New Creation Kit to bring modding tools to Skyrim


Bethesda has a long history of supporting the modding community, and for good reason. It’s a science fact that mod tools make the world a better place: they make modders happy because they can mod, they make developers happy to see modders gaining experience, and they make fans happy to see an endless stream of content they can mess around with. So today we were pretty happy to finally confirm our plans to continue that support with Skyrim.

As Game Informer confirmed on Monday, Skyrim’s new engine has been dubbed the “Creation Engine.” Accompanying that engine will be the Creation Kit, our suite of level-building tools that we’ll be releasing to the community, much like the Elder Scrolls Construction Set for Morrowind and Oblivion.

The Kit was recently mentioned in the Game Informer article on the tech behind Skyrim. While we have nothing further to announce regarding the Kit at this time, give that article a read for more details on just how powerful these tools will be.

Reader Comments

  1. This article was so pointless… If your going to make a statement, do it once! I was so stoked to Read this. But its old new and that made it a total buzz kill! Nice job Bethesda! Be more like Apple Inc. Make your statements bold and singular!

  2. This is fantastic to have official conformation so early on in the year!

    Time to start planning something devious! I’ll have to get myself into gear and finish my current Oblivion mod before Skyrim comes out so I have a clean slate. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. @emilio: actually Sony has already allowed 3rd party mods, Unreal Tournament supported them and you could install them with a USB stick. What Bethesda probably has to do is the same thing Epic did, which is release a mod ‘compiler/cooker’ that can convert the PC mods into the format needed by the PS3.

  4. Great news! This confirms that I will be purchasing Skyrim on release day for the PC as long as it’s not ruined by some awful DRM such as a constant online connection. I have to use an aircard for internet access and it’s not very fast so having a always on connection protection scheme will be the only remaining concern I have. Based on Bethesda’s history I doubt I’ll have to worry. I just wanted to let me concern be heard.

  5. Great! COnsidering I just began using blender, I can do some serious learning this summer. I gues i’ll game to put an end to my ancient city mod, though. I’ll be able to mod to a much wider range when I learn blender, and that does take awhile.

  6. Damn Yes my game has, is and will ever be an AlienSlof “Sloffy for me” modded and deliciously transformed one.

    Yeah to the new tool and Yeah to Sloffyrim ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    And hope it will be easy to use so I could be able to play with for science ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Great news bethesda, when you release mod tools like this, it only encourages people to buy, like red orchestra 2, its coming with the full sdk on release, when companies do stuff like this for pc it really shows they care about the pc community and that they are smart about mod tools = more stuff = more money. Console ports, I have no time for them. This though is a Day 1 buy.

  8. Hi, i have a question…

    Why dont you release Construction Kit for console versions of the game (PS3, Xbox360) too?
    All of this 2 consoles have internet connection, so there is no problem to share your mods with others, so whats the matter with releasing Kit for them too? All of them has HDD to store data etc. In this they are same as computer.

  9. @KO23L because that goes down to machine code and managing memory is tough with only 512 mb to run os and sdk.also file formats are diverse.

  10. @KO23L It would be slow but could be done (game engine programing student) and months of testing and getting licences from micrsoft and sony.

  11. Sooo, this creation kit, with the creation engine, does that mean it will be extremely easy to create content for skyrim.

    I always liked creating content, but none of the stuff i wanted to do ever worked too well.

    [rant]I once copied a scrip from a mod i downloaded (for personal use) so i could change the type of magic effect. All i did was change the spell effect, not even the spell name, and it didn’t work at all!!! whats up with that. [/rant]

  12. I think lots of not-that-professional modders would love to have an easy kit to change
    colors and fabrics of clothes and such. I’ve tried working with the construction set and
    read many tutorials but it was so complicated! They should have a complicated kit for
    the real big stuff and an easy-to-use one for simple things like color alteration.

  13. It’s 90 percent impossible that this tool will be available to consoles like the PS3 and the XBOX 360. Those console had some kind of tamper protection system (though I saw one guy managed to enable the clipping (tcl) on the Fallout New Vegas XBOX).

    Also, it has been the standard way to purchase mods and contents on those consoles, they make revenues for selling exclusive contents that will be used for the future project of the game companies such as Bethesda. Makes all people happy this way so better off give up modding on the consoles.

    One more thing, think where the developers makes those games that are released on the PC, XBOX 360 and PS3? Isn’t it the PC?

  14. Groovy! I was starting to get rather concerned that I may not be able to creatively break Skyrim from the outset but might have to rely on bugs instead. Being given a large gun with which to shoot oneself in one’s foot is the most appealing element of Bethesda’s games.

    Not so sure about the name though. How about forgoing the frankly boring “Kit” in favour of “Throat Wobbler Mangrove”? You know it makes sense.

  15. Something else: What will be the system requirements for SKYRIM?! Do we have to renew our PCs completely?!?! (i`ll play it on Xbox anyways, but for modd-matters….)

  16. That is awesome news for the creation kit. My only question now is will we be able to play the game after we beat it? That’s my main and i think only question. It’s gonna be a big N.O. for me if I can’t keep playing after the main quest is beat, so don’t let us down like FO3 and F:NV, Bethesda. XD

  17. if bethesda make a universal creation tool one that can be used to create the mods and then transfer them to ps3 360 or keep them on pc it is not difficult to do it just needs for there to be dialouge between bethesda,microsoft, and sony

  18. i am talking about using the pc only mod tool to develope mods for the ps3 or 360 which ever version you have not ruling out the pc version what you could do is to save the mods then transfer them over besides is this not the same tool used to make dlc on ps3 and 360 and so it is very possible

  19. So basically, here’s some top news about something that is pretty much a given for an Elder Scrolls game. Morrowind, Oblivion and Fallout 3 all had modding tools. So was it really such a bombdrop that Skyrim also will have it?

    Anyways, always nice to get confirmation though. So let’s leave it at that.

  20. dam why does Xbox always miss the fun stuff of course thats making the assumption that they aren’t releasing a kit for Xbox or something like waypoint so you can get some of the mods