene and crashes my xbox!!! I have tryed to start the DLC however everytime i try it does this. i was wondering if anyone else was having a problem simmilar to this? And if anything is going to be done about it.

  24. Just some constructive critisism, please make more dlc similar to point look-out and broken steel or shivering isles. meaning exploration, good story, lots of freeform and side quests, or continuation of the main story line. I was pretty dissapointed with this dlc. I still plan on buying more dlc just hoping that the next one is alot better than the previous 🙂

  25. You made this exclusively for the XBox. Please see if it is timed so that it is available for other systems. If not could it be made so that it can eventually be made available for others. It will also provide new tools for the GECK. I have often wondered why there is no news on any DLC for PC, the trailer for this really looks good. I don’t have access to the XBox 360 version however my system when combined with content produced in the geck is pretty heavy.

    In addition your DLCs can provide extra tools for mod makers so please provide this one at some point to other platforms, it would also give more world space for extra content. I have often wondered why Microsoft doesn’t provide a community DLC market place.

  26. I am a dedicated player of all of Bethesda’s games, and I have played, and beaten, Fallout 3 and New Vegas. (Yes, I have played the original games, and I didn’t care much for them.) I even went through the trouble of getting Fallout 3 GOTY in order for me to play all of the DLC, despite the constant glitches I played through and got every possible trophy. Now, I wonder, why on earth does Bethesda constantly put PS3 systems at the butt-end of their concerns. It seems that if Bethesda is going to make us wait and endure through the glitches and delayed DLC, then they might as well not include the PS3 system as one of the platforms of their games. I was a proud owner of an XBOX 360 for a good 2 years, and when Fallout 3 came out, I was so happy, and I thought it was THE GREATEST game I had ever layed. Once my brother left with the XBOX, I decided to get a PS3 and I purchased Fallout 3 GOTY, only to be dissapointed by the glitches, and less-than-perfect graphics. (The same goes for Fallout: New Vegas.) I just really think that Bethesda shouldn’t treat PS3 owners like we aren’t an entire gaming community. We aren’t about to go out and spend 299.99 for a SECOND system, so get used to the fact that there are other people out their, and those people are potential CUSTOMERS.

  27. alright so i just bout the dlc on xbox live, and i went to the abandoned BoS bunker and i fall threw the floors in certain spots? and it wont let me activate the quest? please helpp

  28. Why isn’t this on the ps3. This is not fair, it’s unjust how microsoft can just monopolize dlc like this. People who have other consoles would like to use the dlc aswell.

    • @king of the wastes — then please don’t make comments intended to enrage others. That seemed to be the intent of the first sentence of the deleted comment.

      Thank you

  29. Thanks for the DLC, Bethesda. Even though the explosive collar and those radios were annoying and challenging, it was pretty fun. I just hope the future DLCs will have more exploration and we are able to continue after the main questline.

    It bugged my two companions though…ED-E is hostile to everyone (I guess I was away in-game too long?) and one of my companions that I need to follow me to complete their mission thinks I have another companion following me, which isn’t the case.

  30. I downloaded the DLC and played it all the way through with no problems, ok maybe 2 freezes the entire time. I thought it was pretty cool and I appreciate the work put into it. Thank you. I was surprised that I didn’t have the problems I did in the main game, but I found out that deleting the game from my 360 hard drive made the game crash much less. I originally installed the game on the hard drive and it froze all the time and I kept getting disc read errors. These problems did lessen after the 2nd patch, but once I removed the game from the hard drive (this does not delete your saves, don’t worry) the game ran so much better and like I said, I played the whole DLC from beginning to end with only 2 freezes. I have no idea why this worked but it did, so you may want to give it a try. Thanks again for the DLC!

  31. Just to echo other people… so all of us asking if/when this is going to be released for other platforms are just going to get ignored? Heck, even a “yes, it will be available but we don’t have a date yet” is preferable to being ignored.

    This is going to be the last Bethesda game I buy… my experience with its numerous bugs and with Bethesda’s response to those bugs has been very disappointing.