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  1. What about…you know… PC interface? GI just talked about consoles.
    At least tell us if it will be the same on all platforms.

  2. I don’t know… I certanly don’t hope the HUD will be set up like this. The magicka, health and fatigue should be like the way in Oblivion.

  3. I share the concern about the UI and and controls being geared specifically towards consoles. We PC players have had to live with that too much lately, in my opinion. Every new game that comes out has less text, bigger text, radial menus made for use with analog sticks, et cetera, to work well with consoles – usually nerfing a lot of what I’ve always loved about playing games on my computer. Mouse and keyboard, a high definition monitor close to your face – those are truly awesome assets for most kinds of games, but go sadly underused these days.

  4. GI is wrapping up there coverage? *sniffles and crys* I hope they do something great like some new screenshots in a decent scale 😮 ooow showing off the orcs or kajhit would be neat too!

  5. The big flashy menu looks cumbersome and unwieldy for PC, and GameInformer’s only mentioning console controls doesn’t instill me with confidence either.

    Hate to be one of the nay sayers, especially about my most anticipated game, but… that’s a bit worrisome. : \

  6. feedback:
    – there’s no broad view – how do i know where i am in the list?
    – if it’s a very large list, can it be sorted? if i’m wayyyy in to a specialized character, i should be able to hide/demote all the other categories.
    – the currently-selected item needs to have more contrast than just being a little bigger than the rest.
    – the tiny grey bar should have another dimension, such as color. highly-leveled things should have a different bar color than lower-leveled ones.
    – the typeface and bar styles look more like they belong on a space ship than a fantasy game. since the background is space, you’ve gotta try harder to place it in a fantasy aesthetic.
    – does the background parallax-scroll? parallax scrolling is cool!

    +1 for adjustable PC font sizes. these are probably some of the most common mods used for Fallout 3/NV, and probably for Oblivion, too.

    or, heavens, is it too much to even ask for some automatically adjusting code? (one of my mottos for UI dev is “if a web page can do it, we should be able to do it.”) really, of all the things that users clamor for, this probably has the highest correlation between popularity and ease of implementation – as in, it would be foolish to not spend the time to do it since it would make so many people happy.

  7. I have to put forward more concern over how this is going to work on the PC. On the PC, the only thing about the menu system in oblivion that made it cumbersome was the lack of shortcut keys (and that you could only view one at a time. I much preferred Morrowind’s menu system). While I can understand that what has been done will make it easier for people using limited controllers (game pads). For those of us that play on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, how will our experience be with the new menus?

    For instance, Fear 2’s menus were unusable unless you were playing with a game pad. Now, I trust that it wont be that bad, but the two immediate drawbacks I can see for those of use that can handle more complex systems is the limited amount of data we can view at once (Oblivion’s menus had to be modded to show more data to be usable, otherwise you just spent all your time scrolling through massive items), and the amount of time and effort one must spend to get to what they want to view in a menu.

    If I’m in the middle of a battle, or running around between merchants selling things, maybe I want to check my blade (long/short blade/Axe In Morrowind), Destruction or Mercantile skill; In Morrowind this takes one (right click to open the menu) or two (to get to the right page on the character sheet) clicks, which takes all of a few seconds; In Oblivion, I have to click between one (tab to open the menu) and three (to get to the right page) clicks (assuming I’ve modded my menu so I don’t have to scroll a massive distance to find the skill), and I am still only spending a few seconds in the menu. With this system, how much extra time is it going to take to find an item or skill I’m looking for, simply because they are hidden in more menus and all the other items are larger (and thus I have to scroll through more while searching). I can understand that this will make it all easier for more limited controls but it will make it more cumbersome for people with mice.

    Another thing that I might point out is that a lot of Apple’s interface design is mandated by how limited their controls are for their embedded devices. Touch screens only really make use of click and drag (and thus, thankfully, gestures). A lot of Apple’s design choices are in effect not innovative, but necessary logical conclusions based on the limited input. It makes sense to sort things in tree’s when the alternative is scrolling through massive amounts of data. When scrolling becomes less feasible then you spread the data out among more branches, making for an over all easier experience. However, because doing this creates a more complex system, doing it when it scrolling through large data sets is more feasible just hurts usability. Admittedly I haven’t seen iTunes used on a computer (Mac or otherwise) in a while, but when I last did the system was predominately made up of menu’s like Oblivion’s. If any changes have been made, I would guess it was to make a more common interface.

