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  1. I like the way everyone is some kind of ugly musclebound midget with no iris or pupils straining to pass a 1 meter gallstone and a 14-couric turd at the same time.

    Seriously, this isn’t worth a blog post.

  2. haha veronica and her dress haha. i gave her 3 dresses in the bloody game and she still wouldnt shut up bout it. one from SM is a great fit for her.

    awesome picture

  3. the best the enclave soldier looking to BoS (and a lot more sure)…

    but i dont know >:( who is the guy at left of Chance….money money…buf…

    ps: now i saw Bright xD is so cute with the rocket

  4. @herpaderp – Really? So you can do better? Can we see your art work? This type of art may not be your thing, and doesn’t fit everybody’s taste, but it obviously took a ton of time and talent, yes that is right…TALENT.
    Since you don’t think this is worthy of a blog post, what makes you think your post was worthy?
    I am so tired of the snarky, nasty, jealous posts from insecure people like you.
    White Lotus is very talented and I for one love it!

  5. Gah, wish there was an edit function.

    Arcade wrote on February 4th, 2011
    “Hey, where is arcade?”

    Okay, see Boone? The two to the left and right of him are the companion NPCs that use the NPC Human skeleton rig (IE: not counting Lily). Leftward are Cass and Veronica (with her bluidy dresses =P ). To the right are Raul and Arcade.

    Who’s the dude under the Mysterious Stranger? Stranger is on the left side and mirrors the positioning of Miss Fortune on the right.. The dude under Stranger has metal armor and appears to be going bonkers over… popcorn or something? Idunno, he’s not ringing any bells.

  6. This is Amazingly talented and painstakingly done art work. thumbs up White Lotus.

    >btw the guy next to chance is little buster, the bounty hunter obsessed with pay<

    my favorite, just like danijocker90, is the Enclave Remnent over the BoS paladins. The Enclave is superior no doubt about it, but the player (aka chosen one, the courior) is the the force and determining factor behind their downfall. even elder lyons said that the enclave was superior in fire power, tactics, and equipment, but the had an ace. liberty prime and the courior. but in broken steel, liberty was destroyed by an orbital strike, leaving the player to do the grunt work. now imagine this, what if the enclave got thier hands on the Archemedies II project?

  7. @S4M218

    Well, there is very little or no link between the east Coast BOS(White knights of the wasteland, Outcasts are the ones to be following the ideals of the BOS) and the BOS of the core region(salvaging tech and isolating themselves)… Same goes with the Enclave, I mean, why would they expose their 200 year cover as a “Shadow behind it all” for a water purifier?

    Anyways, neat picture.