Dead Money coming to PS3 & PC, more content on the way


This morning we’ve announced that Dead Money, the first game add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, is coming to PlayStation 3 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam and Direct2Drive) on Tuesday, February 22nd. Additionally, we will be releasing three additional add-on packs in the coming months. These packs will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

More details to come.

Reader Comments

  1. @CrimsonPhoenix

    you had the option to explore when you had trapped or confronted Elijah in the vault because your collar had came off and you could go where ever

  2. Yea im with everyone else here, even though I am a 360 owner I still believe that you should make the dlc 3rd party always. I was afraid that the next add on was going to be exclusive to ps3. and I look at it from a ps3 owners point of view and I would be really pissed off to. Still dead money was hard as crap. I would say that it was the hardest out of all the fallout dlc. Keep making them this hard. It keeps us going.

  3. If anything you should stop worrying about the exclusive dlc deal and stop ending the game and not letting us continue. Do you know how much stuff I have got left to do, but I guess I will do what I did in fallout 3 and just load the end of the game and just ignore the final mission. I guess we will have to wait for “broken vegas”.

  4. When is the new DLC coming I have stopped playing New Vegas due to boredom and not being able to continue after main story I find this frustrating if all future projects are to follow this suite you will loose a purchase its ridiculous that you have something so fantastic but then close it off to everyone. so fed up!

  5. As far as it goes for PC gamers … this add on is a little late. Ecspecially when considering some phenomenal modders done put out add ons like (World of Pain) on Fallout Nexus. Maybe you all should hire some or delegate out a guy who puts out bits of add ons and extra equipment, quests, ect. Every month.

  6. I have a 360 and I don’t like the exclusive launch anymore than the pc or ps2 gamers cuz then I just gotta wait longer for more im on my 3 rd playthrough and still lovin it. Keep it golden.

  7. I am enjoying Dead Money tremendously, but I worry about what happens when it ends. I have already finished by second go-through of New Vegas, and frankly, I want more exploring to do. I would add that the “barely getting by” approach to Dead Money has brought much needed challenge to the game. Tks.

  8. what are the names for the New DLC’s and when are they being released – hopefully they include
    Area 51, The Big Empty, and What happens after u save vegas

  9. I think it’s a shame that it all, for some reason(?), has to come through Steam. I remember the good old days when you could just buy software the traditional way without itunes-esque companies wrapping choke chains around the gaming industry. I bet that soon video games shops will become a rarity: It will all be through digital download and it will all be through Steam. Whatever happened to the “free market.”


  10. Really loved Dead Money guys! Been playing VH/Hardcore on my second playthrough, and Dead Money totally kicked my ass. Enjoyed every death-defying moment. Felt like the first time I ran into geckos in FO2, like I was truly outmatched, and I’m only getting through if I don’t crap out.

  11. Yall i finished dead money it was kina a let down what sucked was u got the five extra levels but u only level up when ur in the casino when u leave u dont level up anymore im like level 33 1/2 not gunna reach 35 n im hopin the big guys make a new game like a 2nd part to new vegas as like a contined ga me after the hoover dam were u can load data from new vegas to the new game like u can in the dbz games course u wont have ur followers like lilly rex or raul but u can keep ur level n all ur equipment if thats possible n possible vehicles like dirtbikes motorcycles fourweelers planes trucks maby animals like horses n brahmin u can ride or use as pack animals maby a cyber horse

  12. What would really set things off with a bang to me would ing able to go to other planets such as mars or owning a hotel motel or a casino n makin money from it sure free roam is good n all or if u could be like the king or any of the crime bosses n have ur own clan me personally i loved new vegas i hated the end tho it says to me sequal

  13. I have to admit, I’ve only just bought NV, due to being in Japan,( yes earthquakes are mint but a b**ch) and i loved it even more so than FO3, but the bugs are a bit of a “turn off”, in a sense that once you experience your first one, it makes you not want to play it and play on the wonderfully hacked MW2(sarcasm used). The DLC’s… well I think everyone has been waiting for them, but I’m sure what everyone would prefer is
    1: A fix for the chronic irritable bug/glitch problem
    2: To be able to carry on playing the game once completed.
    These both make the game less…. “fallout…ee”. I’ve been playing on NV none stop for the past 3 days and once again, i still haven’t managed to find every location on the map. Hence why most amid RPG players enjoy playing on Fallout. But i have to say, (this is aimed at everyone) if you save before every mayor mission and before your 5th side mission, the bugs do tend to lessen the effect on your game play. Just a thought.
    Many thanks,
    Blackbox3000 (PSN ID)

  14. At last, I have finished NV, level 35, unique weapons equipped, Veronica as my follower (yeah I’m a women in the game) and I have to admit, it says to me “sequel”. It would be good if you owned a casino, or a motel. Something in which you make money selling/buying goods, black market, helping people, the list is endless. The one thing that would be super cool is if you were able to have more than one follower, not like have a full army of night stalkers and that, I mean having say, Boone, Raul, Lily, all with you, more luggage space, more weapons you can sell, so on and so forth. Dead money is good, slightly creepy when playing it at 3am, and that the ending to the DLC, reminded me of the SAW films. “Work together to stay alive, complete tasks yada yada yada” it didn’t feel as though you put your full 100% into it. Instead of a separate DLC like dead money, try having like “add ons”. New weapons, or a new part of the map. Because once you’ve completed the game, you can get the “add on” and start from your last saved data, and explore the new areas or whatever, just a thought. Personally id try asking players what they want. Makes sense plus you need to keep up with the FO traditions lol.
    This has been Blackbox3000,

  15. ya this is bolonie(cant spell today :()it doesnt even work on xbox they need to update it when u get all 3 compainions u cant move on and if u get the caches to play on xbox live with it u cant go in the bunker so either way its a loss loss if u dont get the caches u r stuck with 3 companions if u do u cant even get in the bunker to play dead money good job on screwing xbox 360 over bethesda

  16. after traping elijah in the vault im over encumbered and when i try to go to the Mojave wasteland my xbox 360 turns a to a black screen and freezes whats up with this man

  17. @james.
    Don’t trap him. In order to get further, you cant complete that certain mission.
    I don’t know why but for some reason its not letting anyone complete that mission. Its saying your over encumbered because the system doesn’t seem to recognise the game play. It did that with me about seven times to the point where i just refused to complete that mission, instead I got rid of Veronica and parted ways. Yes admittedly i haven’t completed the game 100% due to not being able to complete that mission, but at least I’m not looking at a blank screen wondering weather or not i’ve finally broken the PS3 lol.
    This has been Blackbox3000

  18. P.S – if you thought FONV was “Laggy” try L.A Noire.
    2 hours in and its turned into a broken record player 🙂

  19. Yeah so not to hurt anyones feelings… Ohh but i guess i dont care. First us xbox 360 guys get the dlc first… BECAUSE WE PAY 4 OUR ONLINE EXPERIENCE! Make as much fun of that as you like but i will have the final laugh when the ps3 network gets hacked… Oh yeah that already happened. Ha my bad. Thats why we pay so microsoft can update the software. And we dont get stuck with software so bad that it gets hacked by 4 year olds. ne ways enough talking to the whiners about why we should get it first… The new dlc is great as always… Thank you bethesda.

  20. I downloaded the following add-ons from Playstation Store: Old World Blues, Honest Hearts and Dead Money. I have the Collector’s Edition of the game and on the spline of the game jacket itself it reads BLUS 30500. The add-ons downloaded ok and even installed according to the PS3. But when I open the game and scroll down to “Downloadable Content” I get nothing. I am unable to get add-ons to work with my PS3 Fallout New Vegas. Please help.