    Perhaps you will get it right with this and it will work brilliantly on a PC, but I am concerned that the interface will have a gimmicky appeal for a couple of hours, then get be cumbersome as I try to use it in the background while playing the rest of the game.

    I do hope you get it to work well.

  8. i stand with jumwa here !

    and its would be nice to see some wood or medal or a scroll something like that 🙂

    ps: sorry for duple post

  9. Different and fantastic yet very intuitive in its natural qualities of ease. Like tapping into a instinctive part of the brain. I also love that the inventory items are going to be fully rendered. As always Bethesda makes change an exciting comfortable situation to look forward for.

  10. Just got my issue of game informer today actually and I’m more excited than ever.

    There is a question nagging at the back of my mind after this article and my magazine now… Both mention there being 85 spells which I guess is still a lot but concerns me a bit as its an oddly specific number. I know enchanting is in the game still but what about spell crafting? I suppose using two different spells at the same time for a combined effect is sort of similar but it’s still not quite the same thing. Doubt you guys can say anything one way or the other and I’ll be content to wait if I must but I’d love to satisfy my curiosity now.

  11. I can’t help but think this just looks like another game that causes inconvenience for PC users for the sake of Console users. When dealing with many items, the list view is the most efficient… notice how Apple makes cover flow type interfaces the standard on devices with limited contro (funny, just like consoles), and when they’re actually trying to get work done on a device with full control (like a keyboard and mouse), they fall right back into the list style format for viewing large amounts of files simultaneously in OSX, in the most efficient way possible.

    As of right now, this is a huge dissapointment. Next thing you know, PC’s won’t be getting an SDK, because it “isn’t fair” for users to get free user created DLC, even though they’ve already paid full ticket price for the game.

    I’m getting sick and tired of this, to be honest. I’ve paid thousands of dollars into game companies trying to support PC gaming, including Bethesda, and all I get in return is a nerfed console interface.

  12. @Sypron Bethesda Game Studios is a division of Bethesda Softworks, which is a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media. Obsidian, iD, etc., are also all under BethSoft.

    fun fact: Jerry Bruckheimer and Cal Ripken, Jr. are on the ZeniMax board of directors.

  13. there are not just pc gamers that love this game you know. we console gamers love the new interface. i’m getting this on 360!
    howard did confirm that he wants this game exactly the same on all platforms even PC so stop complaining about interface. youll get your pc adjustments.

  14. So, instead of being able to see all my stats on the one screen, I’ll now have to scroll left and right to see everything? ?_? Cover flow is a flashy interface, it’s not necessarily more functional.

    I’m sure mapping the menus onto the D-Pad will make things more accessible for console gamers, but please don’t neglect the keyboard on the PC version. We have lots of buttons available. Let me use I to go *straight* to my inventory, J to go directly to the Journal, and so on, without fumbling through hierarchical menus – Oblivion was really annoying because it overloaded F1-F4 like this.

  15. @emilio

    Probably just a random mistake on your part. Obsidian Entertainment is a independent and privately owned company not under the Zenimax banner. And I doubt they want to be bought either. Their willing to work with devs like BGS though apparently.

    Also the menu looks good for consoles and maybe even intuitive but with one pic there’s not much to guess on.

    Hopefully PC players get a tailored experience relating to stuff like this for the platform without having to rely on mods or maybe they might not even use mods. Its important for BGS to make a quality product for all their games. Afterall I think Todd Howard himself wants Bethesda to be associated with amazing content along with the quality tag that goes with dev teams like the Rockstar studios.

  16. This looks stunning, but not too practical. If I’m gonna look up this menu a scroll all the way to the right to check my sneak, then go back to the left to check how long before my athletics levels up, to find out if I should stop running so I don’t level up without getting the last point I need for my +5 agility…

    I guess I just like to have a short list of my skills, to have some overview of what skills I’m leveling up with.

    But this still looks stunning.

