Skyrim fan Q&A podcast now on Game Informer


Your burning Skyrim questions were taken, and now they have been cooly answered.

Game Informer today posted the results of their fan Q&A session with Todd Howard in the form of a nearly-hour long podcast. Topics ranging from mounted travel to level caps were covered at length.

Head over to Game Informer to give the episode a listen. And don’t forget to check out the past few weeks of Skyrim content conveniently rounded up on the Skyrim Hub.

Reader Comments

  1. Good podcast. It’s not surprising a lot of questions weren’t answered/touched on. They have to keep raising hype and burning questions lingering for the coming months. It helps keep Skyrim in the flow. Mindshare basically.

    Also Indalus I imagine it’s the over a minute long bite of a theme we haven’t heard at the end of the podcast.

    More of a treat for large fans of the series and composer.

  2. A little sad that there was not a straight answer on the Werewolf question : ( I was really hoping for a big YES! I really hope you guys make werewolfs into the game or any other were creature. I also hope for Vampires.

  3. Oscar Palmér: I’m not talking about conventional multiplayer. I’m talking about battle! I’m talking about arena style combat in which I could devastate you with my might & magic. I’m not talking about MMO, co-op player, or exploring together. A colosseum is in the lore, therefore it should be in the game! I want to fight for rank and prize against the weak and powerful! I don’t want it to be involved with the world. I want a nice match making GUI at the local arena in the major cities! I want to spawn in the arena and smash my buddies faces in, or get wrecked by more powerful(skilled) players!

  4. As scared as I was originally about all the streamlining of skills, magic schools and now classes… I really am looking forward to this.

    Thanks for announcing the Mod Kit and thanks for keeping the starting point as a prisoner. I really enjoy the instant inner roleplaying that it creates.

  5. Jeff: I can understand an Arena-type of multiplayer, but I’m still fairly certain that it’d break the game. In an RPG where multiplayer is already present, e.g. WoW, PvP is supposed to be in, but in games like TES which are built as singleplayer games then it’d take a big effort to make it seamless and not feel weird.
    I apologize for rambling.

  6. Oscar Palmér: I see your point. But after playing Oblivion/Morrowind and completing all there is to do, I found them collecting dust on my game shelf weeks after there release. If the radiant story system can provide endless hours of questing, than I could go without a multiplayer arena. But it appears that this is untrue, the radiant story system is not endless. Therefore I do not find it difficult for a company who published Brink to add a simple Arena styled component to the game. This would keep players playing Skyrim and allow money to flow to Bethesda/Zanimax…

    Sorry for my rambles, I enjoy the series and I am serious about my comments.

    I do not believe this small component would break this game. It will not have any attachment to the main game(the focus). It could simply be a choice in the start menu! Have you ever played mount and blade? I want a Skyrim online “ARENA!”

  7. While I’d like that in a considered way Jeff, Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t exactly have experience with it. Bethesda Softworks publishing Brink or Rage doesn’t give any merit either.

    While it’s doable and so is something like co-op it’s difficult to be done in a good way unless the game’s centered around it or it’s been a staple foundation straight from pre production.

    Plus what fans of series like TES want is a breakthrough and benchmark single player experience. This can’t be done at the same time as that due to budget and dev constraints realistically. One or the other suffers by current models.

    While it can be put as a niche feature all it is, is a component hampering the name and franchise when there’s others out who do it better.

    While not an arena the Demon’s Souls is adept to such and so will Dark Souls and they don’t have to worry about how things like armor, bugs, putting two people in the same word, etc. Plays out. The title fills such things.

    And then I have to say. If the single player offerings that is one of the highest, if not the longest and most fulfilling of present day companies that Bethesda puts out doesn’t fill you how will an arena?

    Not trying to mock, just saying. It’s a good idea in theory but realisticly doesn’t work out. Too much compromise.

    There’s enough titles to fill the niche, too less of open worlds with quality like Bethesda fill. I’ll stick to the bang for your buck single player experience they provide. Plus, their good at it(Other than declining story telling and writing skils.)

  8. Thank you guys sooo much! .. Glad to hear your not wasting time on spears and dragon mounts when it can be used on refining existing combat and radiant AI ^__^

  9. “I have been promised 7000 steps and I am gonna count them” (Todd Howard)

    hehe you know your fans are pedantic 🙂

  10. Treyster: I understand new things may be difficult, like the baby steps of a child, this is how companies grow.

    I also believe Bethesda is aware of mods that attempt to allow players to play together “live.”

    Everyone Else:

    Specifically both Morrowind and Oblivion had honest multiplayer mod attempts. Multiplayer has become a lasting experience with most fans of popular video games. In my opinion a video game is worth more if it can have an awesome thrill and a multiplayer mini game. For example Bioshock 2 has an amazing main feature and a multiplayer experience (can exclude parts of the main feature) If this isnt a clear sign to Bethesda I would be crestfallen to not see Bethesda grow up into a “Blizzard” scale company any time soon.


    If you can not meet this goal, at least give modders the support to assemble efficient online functionality.

    Goodbye, bethblog!


  11. Fantastic and very revealing Q&A interview. Sounds like SKYRIM is gonna be alot like DAGGERFALL in its sense of skill progression. Magic also looks like its gonna have that mysterious creepy forbidden feel like in DAGGERFALL. Glad to see many spell schools merged into others which makes more sense considering how they seemed to belong together in the first place. Will be looking forward to checking out the new random face generator. The dynamic quests mixed in with non-dynamic ones soounds great! Always loved playing STARCRAFT or SUPREME COMMANDER and another mission objective popped out of nowhere during the main missions.

    Thanks for the fabulous info.