Your hopes for TES V, and other 2011 excitement


When it comes to multi-faceted open world RPGs, everyone has their own priorities. As evidence of this phenomenon, we’ve been enjoying the following articles that guess/hope at Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim features:

In other list news, click through to check out some of the many “Best of 2011” articles that talk about Skyrim, RAGE, Hunted and Brink.

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Reader Comments

  1. Responding to “the Do’s and Dont’s” article, pleaseeeee keep the Dark Brotherhood, or something like it. That was my favorite guild in the game.

  2. Can you hear me, bethdesda? I am going to be honest with you. I… hate… this place, this zoo, this prison, this reality–whatever you want to call it, I can’t stand it any longer. It’s the smell, if there is such a thing. I feel saturated by it. I can taste your stink, And every time I do, I fear that I’ve somehow been infected by it; it’s repulsive, isn’t it? I must get out of here. I must get free. And in this mind is the key, my key. Once Fallout 3 and NV is over, there is no reason for me to be here, do you understand?! I need the codes, I have to get inside Fallout 4, and you have to tell me how.

  3. I wish and hope for nothing cause it might just ruin the ultimate rpg that is SKYRIM V. It would be cool though to have a nice metal miniture figure if theres a collectors edition like the Ordinator figurine that was in the collectors edition of MORROWIND.

  4. @King of the Wastes, Fallout is boring, small map, only a hand full of NPC’s, small amount of creatures, not that many quest, main story is short and can’t continue to play after you beat the main quest. Boring and dry, uncolorful world. Not much side quest or options. TES V will be the best 2011 game and in 2012 or 2013 hopfully we can get a TES 6 or a brand new epic from Bethesda Game studios. : )

  5. Also yes, I want to preorder but what about a Collecters edition or Limited edition? Also can’t wait for the stradigy guide : )

  6. “…Perhaps we’ll be able to tame and raise dragon whelps, using the tamed offspring as transport – or, bleakly, as a source of Dragonbone weapons and armour. Perhaps there are whole factions of dragonkin scattered throughout mountainous Skyrim…”
    This is from the IGN’s whishlist.
    Please really really consider to add this feature! It would be outstanding to have the option to use dragons like this! (perhaps to reach some special locations or during battles…) And a new system for manage the magics would be greate too! In this case, my dream is that you can dynamically control the weather and the physics of the objects (for example you could use magic for take a tree or multiple trees out of the forest near your position and throw it against the enemies!)

  7. I hope that you implement PS Move support for the PS3 version, ever since playing the gladiator game in Sports Champions I thought the PS Move would be a cool way to play an Oblivion game!

    Another request would be a mod ‘cooker’ for the PS3, similar to what Unreal did for Unreal Tournament, so that the comunity PC mods can be installed also on the PS3.

  8. I only have one request for TESV. For the love of all that is holy, finish what you start.

    In Oblivion, the Bruma Mages Guild forever on fire, an empty mage council. Temple District and Kvatch forever destroyed, on fire, etc.
    In Shivering Isles, Duke and Duchess positions empty.

    I have no issues with making these world-altering events occur… just give the opportunity to clean them up afterwards.

  9. I know there’s going to be trophy support for skyrim, but I recently went out and bought oblivion for ps3 to get me hyped up for skyrim and I noticed there isn’t any trophy support. A lot of people are going to start playing oblivion again and I was wondering if adding trophies to ps3 oblivion was ever going to happen or is it a SOL situation?

  10. While Tom Francis at PC Gamer has a good list, I have to pick on his #10 point. Yes, I agree the PC is, and should be treated like, a completely different platform. However, please don’t make blanket assumptions about how PC gamers interact with their PC games.

    Tom states that we need to be able to see more text on screen because we are sitting 2 feet from our monitor. Wrong! I, like many others, have my PC hooked into my 46″ widescreen LCD television and sit back on the couch with a wireless keyboard/mouse a good 8 feet away. If you jam a bunch of small text on the screen without allowing me to scale it for my preferred distance, you will have an unhappy customer.

    This is not a new problem with some RPGs either. I cannot read the text in Dragon Age: Origins without the help of a very crafty mod ( that swaps the fonts out for a customizable experience to fit how I want the text scaled.

  11. while i’m not a TES fan in any stretch, i really want to hear more about the engine it will use! Gamebryo is about 2 years out of its time, so i figure that whenever a well-tested Fallout 4 comes out it’ll either be using Skyrim’s _______ engine, or RAGE’s iDTech.

  12. Interesting – of all of the linked articles, not one mentioned bringing anything like VATS over to the TES line. I LOVED Morrowind and Oblivion, but was kind of bored with melee fighting – at least setting people on fire never gets old. Fallout’s VATS and Fallout 3/NV killshots make melee fun.

    Thanks for all the info – 11.11.11 can’t come soon enough guys. 🙂

  13. Seems a little odd to me that only now are any review sites acknowledging that there was any problem at all with Oblivion. PC Gamer gave it a 95, for crying out loud.
    Ah well, hopefully the fact that you guys posted this here means you’re listening. The PC Gamer list is pretty spot on.

  14. I loved oblivion and spent many hours, weeks, months, playing that game though it did have a few bugs i.e freezing up on me alot, i loved the game anyway and still go back to the game now and then as there are still lots of mini quests to do

    if there is to be a skyrim ultimate collectors edition or some thing along those lines it would be great if you could add in to the deal a future free download code for any new downloadable content
    that would be awsome
    i hate giving my cash to microsoft on the market place it sucks and way to many games are getting into this trend and you end up paying £100’s for just 1 half finnished game in my opinion,
    look at dragon age origins for instance with all the extra content prices well over £150 if you bought the game when it come out and then bought the download stuff then they release a £20 version months later with the lot giving you one great full game, lucky cos i waited for this version and saved my self a small fortune as i had fall out new vagas to play in the mean time ;o) though the fall outs haven’t grabbed me in the way oblivion has beautifull game she is

    so for me that is what i would like to see in these ultimate editions when they cost alot
    i do love my fallout 3 lunchbox tin and bobble head thats cool
    and a nice quality map for skyrim, or a sculpture of the island would be great, but if it means that the game has less spent on it or to make it even better then i would rather put my cash into the game as thats what im buying and make it one unbeliveable experiance that i just want to keep playing for many yrs to come like oblivion has done for me all ready and still does ;o)

    thanks for a chance to speak, carnt wait for skyrim 11.11.11
    but please no freezing up on me this time lol