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  1. I like these behind-the-scenes videos. It’s interesting to see how you go about your business, and thereby much better than the traditional “here’s some screenshots, go buy the game when it comes out” marketing. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

  2. great little vid and nice to see that they are doing some research on the cultures they use for inspiration. I see two books that are viking related 🙂

  3. I love the explanation of “epic realism”. I think that this is a fantastic design tenet.

    That said, looking at the female bandit armour, I can’t help but worry. I feel that armour design, as much as anything else, should be answerable to that idea of “epic realism”. It makes perfect sense to see a barmaid with a low cut dress or shirt, but I think that few women who chose to get up in the morning, equip their cudgel, and wander out into the cold to steal money from strangers would be doing the whole leather push-up bra thing (and anybody who has taken fencing knows that women need [and want] significantly more protection and padding in the chest/collarbone regions than men do).

    Of course, ideally, there would be multiple options for people who liked and disliked this sort of look (and in my most distant hopes and dreams, a really complex crafting system might someday answer this). I definitely don’t want to strike cleavage from the game altogether – far from it – and I also must acknowledge (gratefully) that Bethesda is far better than most when it comes to this stuff. (and on top of everything, I know I’m reacting to a drawing in the background of a video, rather than a screenshot – experience has made me gun shy). I only don’t want to equip each new piece of light armour to discover that however good it looked on the guy I just killed (these designers do damn good work, after all), on my character it looks like something made for Nordic prom night.

    All that aside, I’m with everyone else in wishing I could cryogenically freeze my body until November, to make the wait more bearable.

  4. I noticed the Frank Frazetta book on the shelf behind Matt on the left side of the video. And I am glad that they are doing what any good concept art team does, use references, tons and tons of refs. I’ve been told a lot by my art instructors in college, before you even start on a project, look at refs, and its a good idea if you are an artist of any kind: especially a Game artist, animator/illustrator, concept artist, to keep a bunch of refs, in any format, image files on computers, books, stuff like that.

  5. Awesome video! The mentioning of a decal system is really exciting because looking at past games there was never THAT level of customizability. Seeing the artists in action is always exciting for me, keep them coming 😀

  6. Ye gads my initial post got lost in the transmission across the ether of the internet wave ripples.

    Amazing room of high art and creativity. Its as if it has a life of its own. An architectural Muse inspiring and guiding those which are sheltered by it and in turn is inspired and fed by their creative energy without either parties draining each other.

    Thank for a glimpse into this magical realm whose face and form changes as new rpg worlds are shaped as clay into magnificent works of art and beauty touching hearts beyond yet so near.