Dead Money coming to PS3 & PC, more content on the way


This morning we’ve announced that Dead Money, the first game add-on for Fallout: New Vegas, is coming to PlayStation 3 (via PSN) and PC (via Steam and Direct2Drive) on Tuesday, February 22nd. Additionally, we will be releasing three additional add-on packs in the coming months. These packs will launch simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

More details to come.

Reader Comments

  1. dead money was okay but it left me wanting more. i hope the next one is a bit more expansive than the last, other than that it was good

  2. I have an idea. How about you fix the game first.

    Dead Money absolutely ruined my whole experience with fallout new vegas (which was already crippled with the bugs and freezing). The game black screens and freezes my xbox every single time I try to return to the mojave from the DLC area. Just a tad bit game breaking and a waste of time and money.

    After dead money ruined my game, I don’t think I will be buying anymore DLC till I know its not broken. I think your time and resources would be better spent fixing the game rather than throwing more broken garbage on top of it. Then again, how much money would you make off of that? Silly me.

    I’ll be waiting for Skyrim.

  3. Hope you guys have paid attention to the feedback this time around: gamers don’t like exclusives.

    Very much looking forward to this DLC and the other 3 upcoming DLCs.

  4. Been Waiting for this, but last Wednesday when i wanted to reinstall New Vegas (after having bought a new HDD) i couldn’t find it.
    I’ve searched my whole house.
    Now i have to buy me a new one 🙁

    p.s. i was very sad when i couldn’t buy the special edition for PC. (Only for X-Box or Playstation)
    What’s up with that?

    Greeting from The Netherlands

  5. Glad they are doing this. The only thing I see getting exclusivity for a timed period brings is bragging rights to the console wars. And why would they give exp to the last mission if they dont intend on extending the game?

  6. I’m so glad that DLC is coming out for the PS3…..but cant you work on stopping the game crashing every 20 mins instead….? same for Fallout 3….a patch or a new engine for the next title?

  7. Sorry guys, don’t expect a thanks from me. User Travis Horne is right, crap like this alienates your fanbase.
    Since it’s highly likely you’ll pull the same off with Skyrim again, I already settled for the GotY-edition. Hope it was worth it for you.

  8. @gstaff – Is it possible for you to let us know when the next patch for F:NV is set to release on 360?
    I haven’t had many problems other than hard-freezes and first-person glitches (when your weapon goes over your head)

    It’d be much appreciated bro \m/

  9. Bethesda you rock, please give names of new dlc and take us to area 51 and make 360 exclusive cause it rocks.

    ps can i have news of any new games coming out best game makers in the world

  10. After I finished the game I put Fallout NV on the back burner knowing the DLC will _eventually_ hit the PS3 platform. Also GT5 was released back in November so I’ve been spending all my gaming time grinding and playing that game. =p

    I’m glad to see that the DM DLC for the PS3 finally has a scheduled release date and that all future FONV DLC releases will be concurrent on all platforms. Looking forward to playing it when it arrives… 🙂

  11. well i have to say all though i do love my xbox, i have not had any problems with crashes or bugs, and i have one everything to the game (including modding it with the new vegas virtual editor = ) i do agree dead money did leave my mouth wet and wanting badly new dlc i check online almost every week for new updates, i really hope that this time maybe you will expand the level cap by 10 instead of 5 for dead money and maybe make playable time for the dlc more then 6-8 hrs like dead money, like 15-20 would be awsome, make it as big as possible and tune it perfectly!! i dont want to loose any of my gold bars that i walked out of the madre with!!! ha well thanks for the great games and dlc keep up the grreat work!!! and i love xbox exclusives cause i get to rub it in!!!!

  12. Dead Money & Fallout: New Vegas are awesome but why have a level cap. Take it out! Why have this lush landscape to adventure in but not be able to take full advantage of running all the campaigns for gain. Once you max out, it get boring with no reward other that kills & caps.

  13. A two-month timed exclusive is fairly reasonable, but it would have been nice if you’d let us know a bit earlier. Quite a few of us were expecting some 6 month delay like PS3 users had to deal with for Fallout 3.

    Glad the rest of the DLC is going to be simultaneous. Looking forward to Dead Money, if not for the plot then at least for some of the curiously creative perks.

  14. It’s funny, you guys pay attention to the posts here, but you hardly ever listen to advice, a lot of these people have good ideas, such as exclusivity. If you really need the money make at least try to make Microsoft understand that not many people will buy their console just for one game’s DLC and include PC into their exclusivity, but I highly recommend not letting a company force you into exclusivity, it isn’t fair to your fan base. By the way… Steam!? Really? “The most unobtrusive”? What a lie! I would have respected you guys more if you had at least been honest and said “We wanted to protect our profits and Steam seemed like the best choice for protection” or something, because we all know Steam is the king of obtrusive gaming, and if you have something to say about that go ahead and tell me,…but still, WooHoo! Official DLC that reviewers rated as average! YEAH! MORE STORY! MORE ACTION! RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF BLOOD, VIOLENCE, AND DEATH!

