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  1. thank you!!! please release the official size of the map ASAP!! oh and will there be fishing and hunting in skyrim??? GOTY!!!

  2. Nothing new here, just recycled info. from the Gameinformer issue which I have had for 2 weeks so far. I wish you guys good give us NEW information.

  3. So good!

    Can’t wait.

    More wallpapers?

    – For those of us without easy access to the magazine, this is most welcome information.

  4. what they should add =
    teleporting spell
    flying carpets
    fishing + hunting
    bluffing (as a speech skill)
    gambling (a game to play with npc’s like in the witcher and fallout new vegas)
    MORE UNIQUE WEAPONS (thats why l play)

    voila ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Hope that they make hand to hand combat like real kung fu with flying kicks and chops and such. A good round house kick or something would be nice because fisty cuffs fighting isn’t intresting enough for me.

  6. More more more please?! We have waited for this game for FAR too long and we must know more before we explode. At least before I explode anyway.

  7. Magic in Skyrim like Plasmids in BioShock? Yes Please! ๐Ÿ˜€

    This game is sounding better and better every day, I absolutely can’t wait.

  8. I can honestly say I have been waiting my whole life for a game as beautiful and aw inspiring as this. I thought Oblivion was the best there was ever going to be, but fortunately through the same company a better game has come out. Bravo and I can not wait to amerce my self into zombie like, mind numbing, and shut in game play for the next year or so to come…. thank you.

  9. Please have the ability to see the ENTIRE MAP at once instead of having to scroll like the cyrodiil map… If you guys were trying to make it more “challenging” (cause really, i honestly can’t guess why), that failed, it proved to be nothing more than annoying.

  10. oh, and yes… @JasionJones

    Some of us (I included) do not subscribe to GameInformer, nor will we (or I). I don’t really care to support GameStop by being a power player or w/e and get a free subscription, much less pay for it on it’s own and still support them.

  11. Honestly i think duel wielding could ruin the feel of elder scrolls combat… I love Elder Scrolls i thought Morrowind was the best! especially how armor was in tons of pieces like left pauldron, right pauldron, cuirass, helmet, boots, greaves, right gauntlet, left gauntlet… I hope changing the engine doesn’t ruin the feel of elder scrolls that Morrowind and Oblivion had! How the stats, inventory, controls, combat, magic all were… i hope the feel stays the same with a new engine! It would be horrible if the armor in Elder Scrolls 5 was like fallout were its just 2 pieces! make it like Morrowind I dont want them to be changed
    Well those are my opinions i cant wait to see how it turns out!

  12. Wowzers! Bethesda really changed things around with an exciting new formula with just the right level of fun realism. Pretty cool about the deadlier arrow acttacks and one hit dagger kills which was one of the things that stuck out the first few times when playing OBLIVION that should have been done in this manner especially after a certain Dark Brotherhood quest.

    Woah! Spells that ignite the surrounding environment with incinerating fire! At last some sort of destructable environments besides spectacularly fearsome avalanches of collapsing boulders in creepy dungeons.

    Its gonna be great seeing spell damage on enemies. I still remember the great wounding and scar effects during combat in WIZARDRY 8. Talk about painful looking.

    The new stagger effects sound great and will bring a more realistic feel of force effecting bodily balance during combat. Theres some of that in OBLIVION but i find alot of times hitting enemies is like stabbing a human size doll that does not react to what appears to be a mighty painful mace hit to the face or gut ๐Ÿ˜€

    Of course sometimes when it does come off right its pretty hillarious as a bandit gets hit in the face with a weapon-gives out a pain cry and falls at just the right angle as they die. This usually happens at higher character levels from what i’ve noticed in OBLIVION.

  13. I hope it will be much better blood in Skyrim than in Oblivion xD

    Gonna be realy good game and if this game is not the winner of “the game of the year” I dont know what to do…

  14. Sounds like Todd & co. took the best elements of the combat mechanics of two of the top games since Oblivion (BioShock and Demon’s Souls) and combined them into pure awesomeness. Can’t wait!


  16. They all sound like great improvements, especially bows, but I hope the one thing you guys change in combat is the enemy reactions, maybe give them different hitboxes and slightly different animations for each area? Legs / Stomach / Chest / Head / Arms for example?

    The generic stagger when you were knocked by a heavy attack in Oblivion, and the complete lack of any consequence for being hit in the right arm while wielding a bow were very detrimental to the immersive experience.

