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  1. Yeah, make a movie, just make sure it doesn’t suck like (almost) every other movie based on a game. I’d like to see the movie that has the same inspirations as Fallout 3. Namely The Road.

  2. Hire these guys or fund them, they are great! Hollywood itself could do to have a few more people with this some kind of talent and vision.

  3. @william — typically, we find this stuff to be pretty cool. In a way, it’s similar to looking at folks mod our games — whether it’s small stuff or a huge mod like Nehrim.

  4. The only complaint I have about that video is the ghoul didn’t have a gutteral sounding voice.. it’s not even hard to do.. i do it all the time in parties on 360.. I can even sound like a Super Mutant…

  5. Beth, maybe you should ask the film team to see if you can get Vault 10 and Twig as canon of the Fallout universe. I just love the concept.

  6. Hey Bethblog!

    Thanks for the post and thanks for the kind comments everyone. It was awesome directing with Zack and working with everyone on such a fun project. To get the opportunity for Twig, Scar, Ben and our fan film’s contents to be somewhere in a new Fallout game would be incredibly flattering and awesome — and Zack would agree, since that’s been on our minds from day one.

    Best part is, our actors are SO ready to go for voice acting! Hah.

    PS. Thanks again for not suing us. 😉

  7. Being a huge Fallout fan i agree that you guys did a great job and should make more.That was top notch quality. I hope to see more in the future

  8. Bethesda should help these guys out. they got potential. they were asking for funding help…..why not mister big pocket bethesda? 🙂