Journey through time with Skyrim concept art


One of the many joys of working at Bethesda is walking past the concept art bay. Our two dedicated concept artists, Ray Lederer and Adam Adamowicz, are constantly churning out visions of present and future Bethesda games.

Today’s Game Informer piece gives you a look at one aspect of their jobs with a fancy time-lapse video. As an added bonus, the video is set to a new piece of music by Jeremy Soule. Enjoy!

Reader Comments

  1. Very nice. I hope you guys plan on releasing more of their talented concept art! I really enjoy it. Also, that music piece was awesome. I can’t wait to feel as epic as the end art looks, listening to that while killing trolls of my own! <3

  2. very cool! i’ve loved game concept art since Marathon’s sketches and amazing work from Craig Mullins – who then went and did work for Fallout 3!

    i hope that Ray and Adam get a more in-depth feature in the future so we can see more about their process & tools, and how they work with the game designers to build a unified aesthetic.

  3. Fragile is the reality of the image becoming where the slightest movement of its essence transforms.

    Great vid on the many methods used by the Masters at Bethesda.

    That is some very powerful dramatic classical sounding music. Would go perfectly in a cold desolate dungeon or wondering in some forest of flaming orange colored leafy vegetation as the cool breeze chills the muscle shaped skin softly.

    Thanks for the great article Bethesda and gameinformer.

  4. Start releasing Wallpapers ASAP! Just slap a Bethesda and Skyrim logo on that baby and your done. Please…. Two minutes of photoshop would make all the difference to us Elder Scroll junkies.

    Also we (I’m assuming the other fans are with me) Demand a full sized art book. Either with a collector’s edition or after as a stand alone product. Something along the lines of ‘The Art of Mass Effect’ that Bioware put out, but BIGGER (that’s right. All caps big). I want to see all the early designs and see how they evolved into their final incarnations.

    The Bethesda art team are incredibly talented, why let all their work go to waste. Also I would easily pay $40 for it. Maybe more, but If your thinking of charging an arm and a leg for it you might as well go see if Bravil is looking for a new count (zing!). If you need to put it out after the game in order to make it the best it can be, then do. I can wait.

    Also if this demand is not meant… well nothing bad will happen, but I’d really appreciate it if you do.

    PS. Whoever came up with the horned helm. I owe them a Mead. I remember trying to make a Nord that looked like Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer since Morrowind, but the Mod community never made one just right. Now I can have my cake and eat it too. By ‘cake’ I mean helm and by ‘eat it too’ I mean cleave limbs with an axe while wearing it.


  5. That was simply stunning!

    Does anyone know (Gstaff I’m looking in your direction) what kind of software they used to make these pieces of concept art? I would be thrilled to know =D

  6. Loved the music in that concept art video, that Cave Troll looked wicked, I just hope they are not pushovers like the weak Trolls in Oblivion. Anyway I thought it was a Werewolf at first untill I read cave troll and saw the 3 eyes : D Anyway hope theres werewolfs to : )