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  1. what about other methods of travel such as on boats or ships? you couldn’t do that in the other game. but would be awesome in this game.

  2. My main question I hope gets addressed (I asked over at GI when they put that article up) is will we be able to see our lower bodies in first person finally. That’s always seriously bothered me in Elder Scrolls games (and fallout 3/NV) you take it for granted in every other game until it’s not there.

  3. Todd Howard – Apple Inc. is growing very rapidly. Please acknowledge the Macintosh platform and publish games for it!


    Please add a simple multiplayer component! I would love to say, “smash my brothers face in the colosseum.

  4. When working on the Elder Scrolls, what inspirations do the folks at Bethesda take? There must be tons of influences on the writers, artists, and developers that craft and shape the mold of the game.

  5. Oh yeah, Magic…Do you have any plans on expanding elements of destruction spells? In Oblivion we had frost, thunder fire…I am hoping to see ground and air spells…

  6. Here’s a question that I have yet to see posted anywhere

    In previous ES games, there was no incentive to continue using Elven Armor as soon as Glass Armor was available. Will Skyrim incorporate ways to make low-level or mid-level armor useful at higher level or higher difficulties, as it will with daggers? For example, will leather armor benefit stealth classes more-so than Elvin armor, or will steel armor provide mobility benefits/perks than heavier Daedric armor would?

    It would be nice to see armor that suits or benefits different play-styles.

  7. There are suggestions that some form of internet connection is required to authenticate the game before being able to play — is this a necessary requirement (ie, no alternatives), as there are areas of the world that have poor/limited connections, which means the game (along with Civ V) would be little more than a cup coaster.
    Even a delayed non-internet version would be appreciated.
    (Antiquated techophobe)

    Impressions from interviews show careful thought and consideration to gameplay.

  8. will every enemy in skyrim level up as you level up, like in oblivion? thats actually one of the main reasons I like fallout more than oblivion, because in fallout all enemies stay at the same level of difficulty during your level progression, while there are territories that keeps stronger enemies (such as the deathclaw) that are more fit for a certain level.

    and btw, are you going to release dead money to steam? or any other platform for that matter.

  9. Is it true, that you can only initiate a conversation with the important characters, and others will simply comment on things when approached? Will there be nameless NPCs (like Solitude Citizen)?

    Yeah, and what’s about spellmaking, and birthsigns?

  10. Not as much level scaling please, in Oblivion you didnt have to play in god mode to be uber, just be a noob and you can still pwn everything that stands in your way.

  11. If your map and attributes page require either looking up at the star’s, or zooming out and roaming from a bird’s eye view, what will happen when you are in a dungeon or other interior cell?

  12. @Gstaff don’t you realize on the internet everyone’s attention span is about 2 seconds? They never made it to the final sentence of “post in the comments section at *here*”


  13. will there be more variety in the items compared to Oblivion? I was more impressed with Morrowinds variety, I seemed to hardly find the same thing twice. However, in Oblivion, you could have all seen all the weapons in the game by the time you were level 5.

  14. gstaff wrote on February 1st, 2011

    Remember to post your questions at Game Informer… he’s not answering the questions posted here.
    Thats a damn shame dude

  15. My question is…can you clearly say that you will relese a GOTY addition for fallout new vegas and for the pc?and if you do…when will it be relesed?…………….

    answer me plz!!

  16. Tom — keep in mind Todd Howard and his team have nothing to do with Fallout: New Vegas’ release — that was developed by Obsidian.

    We have no announced plans for a GOTY edition. If that changes, we’d let everyone know.

  17. Law and punishemnt in Skyrim – how will it be experienced for the player?

    We remember from Arena (or was it daggerfall) that the player could try debate og lie in court as a defensive stance when accused for a crime. In Oblivion one could pay the fine and go free, or be sent to prison and eventually sneak out.
    The twist in Shivering isles was to be locked up in a dungeon and released for the crime if one could get out alive.

    So, there are different outcomes here.

    Any chance that Todd could leave a comment on the principle of law and punishment in Skyrim?

    thanks alot! Can’t wait for the release 🙂

    cheers from Norway

  18. Is there going to be a new fallout game and if there is I want it to be online multiplayer because I got friends that need help an best way to do stats and weapon and armor locations in the game I need to know if u can make this possible

  19. gstaff: “Remember to post your questions at Game Informer… he’s not answering the questions posted here.” HELLO! EVERYONE GO TO GAMEINFORMER TO POST YOUR QUESTIONS, READ AND STOP BEING AN ADHD 12 YEAR OLD.

  20. I have been a fan of the series since Morrowind, with Oblivion and Morrowind being my favorite games of all time. Here are some questions I found important Todd.
    1. Will there actually be 80 UNIQUE spells in the game? Not counting each spells’ on-self, on-target spells, and on-touch versions that is. (Ex. unlock door only counts as one spell [not all versions])
    2. How varying will the landscapes be, will dungeons be more unique and if so, how many types of unique dungeons will there be? (Ayleid ruins? Forts? Mines?)
    3. How dynamic exactly will the snowfall be? Does it just look more realistic or does it actually accumulate in real time?
    4. Will there be more different types of armor in Skyrim? Possibly some that aren’t the usual iron, steel, leather, mithril, glass etc.?
    5. Will you revert back to some things that were succesful in Morrowind that weren’t so successful in Oblivion? Such as more items, quests, and less helpful quest tracking?
    6. Is the game going to be harder than Oblivion? Is it going to be harder than Morrowind?
    7. What has been the most difficult thing to implement into Skyrim?
    8.Will there be werewolves in Skyrim?
    9. Will the events of the Infernal City and/or the new book be mentioned or even built upon in Skyrim?
    10. What are you most proud of that’s been put into or will be put into Skyrim?
    Extra: What race and class is your favorite?