    Also I agree with Malice, extend inventories, don’t downsize. Rings, amulets and girdles as well for the win!

  17. Please tell me you guys are finally giving the player a potion-quaffing animation, instead of somehow consuming them with both hands full.

  18. I just had to leave a comment here. This is going to be so great! I can’t wait all 290 days… All i’ve seen yet about the game is incredible!

    Thanks to Bethesda for their great working! It’s gonna be GOTY or GOTL ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Would have been nice if weapons were good for other things than to kill with. / Zelda fan
    looks really cool! and it will be awsome! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. @Malice

    Don’t know about Morrowind-esque customization but the fallout equips worked as they did most likely to keep consistent with the series(Sarcasm aside)

    I’m sure there’ll be somewhere most likely between Obl. And Morrowind or a return to Morrowind cust.

  21. That’s cool, but I prefer a better storyline that revolves around the player character (like Morrowind). In the end, that’s what sticks after finishing the game.

  22. Its a 2 handed combat system for anybody that has not read the Gameinformer yet. You can even do double spells if you want! That will make game-play quiet unique and interesting each play through. I like the fishing and hunting idea, but that may be under something like survival or hunting under a combo of sneak and ranged. These are just guesses if they do show up. Now i want like a 1 min 30sec gameplay video of the combat system. Just so i can see what it will look like. (if anybody has a time machine that i can borrow please let me know. I need to get to 11/11/11 asap(as fast as possible).)

  23. I like it, but i hope that bethesda would re-make/improve Telekinesis from the school of mystics. Buff the spell to the point that you can throw an object at enemies and cause damage. Must lv up In order to carry heavier objects and control the object for longer period of time.

  24. i don’t even dare get excited about this game…i just hope it doesn’t turn out like Fallout: New Vegas (major disappointment), but if you’re looking for ideas then take a look at The Prince of Persia (the game not the movie) and you’ll see some pretty good fighting moves right there and also, but on a different note, i’d like to see some dragon riding in this game…i mean i hope nobody expects me to kill any dragons with just bows and arrows…or rocks for that matter. Hopefully there will be an option to adopt a baby dragon at some point in the game which will serve as both mount and companion (and i would have to feed and groom and help it grow cause otherwise it would just fly away or something…) and i also hope that i could manufacture my own weapons and armor (both for myself and my companion/s) especially unique ones (from the dragons i fell) and that there were also an economy system in the game with banks that actually work and assets and all that (like if you own more than 1 house and u don’t use all of them you can choose to rent the other ones out…and if you have trouble with the tenents just cut their balls off…) and all sorts of other neat stuff…that i just don’t have the time to share with u right now and as a last thing:
    I know that this is just wishful thinking only because the guys at Bethesda Studios are too lazy to do any of this stuff anyway even if it’s laid out in front of them (they ask for ideas and when it’s given to them they go and do exactly the opposite, doesn’t that suck?) so here’s hoping that you’ll use at least some of the ideas presented here and u don’t go screw this game up beyond repair AGAIN!!!

    Also…there’s a pretty good sized gaming community (especially when it’s about this game or franchise) that could be used as an asset or a resource and they would be more than happy to help with any projects that anybody in the gaming development industry finds difficult completing even without any financial compensation (hence an asset), but if they could only find and play their favorite content in the game, just think how many mods and modders there are, and these guys are talented…

  25. ok…maybe The Prince of Persia wasn’t the best example for fighting moves and techniques but Two Worlds 2 looks pretty good as an example for that, or as reference…or maybe even Assassin’s Creed…

    And on a different note (yes,again) one more idea…which is not as much of an idea as it is a suggestion
    (only because it has been done before as a mod and as such the need of it should be obvious…) :

    the muscle mass of the hero should increase at the same rate as his/her strength stats increase (or decrease in case of disease or other hurtful spells and such) and the armor should fit accordingly (or not, but what can’t u fix with a bunch of hammers and some armorer/blacksmith skill these days anyway?) and that’s why everything should be customizable .

  26. The game is looking and sounding GREAT. The environments so far look amazing and everything they have in store for the future has left me as both a big Bethesda and Elder Scrolls fan speechless. The only suggestions I could make for combat are these:

    1. For a stealth kill…please please PLEASE make the animation a LEGIT backstab, and not the Oblivion “smack on the ass” as many call it, lol.

