Listen again to “Begin Again”


Since the release of Dead Money in December, we’ve received requests to release an mp3 version of Vera Keyes’ song, “Begin Again.” The track, which you’ll hear while exploring the Sierra Madre Casino, was put together by Obsidian sound designer Justin Bell (music and text setting), creative lead Chris Avellone (lyrics), audio producer Mikey Dowling (lyrics), and art intern Stephanie DeBrule (vocals).

Give it a listen:

[audio:|titles=Begin Again|artists=Justin Bell]

For background on the track, check out the short interview below…

What were some of your inspirations for the song?

Mikey Dowling: For me it was how sorrowful Justin’s music was that inspired the tone of the lyrics. I’m sure he could elaborate more on his end, but in terms of the lyrics, I knew Vera’s story and I knew that Chris had wanted the song to contain the words “begin again,” and “to let go,” somewhere within. I ended up listening to Justin’s song on repeat for a bit and came up with lyrics that I felt would not only capture what Chris had been looking for, but also capture something that could feel as though it would fit in an old Hollywood film.

Justin Bell: Easy – Chopin’s prelude in E minor. I was trying to go for an early 20th century post-romantic sound that fit the period. I didn’t want it to sound too modern, which is why I choose to write the piece on the piano as it’s a timeless instrument. When going for the vocal style, I was thinking Judy Garland — someone with clear diction.

Is this the first time your girlfriend, Stephanie, has sung in an Obsidian game?

Yes it is, actually. She just started here at Obsidian in late July of last year and we found out that she used to do musical theatre when she was younger. When it came time to temp out how the song would work in the game, we turned to Steph. We were so happy with how the song turned out that we wanted to keep it in the game and decided to do a “reverse Disney” and cast someone based on Steph’s singing voice so when the player heard Christine talk in the game, then heard Vera’s song it wouldn’t feel disjointed.

Any plans for a duet?

Ha! Depends on the demands of the product and the time available. Until then, Steph and I will continue to rock random karaoke bars.

Reader Comments

  1. Excellent song, I remember hearing it in the casino as I was cleaning up, picking up dropped gear, exchanging gold for pre-war money… Feeling a tear drop down my eye. It’s things like that, that made my trip through the Mojave Wasteland worth so much, and keeps bringing me back.

    I’m staying there, taking the occasional trip back to the Capital Wasteland, and eagerly awaiting the next Wasteland Adventure!

    And, in the interest of fairness, can we at least get a confirmation that the DLC is only a “Timed” exclusive, and that it will come to PC/PS3, and perhaps a ETA for the next DLC?

  2. When is Dead Money coming to PC!!! Come on, you console-biased sods! I’ve been with Fallout since the beginning, now I can’t play because I’m not ten! (Assuming most console owners are 10)

  3. Its as if the song itself is a living presence standing next to the listener in all its melodic beauty.

    Thank you for this moment to all involved.

  4. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are the most educational RPG’s in the world , and helped me pick the right career. Not to mention that these games aroused in me a want , to listed to good music ,and not the garbage nowadays. Good job Bethsda and Obsidian !!

    Matthew , Romania