The Temple of DOOM

Our European PR manager, Alistair Hatch, pointed me to an insane collection of DOOM collectibles on Flickr and YouTube. Collected by Mahmut Saral (aka DOOM Collector), he’s got every possible version of the game (32X!!!), as well as guns from the movie, old as dirt press kits, and even an HD-DVD.

It’s a collection that would even make John Carmack envious… unless he’s actually got John stashed in somewhere in there.

Reader Comments

  1. oh yeah? well i have a hand-made doom mousepad and a cacodemon i welded together from a few scrap metal bars. They sit on my desk right now. Out of curiosity, i wonder how much the cacodemon might sell for.

  2. I’m thinking halfway through that “Man that’s impressive, but he doesn’t have Sega 32x Doo- oh nevermind.” My first experience of playing Doom was on the 32x (the only thing good out of that system), then I bought the pc version.

  3. Very, very nice collection indeed. Not sure I personally care for all the movie paraphernalia but I always wanted DooM II and the DooM Anthology so bad.

    But, one thing I do have that is my pride and joy, which I think makes up for it, is the original DooM box, with manual, and four floppy discs. The box is unfortunately heavily tattered, but still together.

  4. All that is pretty cool, but lets play a classic PC game of deathmatch and see who comes out alive. ;-). – DOOMer77