    2. I feel with the combat overhaul the game could handle this twist. It would be cool, yet, unnecessary at the same time, but, for archers, if the enemy is closing in on you, you could stab them with an arrow, similar to how Legolas notably does in the Lord of the Rings movies…just a thought.

    3. I think the cheesy combat comments should get a makeover and become actual malicious taunts…like, come on, you know they were cheesy lol….”WHY…WONT…YOU…DIEEEEE?!?!?!” Bethesda said combat was going to become more vicious and barbaric anyway, so, hopefully they cover this category under that topic haha

    4. This really doesnt have to do with combat but hopefully Bethesda’s new engine allows them to work on more realistic drapery/dangling objects… longer hair does not look natural if it doesnt flow, and I also thought it looked goofy when you had an overcoat in Fallout and the tails in the back kinda stuck to your legs (like the NCR coat, Brotherhood Scribe Robes, Oasis Hood) like, everything seems stiff and unnatural. Clothes and hair should naturally fall, as seen in games like Assassin’s Creed (Ezio’s robes) and Metal Gear Solid (Raiden/Snake/basically any character’s hair). Like I said though…really depends on the engine. From what Bethesda describes, what they’re working with seems like it could handle all this and I have the utmost faith in them. I hope they read out comments, because everyone has a good bit to contribute. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Hey bethesda team!

    I’m a great Elder Scrolls fan from Germany, but now to the topic:
    In Morrowind, (besides everything else), I liked the great variety of items, especially the big range of weapons. There have been spears and crossbows.

    In Oblivion, this variety shrinked, which was very negative (although it’s also a great game!). The only way you justified that, was M’aiq the liar (Khajiit) saying something like “you don’t need things like spears”.
    But it’s a pity! It would have been better to put 10 different looking swords with all the same stats plus the ones existing anyway, than reducing the number.

    In Skyrim, I hope the variety of weapons will increase again. Wouldnt it be great to, for example, have spears or battle staffs to hold enemys on distance?

    I really hope developing the new better combat-system won’t have a bad influence on the efforts you take for the weapons on themselves.

    A big number of different weapons is one of the most important things in a RPG, like in “Diablo”, the whole variety of weopons unleashes the addiction to find them and to be glad when you find a new one – doesnt matter if they are just a bit different – better than nothing.

    And if you already thought that way before I wrote, just ignore me ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh yeah, and, i loved the fantasticism in Morrowind, it was the difference to other RPGs. In Oblivion it was only the variety of races (argonians, khajiit) that had anything to do with it.

    But I’m really looking forward for Skyrim!!! ?

  28. If Bethesda could add some items such as crossbow, fighting staff, spear, and any other extra weapons would help making the game much better. Besides that, the weapon power skill need to be changed according to different weapon. I am not so sure about having the same power skill for axe, hammer and sword. It would be best if power skills according to different weapon can be implemented. Perhaps even magic staff can be used for fighting should be fine.

    I would also suggest changing blocking efficiency. Blocking using weapon such as bow and dagger will cause players to take more damage compared to using a sword, hammer and axe. Shield will provide more damage protection compared to blocking using weapons. When stamina drained to a certain level, blocking and attacking will be much slower. When stamina goes to almost zero, attacking and defending become very slow or perhaps even unable to attack or defend. Having a very low hp percentage might cause player to have a blur vision, slow attacking, defending and movement speed and perhaps, bleeding effect which might cause player to succumb to injuries.

    About the magic skill, I would suggest more varieties of magic effect graphic to make the game interesting. Rather than having a hand shooting a fireball or casting magic, other effects may be added. example, the character can be seen hitting the ground when casting an area explosion skill. It can be better if different magic skill might have a rather different time needed to cast. The stronger it is, the longer the casting time. Using AOE skill (for the shooting magic are) to close to the target might cause monsters and including the player within the area getting hit by the magic.

    I would be happy if Bethesda could make more improvements to the gameplay and combat. Until today, I can still feel the excitement when I first started Oblivion. If was an experience that I can never find in other games. I expect a fun and exciting adventures from TES: SKYRIM. I couldn’t wait for 11-11-11 for its release.

  29. ya i was just wondering about the vampires is there going to be any and werwolf to there got to be werwolf’s with the bloodmoon island so close iv never wanted a game so bad in my life