  17. We fans are getting tired of the same info getting recycled, yes we know you guys announced that GI would be releasing the info on the internet. But scans have been out since very early January and the GI Skyrim cover issue has been out for a week now and all fans have to do is get their lazy butts up and buy the Skyrim issue at their local Gamestop. We need some NEW INFO. What you are going to keep coming out with the same info a week later? The GI Skyrim issue was a disapointment, it had 6 pages with only a handfull of info, yes screenshots were eyegasmic, but the info. did not answer any of my questions, only small perdictable stuff. Nothing on new Guilds/factions or full detail on the so called “Quest”. Please give us new information or we will blow up in rage. GI is almost done with their coverage thank God, so only one or two more reclcycled information and screenshots from the ussles hub.
    Sorry had to get that off my chest, just a small rant. Also I’m not the only one ranting, many more are mad on the forums due to the same washed up info : (

  18. Also the big ES flaw from Bethesda

    Only a few amounts of info on Skyrim has hit the internet, the big lack and flaws in ES games are the small amount and variation of Creatures/Monsters. You guys only put like 4 to 5 different creatures in your ES games, yes you have undead and typical animals. I hope Skyrim has alot of monsters, all that I saw in my GI issue were Frost Trolls, Ice Wraiths, Mountain Giants, and Spiders. Kinda sad to be honest. Morrowinds monsters were all the same and looked like small T-rexes with down syndrome. Oblivion had Ogres, Trolls, Land Dreaghs, Minotuars, spriggans, Willo’s, and wait thats it. You make a huge world with lots of quest and NPC’s put only a hand full of monsters to kill and discover. TWO WORLDS 2 beats ES with its amount of creatures, it had like 25+ monsters not counting undead and generic animals.

  19. [Jasion Jones wrote on January 30th, 2011

    Also the big ES flaw from Bethesda

    Only a few amounts of info on Skyrim has hit the internet, the big lack and flaws in ES games are the small amount and variation of Creatures/Monsters. You guys only put like 4 to 5 different creatures in your ES games, yes you have undead and typical animals. I hope Skyrim has alot of monsters, Oblivion had Ogres, Trolls, Land Dreaghs, Minotuars, spriggans, Willo’s, and wait thats it. You make a huge world with lots of quest and NPC’s put only a hand full of monsters to kill and discover. ]

    You left out Wraiths,Ghosts,Imps,Goblins,Liches,Skeletons, different Daedra, Atronachs. Then theres the huge variety in THE SHIVERING ISLES expansion and official DLCS like THE KNIGHTS OF THE NINE.

    I think i got plenty of toys to play with 😀 Maybe its the level scaling having them show up only at certain levels that is really bothering you.

  20. Speaking as a PC gamer whose utilizes a flat panel TV as a monitor, I am glad that Bethesda keeps the same UI on all platforms. Oblivion was wonderful to play on my TV precisely because of the “console” UI. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to play PC games on a flat panel TV with a standard-sized “PC interface” that does not support large fonts or even widescreen displays. Not all PC gamers want to sit within two feet of their monitors …

  21. @Jasion Jones that would be great. I was fortunate enough to go to a elementary school in the 1970s which had a huge library full books based on norse and european mythology that showed colorful drawings of horrifying mythological monsters like giant humanoidlike trolls in furs who ate wandering villagers RAW!!! deep in the woods. Flying serpents who nested atop huge insanity freezing ice capped mountains. Buetiful women half hiding behind fallen trees luring men closer til the grim truth was revealed they were really half women half worm monsters who would tear apart their male victims and feast on their corpse. Then there were the wee little big headed folk who werent so nice kidnapping babies and making stew out of them in some big boiling pot.

    And to think such treasures were available right there in the school library for a curious eight year old to explore and get lost in. So yes Jasion Jones there can always be more monsters but one always has too watchout for too much of a good thing unbalancing the game world just like with feature creep drowning the game mechanics with tedious actions best left to the player exercising their imagination like when i eat at certain hours in the game instead of using a food mod to tell me when am hungry or use the bribe dialogue function to give a money tip instead of actually bribing the player eventhough the game may consider it bribing. Fortunately i suffer no consequences from doing this.

    I think Bethesda has done a great job even if the monsters do seem to hide from the player alot unlike in TES 2 DAGGERFALL where they were coming out of the wood work left and right. It worked there and didnt feel unnatural due to the huge vastness of the game world.

  22. What happened to making an interface where all the useful information was displayed at once? Not only is this menu screen dominated by uninformative pictures of constellations, but it doesn’t even show all of my skills at the same time!

    PLEASE consider making an entirely different interface for the PC version. We’re sick of the compromises. Would it be too much to ask for hot keys, click-and-drag, and appropriately sized icons and fonts?