Reader Comments

  1. So, does anyone else feel like just going on an epic adventure right now?

    IMO, Mr. Soule did an AMAZING job with the music for Oblivion and I trust he will do the same for Skyrim.

    Super excited for Skyrim!!!! =)

  2. Elder Scrolls have always had the greatest game music of all time. Morrowind was uplifting and adventurous, Oblivions was rich and glorious, and Skyrims is dark and heroic! Even though their atmosphere is so different, the song remains the same and never disappoints to give me goose bumps! Massive cred to Jeremy Soule and Bethesda!

  3. Great 1930s silent movie! The music moves me like like the phantom of the opera on halloween! The chills! The thrills! SKYRIM! SKYRIM! SKYRIM!

    Thank you for this most momentous moment with the sound of ACTION!

  4. It’s beautiful, I always love the sound of TES themes on the piano, and this one sounds so dark. I love this and envy the talent of the guy playing it