News Roundup, Pt. 2: RAGE and Hunted


Hot off the heels of releasing new screenshots at, Gamespot features five new screens in their Most Anticipated of 2011 feature. Check out the feature here.

For more on RAGE, check out these links.

After the break, we’ve got Hunted news, a new interview with Pete Hines, and more…

Hunted Coverage

  • At SPOnG, there’s a feature looking ahead to new franchises releasing in 2011. In it, they describe Hunted’s world as “stunning.” In addition to Hunted, both RAGE and Brink are featured.
  • inXile president Matt Findley discusses Hunted’s focus on co-op gameplay with PS3 Attitude.

In other news

That’s all the news this time around. For updates on Brink and New Vegas, read here.

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