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  1. Oh snap that ending reminded me of DUNGEON MASTER where one picks their adventuring party by viewing their pictures in the hall of heroes 😀 Even his hair went retro rpg ha ha 😀

    As for the DOOM segments they were grosser then gross! Always unsettled me when i saw those charnel houses full of body parts and the gory hell zones made of slithering flesh. Reminded me of those old 1960s Italian sci-fi horror doomsday movies where the aliens would show their future victims what happened to those who came before them in a corpse filled red hot pit on some mars like planet.

  2. [daisywall wrote on January 7th, 2011

    Less fan made videos of Doom, more ID SOFTWARE made videos of Doom!!!

    Come OOOOONNN already. ]

    Poor daisywall, those imps are such teases with their shaky hips,sexy frantic movements and hotter then hot sauce fireballs 😀