Decrypting The Elder Scrolls at Game Informer


Happy Boxing Day!

A day after Christmas, has a special treat for Elder Scrolls’ fans — a feature looking back at the series so far. From its lore to advancements in its tech, the article features commentary from Todd Howard and other team members at Bethesda Game Studios. Below is an excerpt from the feature in which Todd discusses the game engine for Morrowind.

“Morrowind was a major rewrite of the whole system, using world building techniques we had used in Redguard, but on a massive scale. The whole engine was redone again. Everything was built by hand, and now with the advances in 3D, we could build everything from forks to pillows to giant castles. This game also marked our first foray into the console world with Xbox, whereas before we were just a PC developer.”

– Todd Howard

Read the rest here. And don’t miss Game Informer’s exclusive cover story on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim — hitting shelves in January!

Reader Comments

  1. Thought it would jsut be a repeat of what was in the last Game Informer issue. Turned out there was extra info about the games’ engines though 😀

  2. Wowzers one of the best and most informative articles i have read in ages. Makes me wonder if the effects of the Warp In The West will be effecting things in future games and if the player character is a combination of all the characters he/she has played. Sort of a Eternal Champion out of Michael Moorcock’s ELRIC OF MELNIBONE series. Maybe Jagar Tharn is in the shadows about to pounce.

    Thanks for the amazing read and history lesson.

  3. Im getting sick n tired of the overhyped marketing of that interactive movie Dragon age and its sequel and gimmicks getting the headlines.

    One hopes the Elder scrolls V will get as much attention.

    I have new vegas on both consoles and had no dramas with it at all , so idont what the wingeing is all about .