Skyrim Sound Feature — Turn it up!


Grab your headphones and head to to learn more about “The Sound of Skyrim.” Across four videos, Bethesda Game Studios’ audio director Mark Lampert discusses in-game sounds, voice acting (including the contributions of one Max von Sydow), dragon sounds and shouts, and to cap it all off, he previews new parts of Jeremy Soule’s main theme for the game.

Wanting to hear more on the game? Fear not, Game Informer has plenty more to share in the upcoming weeks.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow didnt know audio work could be so physically taxing not just on the voice actors and actresses but even Mark Lampert doing the hands on work. Hope he has a nice sound proof room to coax the inner emotional personalities out in exaggerated vocal fashion. Talk about a great job to have as the creative process venting of ones emotions into something more then just yourself.

    Thanks to all involved for another in the know video O! O!