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  1. I clap hands! Clapping hands of joyful satisfaction! Congratulations to SureAI! Perhaps they’ll be blessed with the opportunity to create or work on the magnificent expansion to be for TES V SKYRIM.

    Happy Holidays to all and thank you Bethesda for making the closet thing to perfect games possible.

    Hail Bethesda! They are THE BEYOND……

  2. I really liked the idea of this mod, but it lagged way to badly for me to play it consistently so I had to uninstall it. Still I’m glad their hard work was rewarded.

  3. xD Erik, I told you to do so a few times already.

    @Trey, it’s stated in the trailer at the end. Two steps from hell: Heart of courage.

    They definitely deserved it, if there were no multiplayer games they’d have won the big prize as well. Knowing SureAI, I think they are already planning to make a total conversion for Skyrim. They did so before Oblivion got out as well.