Reader Comments

  1. LoooooooL that was funny! The tauren looks like he’s clueless!
    And the final scene may be a hidden suggestion for Skyrim to implement climbing!

  2. Uh kinda

    Epic fan trailer of praise indeed and great animation work. Thanks for the potent adoration 😀

  3. xD its funny cause I played every one of those games and when I heard about skyrim I had the exact same reaction! I’m no longer your fool albion!! hehehe

  4. When I saw the teaser for the first time I squealed so loud I frightened my husband haha. Then I got very worked up over it. I already started making plans about why my character is like O_o I even made him in TESO

  5. That is my reaction to every new bit of information about Skyrim, along with a big FINALLY from waiting so long for a new Elder Scrolls. Fallout is awesome but it just does not compare with Elder Scrolls. I’m going to have a heart attack just waiting for the installation to be done when this comes out!

  6. Does anyone else reckon that a reference to this video deserves to be put into the actual game. (Pop Culture Reference shirt FTW!!!)

  7. Definitely felt like this, ha! Especially the part about ‘other crap filling the gap’ – I feel like I’ve been biding my time with other fantasy RPGs since Oblivion, wishing they were TES the whole time.

  8. This was my reaction cept I’m a girl :p My only disagreement is that im as much a fan of fallout as I am of TES :p

    My selling points to my older female swedish friend: ‘It has cat people and kind-of vikings!’ she responded ‘Well I like cats and vikings!’ *High Five*

    1 extra copy sold! better not let us down on the Khajiit’s :3