  21. My Question is about Magic and how the environment reacts to the player

    Would be cool to know if/how Magic will react to the environment and NPC’s for example can you set light to a tree of a bush

    -would be awesome if you could freeze someone and then for a killing blow smash them into tiny bits with your sword.

    -light a camp fire with a fireball or set some annoying NPC’s hair on fire 😀

  22. Will Skyrim offer “difficulty modes” or “game modes”?

    For many of us, Oblivion and Skyrim play too much like “Unreal tournament” – i.e. level up quickly by quickly (and easily) killing an endless swarm of monsters in rapid succession.

    Rather than trying to design on “game pace” to suit everyone, (or forcing the mod community to fix the realism afterward), could you simply offer two or 3 different modes in the game? e.g. Normal mode and Realism Mode. or Easy | Normal | Expert?

    The Realism | Expert Mode would alter the following game aspects:

    – Fewer monster encounters (necessary due to above = increased realism)
    – A more varied difficulty of encounters (monster difficulty is not perfectly matched to player – i.e. not every monster can be defeated)
    – Higher fatigue (forces more defense = battles last longer = better battles)
    – weapons more deadly (fewer battles so higher chance of death)
    – slower-paced combat (slower, more realistic sword swing)

    We understand that game companies must supply an endless spawn of monsters at high frequency and allow players to kill them with ease in order to satisfy gamer obsession with “LEVELING”, however, this hyper-paced, unchallenging repetition compromises the enjoyment of many of us.

    Optionally (preferably), could you provide several player-adjustable variables:

    GAME SETTING 1: “Combat Deadliness”
    Alters damage delivered, damage defended

    GAME SETTING 2: “Combat fatigue”
    Increases or decreases overall weight and fatigue while in combat.

    GAME SETTING 3: “Combat speed”
    Increases or decreases the speed of melee attacks. (Let players speed up combat for convenience or choose to play at a more realistic and enjoyable speed)

    GAME SETTING 4: “Combat Physics”
    Increases or decreases the effect of “stunning”, imbalancing, and knockback of melee attacks in combat.

    GAME SETTING 2: “Variance in Difficulty of Monsters Encountered”
    In vanilla Oblivion, 5th level characters always encounter 5th level monsters. An adjustable slider or game setting would expand or narrow the gap in variance between the player’s level and the level of the creatures encountered.

    Easy = 1st level character never encounters anything harder than a Kobold i.e. Player can ALWAY win
    Medium = 1st level sometimes encounters orcs (Player might die)
    Expert = 1st level sometimes encounters a minotaur (Player cannot always win… RUN AWAY!)

    Thanks for your time!

  23. I’d like to talk about music athmosphere. Would you go for making environmental music like Daggerfall? I mean, music for when it snows, music for when it’s night time etc. instead of music for cities, music for outsides, music for dungeons? Or maybe a mix of both?

    And also, don’t you think that combat music kinda ruins the creepy athmosphere when in dungeons?
    I remember in Daggerfall almost having a stroke when I turn around and a skeleton who was right behind me jumps right to my crying face!
    Don’t you think leaving combat music only for real epic fights (like dragons or very powerful ennemies), and special events would suit better?

    PS: could you bring back “snowing” track from Daggerfall please? This tune is just sublime.

  24. Could you consider a few changes to how magic operates?

    1. Allow the player to delete a spell they no longer want.
    2. Allow magic skill ranks to do more than unlock the next tier of spells (e.g. make spells less expensive to cast or the more powerful)
    3. Allow for continuous spells (i.e. the affect remains constant along with a concurrent drain on mana)
    4. Allow for aura spells (e.g. heal friends near the caster, debuff critters near the caster)
    5. Allow for multiple summons, perhaps each working as a continuous spell described above

  25. hi

    just writing in to ask why dosn’t bethesda use mods like :wolven anthros, shadowcrest wineyard and many more that lie on because all they really are is what people think the game is missing for example i have over 2000 mods instaled on elder scrolls 4 wich add an entire new veiw of the oblivion.

    bethesda rocks and keep up the legendary work

  26. Will Skyrim have werewolves like Morrowind? I was pissed that Oblivion never werewolves. If you have Vampires in the game you need to have Werewolves. If you do have them in the game you should be able to change at will after so many forced moon changes. Just a thought.

  27. All I wanted to know is if there is going to be first person body awareness (like in Crysis and some buggy oblivion mods). Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

  28. i would love to know if you are making and elder scrolls v if so do you have and idea when it will be completed/relesed. i realy like III and IV

  29. never mind about my question i found my awnser down in the othere comments still need to know release date, and if possible add stronger enamies i dont like killing everything without a challange thank you for your time

  30. Please tell me that Skyrim will have werewolves. I have played all of the Elder Scrolls games and have to say that Morrowind was the best, due to the fact that it had the bloodmoon expansion. Werewolves are now a big part of The Elder Scrolls saga and was left out of Oblivion. Oblivion was still a good game asnd i bought it for the 360 and pc but was very disappointed that there were no werewolves. With the graphics that games had the wolves would have looked sick. All in all The Elder Scrolls games are the best games ever my personal favorites and would love to see werewolves in the game. Oh and the trailer at E3 made my fiance and I scream so loud that the neighbors called the cops because they thought we were in troubled. You guys are the best.

    Sincerely, Josh

  31. Sir,
    Will Skyrim feature Vampires (and possibly Werewolves)? Also, if you manage to break out of jail, will your bounty slowly go away after time? Or will you become a wanted criminal with guards constantly chasing you down at unrealistic speeds until you pay off your debt? How about the Dark Brotherhood? Or a Skyrim equivalent?
    Thank you,