That amazing Brotherhood of Steel helmet


If you missed this on the internet yesterday, Epic Games artist Josh Jay has produced a very impressive replication of a Brotherhood of Steel helmet for use as a library throwdown mask. And, apparently, for terrifying children.

Starting from a papercraft model, he slowly transformed his mold into a wearable piece of armor — complete with functioning lights — over a period of several months. Pictures of his process can be found on his Facebook page, in not one, but two full galleries of photos. Nice work, sir!

Reader Comments

  1. His head looks like it’s a size too big for his shoulders… But got to say that would scare the piss out of kid’s, and old people. >.> Now if you could only pull off a full costume for it, and try to get that out before all hollows eve that would be great to see on the shelves…

  2. neat! the paint looks particularly good.

    sadly, i can’t see the galleries because i’m just too cool for Facebook…

    Eric’s motorcycle helmet suggestion gave me an interesting idea: what about vinyl decals for helmets that make them look like a famous helmet? FO or Starcraft power armor, Darth Vader, Boba Fett/clone army, NASA EVA, Judge Dredd, bad guys from 300, samurai armor, etc… (all i ask is 5%!)