Let out a Dragon Shout


In February’s issue of Game Informer, one of the new gameplay elements revealed for Skyrim was dragon shouts. Learn more about how they work, and how the language was created from scratch in Matt Miller’s new feature up at GameInformer.com. Below is an small excerpt from the article…

“It’s in the lore,” declares game director Todd Howard. “It was like the classic barbarian battle cry. I’m not sure if it showed up in a book in Daggerfall, but it’s definitely mentioned in this pocket guide to the empire that we did for Redguard. It was the idea that the Nords had these battle cries, and they would shout at their enemies.” As the team at Bethesda began to design The Elder Scrolls V, they latched onto this little piece of mythology, and the way it could tie back to the dragons – powerful creatures that had been absent from the world for thousands of years.

Read more — including how Emil Pagliarulo worked on creating the language — here. Oh, and did we mention there’s a new screenshot and concept art!?!

Reader Comments

  1. Boy Bethesda doesnt full around with being as intricate and detailed as possible while still miraculously keeping things simple. Technology must be proud to be wielded by such blessed minds.

    Thanks for the great read making us appreciate what is to come even more so.

  2. The more I read, the more interested I’m becoming (and I was quite interested to begin with). I’m looking forward to the visuals, the magic, and the abilities that are being described… but one thing bothers me and has been bothering me since the introduction of the return of the dragons….

    Arena – Jagar Tharn entraps Uriel Septim in Oblivion
    Daggerfall – recovery and activation of Numidium
    Morrowind – return of the Nerevarine and downfall of the Tribunal.
    Oblivion – Oblivion crises and end of the Septim line.

    Now in Skyrim, the prophecy of the return of the dragons states that all of these things had to occur. A culmination of the entire Elder Scrolls history into one big event…

    Does this mean that this will be the last Elder Scrolls installment; that after Skyrim, there’ll be no more?

  3. @Khevor

    You’re just having end of the world jitters.

    I’m sure some people had them when Mehrunes Dagon invaded too.

    Just as Mehrunes Dagon had to invade to herald V. So the Dragons have to return to herald VI.

    Remember the prophesy Wall of Skyrim pales in comparison to the Elder Scrolls who ALL things that happened, happens and will happen.

    The Elder Scrolls themselves are the actual culmination of ALL what has been, is and will be.

  4. Me wants more Screenshots. And hopefully with higher resolution so I can sit and stare at it in awe properly 🙂

  5. [Khevor wrote on January 20th, 2011

    Does this mean that this will be the last Elder Scrolls installment; that after Skyrim, there’ll be no more?]

    Just remember with every ending comes a new begining a new form. That is one of the things Akatosh represents destruction and rebirth. There are also many other planes or planets in the Elder Scrolls universe so we may see worlds even more alien then MORROWIND ever was.