The Official Fallout Japanese RPG Demake


What would Fallout look like if it had been made in 1987 by a Japanese development studio? Our scientists have answered that question, taking over the Japanese Fallout website with an 8-bit version of the Capital Wasteland.

Just like that import copy of Final Fantasy 5 you nabbed in the 90s, this game is Japanese language-only. Fortunately, it’s still amusing to gaze at the pixelated approximations of super mutants and the like. Here’s a direct link right to the game; no cartridge-cleaning required.

Reader Comments

  1. If that is what Fallout would have looked like if it had been made in 1987 by a Japanese development studio, then what would the Pokemon Gameboy games be like if they were made in 2008 by Bethesda Studios?

  2. this looks alot more like the 80’s classic Wasteland, Japanese edition.. Care to elaborate on this bethsoft? are you taking credit for this? seriously?

  3. this is a really good idea if they did somthing like this for iphone or as a spin off that you could download of xbox live it would be a hit come on Bethesda make it happen

  4. Very cool, but really a shame its Japanese only. Even if the original dialogue is Japanese, give us an Alta Vista Babelfish translation, replete with hilarious Engrish mispellings and grammatical errors. Even that would be better than NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY THE GAME AT ALL.

    Just sayin.

  5. why are the city’s in english? anyway i dont care how bad or good it looks (looks like old school pokemon) i just wanna play all fallout games (even the first thought fallout 3)

  6. someone please translate this, bethesda come on offer up something to someone who sends you the first translated copy so it happens faster….COME ON GUYS!!!!!!!!

  7. It’s basically an interactive explanation of Fallout 3’s various systems. Clockwise from top left, branching conversations with NPCs, non-linear story, levelling up and open-ended stat allocation, freedom to choose how to resolve quests, freedom to sidetrack from the main storyline, and the VATS system and how different outcomes are achieved by destroying different body parts.

    It’s pretty much intended to be a “this is what you’re missing if don’t give Western games a try!” thing, presented in 8-bit graphics.

  8. An 8-bit remake of a game that ALL who responded to this post have already played. What an obscene waste of time. You people DO know you can, like- go outside, meet a girl, maybe expose yourself to the sun for a few hours?

  9. Wow, Fallout game that doesn’t have bugs and glitches that prevent the game from being played! Maybe New Vegas’ coders should learn something from this..

  10. I don’t understand why people are saying this looks like old school Pokemon. Have you guys (the ones saying this absurdity) even played the original Pokemon games? They looked better then this (because the gameboy’s graphics were slightly better than the nes). This reminds me more of Final Fantasy.

  11. Seriously? How can none of you recognize the awesomeness that is NES Dragon Warrior/Quest graphics? This looks nothing like Pokemon, Wasteland, or Final Fantasy. Have ANY of you actually played 8-bit games?

  12. @CasualVader: Actually, the old GameBoy was a 4 bit system (NES was 8, of course), just that developers had been working with it for years by the time the first Pokemon games came around, they knew all the little tricks and secrets to make the game look nice. In comparison, the first Final Fantasy came along as one of the first major RPGs (after Dragon Quest/Warrior) so they were still experimenting with how to make the game huge AND look good. A better graphical comparison would be between FFII and Pokemon, Square did ALOT better on their second go-round with making a huge game that looked nice too.
    As for the de-make, it would be very nice if Bethesda would make it in english too… 🙁