Dragons preparing to deliver Skyrim details worldwide


There’s been plenty of excitement over Game Informer’s cover story for Skyrim, but we’ve also heard many of you asking, “When will the game get covered in Europe?”

That question gets answered today. European reveals for Skyrim will appear in the following territories…

United Kingdom

Official Xbox Magazine — on shelves February 10th

Official PlayStation Magazine — on shelves February 16th


PlayStation Le Magazine Officiel — on shelves January 28th


Computer Bild Spiele — on shelves February 2nd


Power Unlimited — on shelves January 27th


Micromania — on shelves January 27th


Giochi per Il Mio Computer — on shelves January 30th


Gamereactor — on shelves February 1st


Game Informer — on shelves January 19th

While you wait for these reveals to hit, keep an eye on GameInformer.com’s Skyrim hub for continued coverage on the game.

Reader Comments

  1. Will Todd Howard host a miniseries like he did for Oblivion around E3 (4-5 videos of him speaking about and playing the game)? I love when he does that! It gets me so hyped, and I end up watching them over and over… I was so hyped for Oblivion, I beat the main quest at level 4 and finished the entire game within a week.

  2. I don’t get any of those, will have to read it online. Also when will the next Fallout new vegas dlc be announced? Or maybe a Fallout 3 dlc that you guys have been working on forever and now want to show to the world!!!

  3. If the text is about European reveals; why is the Australian Game Informer on the list? A misspelling of Austria, or has the island down under been promoted to European status? 😛

  4. @gstaff: Thanks for the reply, but I still don’t understand. I would, if Australia was the only (non-American, non-European) country to have an upcoming cover story in a magazine, but I somehow doubt that’s the case.

    Anyways, I’m psyched for this. I already have a subscribtion to Gamereactor so I’ll have my info drop in the mail come this February.

  5. “I love how none of those are a big PC magazine, really demonstrating the target audience guys”
    Skyrim is a cross-platform game. Worth noting that the Italian magazine listed is the biggest PC mag there is in Italy!

    “Is there a Portuguese release?”
    The game will be released in Portugal on November 11th. No magazine reveal article just yet, but we’re looking into getting coverage there soon.

    Poland is also Europe. Don’t u know about it?
    We’ll arrange something with Polish media soon!

  6. “Skyrim is a cross-platform game. Worth noting that the Italian magazine listed is the biggest PC mag there is in Italy!”

    Yet PC Gamer is the most popular PC Gaming Magazine in Europe and you haven’t given them the details. And what about PC Gamer in the US?

    Just like with the Fallout: New Vegas DLC’s, you guys are selling out from the looks of it.

  7. I hope this doesn’t mean we have to wait to see at least ONE high res screenshot until after all of this… I’m impatient! lol. Glad that the few Euro chaps that didn’t just look at scans will get to see this stuff pretty soon.

  8. Nice work mates. I just saw the gameinformer tech behind TES V and I have to say I was impressed as always with what you guys (and girls) have done. Keep it up and I look forward to it.

  9. No cover in Czech Republic? C´mon, we have a SCORE magazine released in our country every mont, and it comes with 200 pages and 2 DVDs full of games and software. It really rocks, and foreign magazines can hardly be compared with SCORE.

  10. Hey, Gstaff, do you know if the European mags will get the same screens and info as GameInformer, or do you sell other material to them?
    I’m just wondering ’cause the GI article looks really great (I’ve heard) and I’d like to have something physical that at least resembles it… I guess screens and all the info will hit the web after a while anyway, but it’s nice to have something on paper.

  11. 0_0
    We (Refering to the Benelux), get it Before the UK, Germany,Italy,Scandanavia and France?

    Well, thats Kinda Unusual, and awesome!!!!

    *points at the rest of europa, with a Cartam voice*

    hehehaha, We get Skyrim sooner then youuu do, hahaiha haa!*

    roflmao, still later then the US though. ):

  12. @Lonethread:

    I’m really confused. Bethesda publishes cross platform games and so generally releases their information in cross platform media outlets. It’s how businesses work. They have done this since Morrowind.

    Unless you mean they sold out back when Morrowind came out. Which I disagree with.

    This whole console v. PC thing pisses me off. So does the word “sell out”. It’s a buzzword that has no real meaning. The fact of the matter is Morrowind was cross platform, so was Oblivion, and so will be Skyrim. Thank God, too. The more people that get to play these kick ass games the better, I say. The PC is my main mode of gaming but I’m not going to sit here like a spoiled kid and get mad when Bethesda wants to sell their games to other people to.

  13. I was literally asking, “when are they going to make a new elder scrolls?” a month ago. I still haven’t done everything in oblivion. I hope it’s like that. This is a franchise that, I hope, continues with technology forever. Excellent way to fulfill our primal instincts, man or woman, in this age of weakness and selfishness. Thanks Beth!

  14. @Patrick

    It’s not because they’re cross-platform games that PC Gamers hate on Console gaming. It’s the fact that when a console game is ported back to the PC it’s usually a watered down version of what it was before it was published on the console, being that consoles have video and memory limitations whereas a PC doesn’t.

    Take Oblivion’s “5-foot away” UI for example…why was that left in the PC version? PC Gamers don’t sit 5 feet away from their monitors. That was something left over from the console that wasn’t needed on the PC. No matter how large of a screen resolution you had the UI still ate up screen space. Luckily some smart modders fixed that little snafu.

    I’m not bashing on Bethesda for making a cross-platform game, I’m glad they’re making one, it’s just that we want the PC version to be a PC version, not a “after published to the consoles then ported to the PC” version. I Am glad however that Bethesda does the porting in-house instead of outsourcing it to a third party who would most likely screw it up (see: Saints Row 2 for the PC ported by CD Projekt).

  15. I don’t see holland??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  16. No release in Brazil…?
    And people still complain about piracy…

    Well… It is Elder Scrolls, I give my son to this game.

  17. It is pure torture to make us wait till 11.11.11 should be made illegal! I want it NOW:( *crying and starting up PS3 to play some oblivion:(