  15. my m8 has Fallout New Vegas 4 X Box @ has Dead Money . He says its gr8 @ i cnt wait 2 get it 4 PS3 . 1 thing, plzz try 2 fix the freezing problem. my Fallout 3 was freezing wen i got that @ my New Vegas does it aswell . Anyway giv us some info on the other DLC soon

  16. Ya know,I’ve heard a theory about one of the future DLC’s,and apparently the searchlight airport has something to do with it,and it involves China.Sounds weird,huh?

  17. @Uncut: It´s not due to Bethesda but to German censorship rules. Get the game from Austria if you want the game in German and uncut or do what i do, buy from the UK.

  18. Woop, nice choice Bethesda, only 360 fans truly appreciate your work. Think it was a bad choice to let the profligates get any of the dlc, mYbe next dlc will only be on xbox or will take extra long at least for the japanese. You’ll get your bribe from Microsoft and plenty (if not more) sales from xbox players … 360!!

    Ps down with level caps or raise it at least …..AND MAKE THE NEXT DLC BYPASS THE END!
    I WANT AN EPILOGUE!! Thnks —

  19. Glad its coming to the ps3 and the pc but just out of protest i am not going to buy.

    You should first do something about your policy, i am still mad about Operation anchorage and The Pitt wich i bought in France on a holiday. NO language selection? serious? no language patch on the internet?

    I contacted Bethesda and got the response that i just had to buy the english version if i wanted to play in englisch.

    Well, you won’t get my money anymore and i hope people will join me in my protest

  20. The Thompson submachine gun should be added in the next DLC I mean nothing says vegas gangster then a suit and the Thompson submachine gun

  21. DLC exclusive is annoying because you’re betting on the wrong horse… it a bummer that the limitations of the 360 hold companies back from really taking advantage of what the ps3 can do; Having to keep a consistant looks between platforms… so having to wait for exclusives to make there way to the ps3 is insult to injury… I may get the new DLCs at some point but it was a bummer to have already played through an imperfect game for 2 months before the comprehensive patch came out… i Would have more respect and a better overall gaming experience if you would have just delayed release…. I’m excited for Skyrim but will probably wait a couple months to make sure I wont have as many bugs to deal with.

  22. What time will dead money be released in the uk, at 12 midnight (uk) or will it be American time?
    Also i totally agree that you guys should not pull the same xbox exclusive stuff you did with this on skyrim, I have been waiting since 2006 for skyrim and i dont want to wait longer than i need to!

  23. Coming home from work, checking the PSN store to finally play Dead Money, and nothing there yet.
    What’s up Bethesda?

    Greetings, Jarco
    (Big fan, who can’t wait to buy Dead Money :P)

  24. I dont think the ending will be extended because of the multiple endings where you could side with Yes Man, House, The Legion and the NCR, it would make things too complicated although I think a battle for Hoover Dam for the Brotherhood or The Great Khans would be sweet. And I have a Ps3 and I was annoyed by the exclusivity for xbox but if it gives Bethesda more money to make DLC’s then its worth it, also I think the problems with Dead Money not being on the PSN Store today is because of Playstation not Bethesda as they’ve given then the right to sell it on the store so we’ve just got to be patient its nothing to get worked up over.

  25. Can’t wait for the rest of the DLC!

    I have to say I’m ok with the exclusive downloads for Xbox 360, actually I love it! Although I don’t understand why they would hold it from PC… I can understand the wait for PS3 owners, but Xbox and PC both use Windows/Xbox Live so it doesnt make much sense.

    I wouldn’t mind if the same thing happens with Skyrim, but you could at least make Microsoft do it for the PC too.

  26. so dead money came out today for ps3 and i bought it for the $10 or so price and it downloaded and installed successfully, yet i cant play it. i know the drill with fallout dlc, how it takes a bit in game to register but i waited for hours and the quest never came up. anybody else have the same problem or know how to help?? thanks a lot

  27. Wtf… It’s the 23/2 in aust and it’s still not out? What’s goin on here. It’s criminal you get away with this. We pay a Premium to own the ps3 and then the same amount to own the game. Yet we’re still exploited like this. I don’t think I’ll be buying any more software/add-ons from Bethesda. Good riddance. Kents.

  28. I love how pissy people get about the exclusive deal. It’s a business deal.

    Your complaint/loss of business < The money they get from Microsoft

    Looking forward to all the DLC. Good work on Dead Money, with the exception of how limiting the collar was. In a game that is based on exploration, not being able to explore kind of sucked.