OXM UK teases Skyrim cover story


Today on OXM UK’s Facebook page, they’ve teased the Skyrim cover story that hits newsstands this Thursday. If you’re in the UK, be sure to check it out.

If you’re somewhere else in Europe/Australia, keep an eye out for these features on the game

United Kingdom

Official Xbox Magazine — on shelves February 10th

Official PlayStation Magazine — on shelves February 16th


PlayStation Le Magazine Officiel — available now


Computer Bild Spiele — available now


Power Unlimited — available now


Micromania — available now


Giochi per Il Mio Computer — available now


Gamereactor — available now


Game Informer — available now

Reader Comments

  1. If I am not able to wear that armor I will be pissed, just telling you guys now. It was a pain to get the ranger combat armor till the game did it right and I got it in the ranger outpost. So PLEASE make this armor WEARABLE and not GLITCHED!!!!

  2. I just hope Skyrim won’t crash like Fallout 3 and Oblivion.
    I hope it was a problem of Gamebryo and that Skyrim won’t be randomly crashing.

  3. Yeah I was thinking that, surely ‘world exclusive’ is just a complete lie given that massive list of other magazines with Skyrim coverage…

  4. @Gstaff – so why does it say “WORLD EXCLUSIVE” right on the cover there? That looks like a claim for world exclusivity to me.
    Just curious.


  5. I can’t tell for sure, but I think that’s a bow, not a dragon’s tail. That would be kind of weird. At this point though, I wouldn’t care if they gave you a fuzzy-bunny tail, I just want the game haha!

  6. Call me crazy but that armour did remind me instantly too the Leather Rebel from the pit.
    It looks Ace if i had such a muscular figure like him i defenetly dress up like that if i went too a bar or a heavy metal pup 🙂

  7. Too… much…. awesome….

    All this news about Skyrim has given me a new found Elder Scrolls need. I’ve been playing Oblivion almost every night.

  8. Undeniable potency of devastating conquest of advertising induced euphoria. Can you deny the hunger voice which whispers..BUY ME..can you?

    Thanks for the sneeky peeky of the UK cover waking up my brain from its Nyquil daze this cold wintry night in the warm comforts of home.

  9. please tell me that the armor pieces are still independent 🙁 you know, boots, greaves, helmet, etc.. I hate that the armors and clothing in fallout 3 were just one big piece…

  10. does this work on mac? i have played tes 4 and its soo cool. cant wait for tes 5 to come out, but i resently got a mac and i dant know if it works 🙁

    i would be grateful if some one could give me some information abouth if it works for mac or not.