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Pull up a chair and listen to Bethesda Games Studios’ Todd Howard in three video interviews now up on Across three separate videos, Todd discusses how he got into the industry, the evolution The Elder Scrolls from Arena to Skyrim, and his take on the gaming industry today.

Fun fact about Todd: In the third video, he talks about his interest in sports games, and he specifically discusses NCAA Football. At the office, we have an online dynasty going, and I can tell you Todd’s insanely good at the game. In the next week or so, I have to play against him (Notre Dame vs. Michigan). First person to correctly guess the score of the game wins a small prize.*

*You only get one guess.  Multiple entries coming from the same profile/IP address/email address will result in disqualification.

Reader Comments

  1. I seriously love listening to Todd Howard. No matter what he has to say. Het always has a opinion, he knows what to say and has great stories with everything you ask him. I can watch these video’s for hours and hours! You are the man Todd (:

  2. Todd just has a great personality. I love hearing him talk and behind the scenes stuff! -here is hoping for another series of videos with him-

    Also, get him on the podcast more!

  3. Todd wins by an unfair amount.

    I don’t know the scoring system but i think one number will be higher than the other.

  4. Let’s see. If Todd is insanely good, I’ll have to wager the score at 36 to 10 in Todd’s favor. Hey pegged you for at least a TD and FG. Notice, I’m expecting Todd to get a conversion instead of an extra point once. 😉

  5. (Hey guys. I submitted one score via my phone- which didn’t get posted (delayed by moderator approval?). So later on, I went to my mac and submitted a score, which did get posted. Yet now I see both of them. Please don’t disqualify me. Ignore my second post! I’m still in for Notre Dame 29, Michigan 41…)

  6. 15:1 cause its just a guess and i dont even know what the game is about ha ha.

    Great interview and love the quietness of the setting. Fantastic to see more artwork from SKYRIM and Todd Howard revealing more about the cities of SKYRIM.

    Thanks to all involved for the preview of things different and wondrous to come with a joy ever returning for a one time purchase price 😀

  7. Well is Todd also awesome at the game play, or do you just call plays and sort of sim everything?

    I say Todd wins it 41-24, though the game is close in the first two quarters.

  8. Man you guys are giving me a lot of credit.

    In four games against Todd, I think I’ve scored a combined 28 points.

    BTW — I’m Michigan, he’s Notre Dame. If any of you picked Michigan to win without knowing better, I’ll still crown you the winner if it’s the right score.

    Going forward, if anyone still picks Michigan (me) to win and is correct, I’ll have to find a way to up the ante of what I have in mind.