Roundup: New Vegas awards & Dead Money reviews


While you’ve probably already thrown away those ridiculous 2011 glasses from New Year’s Eve, the internet is still working on naming their favorites from 2010. Favorite songs? Check! Top Movies? Done! Best Interactive Dog Toys? For my money, you can’t beat Nina Ottosson’s Trubble Dog Puzzle Toy!!

And as you’d expect, there’s plenty of talk on the best games of 2010. Fallout New Vegas is definitely getting attention, including Game of the Year honors from Softpedia, Beefjack, Wikia, and GameBosh/ The game also received honors at:

In other New Vegas news, new reviews for the game’s first DLC, Dead Money are available. Check them out at the following sites…

Reader Comments

  1. Sorry to spoil the fun, but what’s the point of making PC players wait?

    I think it’ll end in pc users converting the console DLC into pc- playable version, xbox being a castrated PC.
    I’m confused.

  2. i just want a PC release date so i can decide wether to start a new character… i assume you can still choose perks every 2 levels?

    @King of the Wastes: yeah, i’m sometimes confused when some comments make it and some don’t. i’ve had long comments that never made it, presumably because they were too long (and i never feel like re-typing them – lightning in a bottle and all). i’ve also had comments that were more reasonable lengths that never made it, either. wtf? a little rejection form letter or something would be nice…

  3. But the question remains, when do we get next patch and how many of the bugs does it fix? Not all, that we learned from the previous patch!

  4. I thought that you made the patch that would fix everything before releasing Dead Money. I was wrong. I enjoy the game and what I’ve played of Dead Money is good but I should be able to play the game however I want and not have to avoid certain events lest I break a quest. I know that both Bethesda and Obsidian are working towards a solution to the problems your consumers are having and we can not wait to play the game without all the bugs.

    For future reference, if you need a few months or a year to iron out bugs and glitches, take it. We will understand why. It’s a big game, you would need time to troubleshoot the whole thing.

  5. I think a new addon for Fallout: New Vegas should be Area 51 site. Where there is two new cities around the area of Area 51 and a new level cap. Since the Brotherhood is broght up in New Vegas i think they should occupy this site with a cash load of new wepons and vehicles that you can build later in the game, like motorcycles and flying machines. That you can use to fight off the Enclave. Since in the last Fall Out the Enclave was pushed back to the west. And for the best of the best. I think decision making is one key element that has different consequenes within the game, like the frist game you had the chose to blow up Megaton or not. Well there need to be acouple of decisions that will effect the wrold thoughout. So you can make one decision to help the Brotherhood and you will start seeing green plants and water and oasis poping up or help the Enclave and have nuclear winter with ash falling from the sky. Im sure that if Bethesda would just think of a game addon that will blow gamers minds that this will be the most awesome game of the years to come. I just giving an idea of what people might be looking for.

  6. My Husband and I love the New Vegas game however we purchased the Dead money game and are not able to use it. Due to a glitch that happened in another game playstation had my husband clear the cache which cleared our saved games of Dead money and now we can’t even get into the bunker. It is really upsetting to me that we are not able to play it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, come up with a patch that will fix all so that we can continue with this game experience.

    Maryanne Taylor