New Creation Kit to bring modding tools to Skyrim


Bethesda has a long history of supporting the modding community, and for good reason. It’s a science fact that mod tools make the world a better place: they make modders happy because they can mod, they make developers happy to see modders gaining experience, and they make fans happy to see an endless stream of content they can mess around with. So today we were pretty happy to finally confirm our plans to continue that support with Skyrim.

As Game Informer confirmed on Monday, Skyrim’s new engine has been dubbed the “Creation Engine.” Accompanying that engine will be the Creation Kit, our suite of level-building tools that we’ll be releasing to the community, much like the Elder Scrolls Construction Set for Morrowind and Oblivion.

The Kit was recently mentioned in the Game Informer article on the tech behind Skyrim. While we have nothing further to announce regarding the Kit at this time, give that article a read for more details on just how powerful these tools will be.

Reader Comments

  1. Title: New Creation Kit to bring modding tools to Skyrim
    We have nothing further to announce regarding the Kit at this time

    Isn’t it getting rediculous?

  2. Oh me! Oh my! Heres hoping SKYRIM is AlienSlof’s cup of special Nord delight so we may be enriched with modding hotness that is ALIENSLOF!

    This goes for every other Modder too especially Pepsi wherever he is heh heh.

    Thanks Bethesda and all involved for this gift of endless giving.

  3. Only 18 hours after I talk about this with a couple of friends, and you post this. Great work! Now I know I definitely won’t be disappointed with the game. πŸ™‚

  4. PLEASE make the Creation Kit more easy to use for casual creators out there.

    I’ve always loved having the ability to jump in and create my own landscapes in other games’ editors, but it was such a steep learning curve with the Elder Scrolls Construction Set, that I was overwhelmed and gave up.

    Maybe have a simpler interface and tools for people who just want to have fun placing and arranging objects to create something, instead of actually building a mod?


  5. Thank you very much for just coming out and telling us you will be releasing an SDK instead of keeping us waiting! I hated the way you did that for Fallout 3!

    Up and on now guys πŸ™‚

  6. I knew you guys wouldn’t let us down. So many doubters out there thought you wouldn’t give us modding tools. I never doubted for one second. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Creation Kit and also see what other modders are going to come up with!

  7. Excellent. I’ve played with the TESCS since Morrowind’s release, and modding has added nearly a decade of life to that game, and likely will for Oblivion too (As well as Fallout 3 and New Vegas). I’m pleased to know that the tradition continues!

  8. YES! I was hoping you’d release them once I heard the name “Creation Kit” in the article and videos. Let praise rain down upon your blessed heads!

  9. That’s a huge relief. Hope it will be easier to mod and more stable running multiple mods too. Just so glad Bethesda are still going this way – it’s an important part of what makes you special.

  10. I have always loved creating mods with the construction kits on PC and using the mods on my 360… I just wish they would make it easier on me and make a 360 version so i don’t have to convert it!
    Cant wait!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I hope Bethesda implement proper support for modding with dependency management, versioning, conflict resolution, real scripting languages like Lua and error reporting. Otherwise it’ll be like previous games when you had just a black screen and nothing else to help you figure out what went wrong…

  12. Best Confirmation Ever. Thanks for keeping the respect and consideration with the PC community, we really appreciate your games and the support you guys give for the mod community.

  13. is there any way you can bring the kit to the PS3? cuz it would be insanely awesome if you gave us that power on the PS3. or at least the ability to download mods to the ps3 or the 360.


  14. My only thing is, I want to be able to make a mod on the PC and port it to console without an excess of fuss. Skyrim looks like it will be the best TES game so far, but the only way I could play it would be on console (my PC kind of sucks). However, I also want to be able to make use of all the user-created mods that I want to (which are almost always exclusive to PC), and even make some of my own.

  15. I can’t wait any longer. Shoot I’m even stocking up on MTN DEW and Snacks for when i get the game. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to sleep at all.

  16. Are there any plans in the new engine to allow the UI to be modded programmatically with Lua or some other bindings? A lot of the advanced modding with script extender was due to _one_ open opcode in the underlying script binary format. It would have been much easier with full bindings into other scripting languages. I’m thinking about searchable inventories a la inventory mods for World of Warcraft. Resizing or changing the UI with xml files is rather limiting when you can’t insert new callbacks for new UI buttons/widgets.

  17. lol so instead of GECK, it’s just CK?

    i love to see new engines take form. the progression of RAGE and idTech 5 have been exciting to watch, and now CK is coming to light and looking pretty badass. it’s a bit disappointing to see Havoc still being utilized, but hopefully newer versions will be more efficient and have better (or better-implemented) body physics.

    i just gotta know… is this a completely new, from-scratch engine? i really hope it’s entirely new code and doesn’t use anything from Gamebryo!

    and since i know it will be asked: no, the Creation Kit and mods will likely not be available PS3 nor Xbox. they’d either have to write native mod and distribution tools (like Little Big Planet) or allow third-parties to distribute DLCs through Xbox Live/PS Marketplace (not gonna happen).

  18. Now if only there was something along the lines of this for the consoles… Yes some of poor souls still play Xbox360/PS3 not PC… :p

  19. @Hellbishop: Considering AlienSlof has modded Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3, you can pretty much bet she’ll tackle Skyrim when it comes out. Having said that, I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed just in case. I can’t even imagine Oblivion without the dozen or so mods of hers that I have. LOL

    When I heard about the Creation Kit in the the other article, it confirmed something I pretty much suspected from the get-go. Bethesda have been huge modder and community supporters since Morrowind (I don’t recall anything like that for Daggerfall and I never played Arena (or the non-RPG titles)). It would be a slap in the face if they didn’t include a construction set of some kind with Skyrim. πŸ˜‰ Pleased to hear confirmation.

  20. This is wonderful news, especially with so many months left to wait.

    My inner-modder is smiling, thank you very much for the dev tools. πŸ™‚


  21. That’s a ton of worry off my back..

    Now for my next worry: It’s too dissimilar to the old one and I can’t learn it.

    Although from the image I saw on the Todd Howard Bethesda tour, it looks close to the CS.

  22. Why was everyone so worried? πŸ˜€ You have all been watching and picking apart the vids and articles like me right? They constantly talk about how the “kits” have driven the games ^__^ I kneeeeeeew they wouldn’t let us down. Now I just pray they don’t replace radiant NPC’s with blank no name settlers aka “megaton settler number 3” and so on πŸ˜›

  23. I’d have extreme doubts if someone said that the kit wouldn’t out due New Vegas’s kit. Just natural progression as the New Vegas GECK was expected as I’d presume its similar if not the same thing the devs used to create New Vegas.

    Seeing as this is a brand new engine and a brand new game I’d say everything’s there including being able to place complicated dialogue strings and it’ll only supplement or “build” on the features in the “GECK” (Namely as a Fallout reference Emilio. I agree “Creation” Kit wouldn’t be the first name I’d choose. Then again they could of gone over the top and made a strange or out of place name. Its simple and strengthens the modders hope in getting full featured modding support through the kit.)

  24. I think the console owners have this kit as well, while use a PC version as well , the console gamers would relish an opportunity to personalise their Skyrim experience.