The Bethesda Podcast gets runner up recognition, new episodes coming soon


Last week it was a bit of a surprise when we learned the Bethesda Podcast was named CastMedium’s runner-up for Best First-Party Podcast of 2010. Not something we expected, so it’s really humbling and cool to get the recognition.

As we start planning our shows for 2011, we’d like to thank our listeners, guests, and other supporters for helping us get started. And big ups to Nick Breckon. Aside from being a great co-host, he’s puts a ton of work into the production of each show.

We love doing the show, and we’re glad you guys are enjoying it. While you wait for the next podcast, you can catch up on our first six episodes through the following methods:

Podcast Page

Reader Comments

  1. congratulations!

    i normally hate podcasts because they’re not really worth my time to listen to some random dorks on the internet. this official podcast is much more interesting, though, and fun to boot. i just wish you’d answer more user questions, and more often! (and especially at least one of my awesome, insightful questions. seriously, i thought they were rad questions. what gives? maybe just let me guest-host a segment…)

  2. The podcasts are very worth it. Please do have Todd Howard on again soon- and do a call in show that you plug in advance here. I loved the Kotaku / Todd Howard podcast from a while back- but felt like Todd deserved better questions than he (usually) got.

    Alternatively- if you don’t want to set up a live call in thing, you could maybe let us post questions in advance here? And ask him in a later podcast? Please think about it!

  3. Awesome! You guys have done a great job so far and I look forward to all the future podcasts!
    Especially the next one because you guys should be able to talk about Skyrim with the Game Informer cover spread out.

    @Justin S. They already have a format for taking your questions it’s normally pinned (on the top section) in the community discussion forums over at BGS. Here is a link to that
    And here is a link to the current thread where you can post your questions.

  4. Congrats guys! Each episode has been really good. I just hope you guys start answering questions again, we already filled up at least a whole topic full of them in the forum.

  5. another totally benign and constructive comment that never made it? is this thing buggy? i see comments posted (at least on my client), then they disappear. it’s far from encouraging – i really hate re-typing things.

  6. @emilio, it’s posted now.

    We do have to filter through comments (bad language, spam, console flame wars, etc) and sometimes we don’t catch all the comments. If you have a wordpress blog, you might know why this happens. We also don’t monitor the comments all day, everyday, so sometimes it takes time for us to catch the ones we need to approve.

  7. ah, thanks for the response. it’s a bit baffling sometimes when one doesn’t make it and i have to try and remember if i was accidentally being a snide prick or something.

    have the mod rules changed? it seems like this site used to be OK with the occasional “colorful expression” as long as it wasn’t terribly malicious. i figured a site with an age check would be a little more flexible.