Brink fan site kit updated


Our friends at Splash Damage have alerted us that the fan site kit for Brink has been updated with new screens, wallpapers and other fun stuff.

Not sure what a fan site kit is? Well, it’s a bunch of media that makes it easy to start up your own fan site. These materials include:

  • Official Brink fact sheet and FAQ
  • Brink Developer Diaries
  • Official logos
  • Screenshots and concept art
  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Forum avatars
  • Audio samples
  • Website design elements
  • Developer and publisher fact sheets

Here’s a handy link to the kit.

Reader Comments

  1. I do love it when publisher/developers release Fan Site Kits! It shows their support for the community and the fans.

    Will there be one for Skyrim anytime soon? We’ve just put a site together and any extra resources would be great!