News Roundup, Part 1: Brink, New Vegas


It’s been awhile since our last “Around the Web” update. So long that when I was compiling it, the beast grew a second head. Up first, we conquer news on Brink and Fallout: New Vegas.

Back in December,’s Techland writer, Evan Narcisse, visited Splash Damage and posted a quick-look preview and interview with Richard Ham and Paul Wedgwood. This week Evan’s back with two more interviews — one with lead writer Ed Stern and another with lead artist Olivier Leonardi. Both interviews feature concept art and new screenshots (like the Predator-esque image above).

Here’s a quick snippet of Evan’s interview with Mr. Stern…

There seems to be a lot of sociological commentary churning in the game’s environment and story. Where did you go for inspiration for that?

We want Brink to be sticky: both to draw players in and keep them imaginatively engaged, even when they’re not playing. The test of any character or scenario is whether it lives on in your imagination even after you’ve stopped playing the game, so we wanted to incorporate real world thematic content into the storylines for Brink for players to become engaged.

After the break, we’ve got more coverage on Brink — plus updates for New Vegas.

Brink Coverage

  • Shacknews‘ Alice O’Connor includes Brink in her list of games she can’t wait to play this year.
  • Gamer’s Guide to Life offers a new preview for Brink based upon their experience at the Eurogamer Expo.
  • Gaming Phanatic features a lengthy interview with Brink’s lead designer, Neil Alphonso.
  • CVG asks if Brink is 2011’s classiest FPS.
  • Senior designer Ed Stern catches up with GameReactor to discuss the game’s premise, gameplay, and more.
  • At Splash Damage’s official site, there’s a news item on all the “Best of 2011″ lists Brink has been a part of.”

Fallout: New Vegas Coverage

  • The team at Obsidian received a Best Writing nomination for this year’s Game Developer Choice Awards. Congrats!!
  • GameBanshee named New Vegas their Best RPG of 2010.
  • RPGFan recently named New Vegas their PC RPG of the Year.
  • The Escapist calls Dead Money a “near-perfect expansion.” Elsewhere, they included New Vegas as one of their nominees for 2010 GOTY.
  • New Game Network awarded Fallout: New Vegas best Best Roleplaying and Best Singleplayer game.
  • The Wall Street Journal names FNV one of the Unsung Videogame Heroes for 2010.
  • Game Informer’s February issue features New Vegas as one of the Top 50 games of 2010.
  • GameTactics rates Dead Money an 8/10, calling it “a nice diversion from the norm.”
  • Project Director Josh Sawyer looks back on developing New Vegas in a new interview at NeoCrisis.
  • Several staff members from AusGamers include Fallout: New Vegas in their top 5 list for 2010 games. New Vegas is also was the runner-up in their readers’ choice vote for Best RPG of 2010.
  • BangClickReload ranks the game as one of their 5 favorites in 2010.
  • MMGN places New Vegas in their Top 10 PS3 games of 2010.

For news on RAGE and Hunted, continue reading here.

Reader Comments

  1. i can’t hit anything with the BAR, either, because i don’t have Dead Money.

    seriously, the holidays are over… i hope the Xbox exclusivity ends soon. it sucks that we’re probably in some contractually-obligated period of not even acknowledging that the DLC will be out for Win/PS3.

    but, BethSoft folks… i hope you’re getting a pretty penny for that exclusivity. it doesn’t really do anything to help the Xbox – no one is going to choose wether to buy a console based on some DLC – and only harms you by annoying fans.