Mod in progress: Project Nevada

The video above is for Project Nevada, a work-in-progress New Vegas mod that includes plenty of nice features — including unique HUD visors, enhanced vision modes, new scopes, dynamic crosshairs, and even the ability to sprint and tackle (don’t miss the hilarious tackle at the 3:25 mark of the video).

Project Nevada is brought to you by the same guys that created Fallout 3 Wanderers Edition (FWE) — a project we showcased a couple years back. To learn more about Project Nevada, visit the current discussion thread in our New Vegas forums.

Reader Comments

  1. First off, let me start by saying, ‘WOW’.

    It never ceases to amaze me at how talented the community is when it comes to mods and add-ons for great games like this.

    It really makes me wish I had a computer that could actually handle this game, as I know mods like this would never make it to the console (the version I have).

    Still, very impressive. Well done.

  2. That is going to be a really sweet mod for New Vegas. I love the effects of damage to the visors, with nicks and scratches and what not. Thermal??? Awesome, nice feature. I have something in mind, perhaps you could try this out. While moving about in first person view, could you try and make the character bump into walls, move about over rocks? I’ll explain, If the weapon comes to a wall of something like a building have him or her move the weapon away or let it hit something. It might be useless to do this, but it was my opinion. Great jobs guys, I love Fallout!!

  3. I hope this comes out for the PS3. A lot of us are tired of Microsofts attempts to curry exclusivity for the Xbox by paying large sums of money to try to prop up their dying console.

  4. That was sick! How come it comes down to the moders out there to make a game great. Its just sad that Bethesda could do that from the start and they have to rely on other ppl who buy the game in order to make it great.

  5. Mods like those are the things game developers need to impliment into the game for all systems… If they added those to fallout new vegas for xbox and PS3, they would make millions more…and they wouldnt really need to do anything

    all it would take is to convert it to the other systems ( maybe 24-48 hours of work…probaly a whole lot less) and it would be awesome!!

  6. Something this good should really be made official. It’s freaking amazing…..That’s all I can think off….oh and how much Fun I’ll have with it XD

  7. wow that’s some damn impressive work there, folks! kudos! i’m particularly excited about sprint and the gren hotkey, because those are just sorely missing from FO3/NV. i hope sprint speed is affected by inventory weight and armor…

    one big suggestion: go easy on the visor overlays! for example, wearing some SWD or ski goggles doesn’t place a fairly sharp border around your vision. the borders should be really blurry, with no discernible features – more like shadows on the edge of vision.

  8. Absolutely brilliant!

    This is why, for me, the PC is the ONLY gaming platform I will ever use & why, in the long run, it’s worth putting up with bugs and crashes when a game is initially released – because of the fantastic stuff done by the modding community that extends the life of games tenfold.

    I played Fallout 3 to death to the point where it became boring, then FWE & a few other mods came out that gave the game a whole new lease of life. It looks like the same will happen for New Vegas.

    Console people don’t appreciate that while they have the advantages of ease of use and installation, the fact that on PCs we can run what OSes we like and load on whatever mods and remakes we like when we like makes it the only gaming platform of choice for a lot of us.

    Personally, I think the games companies should give modders more recognition – let them take some small payment for their hard work so that they have a reason to continue; the games companies could even host the mods on their web sites and take a cut of every one that’s sold.

  9. I have changed in my copy of fallout new v. three times now and still have mad promblems with it the game is mad glichey thought it might be my ps3 but tried it on my friends ps3 and same problems i feel like i wasted 60 dollars i hope your elder scrolls doesnt have these problems when it comes out. im a big fan of your games and i was so let down with this game i hope you guy make a down load to fixs these problem with the game .thanks

  10. It’s nice, but only for those who really would like the views. As for bullet time, in a way the vats brought from FO3 handles it, if not one of the chooseable views kind of allows a slow mo after a kill that is kind of thought of as cheating in the community. Same goes for tackling every enemy in your path.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s a good mod, not every feature would be taken with open arms by every fan of either the whole series or the renewal brought by FO3 and NV.

    Kind of why mods are great, if you like one that’s good because you should be able to customize a game to your likngs.

  11. people who play games on a console using their thumbs and a few fingers should be dragged into the streets of New Vegas and butchered with a blunt hammer. PC FTW!

  12. Wow that looks soo tight! Big fan of fallout and this looks Amazing!! I’m so excited please make this come out for ps3!!!