RAGE website gets a makeover

Those that visit our RAGE homepage today will notice we’ve revamped the look and feel of the site. Be sure to bookmark the page, as we’ll be adding some nice features between now and the game’s launch (Sept. 13th in North America, Sept. 16th in Europe). And if you’re one of those hip kids, be sure to follow RAGE on the Facebooks and Tweeters.

We’ll also keep you in the loop here at Bethesda Blog. For now, check out the site, enjoy the screenshots above, and check out developer profiles for John Carmack, Tim Willits, and Matt Hooper.

Reader Comments

  1. Anyone else noticed similarities between Fallout 3 and Rage…?
    Rage really looks like next gen improved Fallout 3 without some parts of it’s plot…

  2. Fantastic trailer with tons of action and introduces the game world to the viewer very nicely. Stunning graphics in a very alive environment in and out of combat. It was a dreamlike thrill seeing the Id logo followed by the Bethesda logo.

    Thanks for rush of ADVERTISING!!! YA HA! HA! HA! HAAAAaaaaa…..