Arx Fatalis source code, patch released!


It’s been over eight years since Arkane Studios’ debut effort Arx Fatalis hit shelves. Fans will remember the first-person RPG for its immersive, open-ended design, an Arkane specialty. In fact, if you never played it, I’d recommend picking it up on Steam for a fiver; considering the amount of depth to the game, it’s a bargain. And the following news will certainly help.

Today, in thanks to the game’s fans, Arkane is supporting Arx with two excellent, brand-new downloads: a big patch, and the game’s source code.

The patch brings the game up to version 1.21, fixing stability on Windows 7 and Windows Vista machines, performance issues on Nvidia GPUs, and a number of other things that improve play in 2011. Download the patch here.

As for those looking to tinker with the source code, that link can be found on the same page. Be sure to check out the readme for more information.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey cool! – I got into PC gaming relatively late, and this was one of the first games I bought (it was in a 3 game set with Gorasul and Archangel) I played it to death and it directly led me to pick up Morrowind as my next RPG fix

  2. It’s great that they release the source code and patch. Unfortunately, I tested it and it doesn’t work with Windows 7 64bits. Maybe some modders will fine tune the game even more.

  3. Oh SNAP. THIS IS sweet. Time to pull out my ARX FATALIS cd from storage in the corner of way back when. This is turning out to be a great start of a birthday weekend with a 300.00 purchase of music for only 101.11 at a closeout sale at the neighborhood FYE and now a patch for the daggerfallian like ARX FATALIS. Good times good times indeed 🙂

    Thanks Arkane Studios and all involved.

  4. Huit ans après sa sortie, Arkane Studios et Bethesda le supportent toujours et même mieux l’améliorent ? Je n’en crois pas mes yeux. Chapeau bas messieurs !

  5. Eight years after its release, Arkane Studios and Bethesda still support the game and even better improve it? I cannot believe it. Hats off gentlemen!

  6. This will be great. Since the problems seem to have been fixed I bought the game (DRM-free) from
    I thibk it is great that the developers fixed the game after so many years. There are not many other developers that do that.

  7. I should check this blog more often. If my BFF didn’t tell me about this patch, I would have missed out on this. I loved Arx Fatalis and still do, and I shall admit to still hoping for a sequel. But for now I am glad that I can play the game again on my PC. This smiley isn’t enough to express my joy. 😀

    So I know this is late but thank you very much Arkane Studios and Bethesda.

  8. @André Feroi

    Bethesda didn’t develop or even publish this. All credit goes to Arcane Studios and Arx shall forever reign over the TES series.


  9. When I download and apply the patch, it came up with an issue saying something about not having the correct disc inserted. Without the patch, however, it works perfectly fine…and I have Windows 7 and Nvidia.