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  1. My gosh darn, these images just blow me away. I just can not Wait until this next upcoming rememberence day!!!(sorry, forgot how to spell that word) When I bought oblivion, I got what I paid for. That was the best graphic RPG at the time for myself. This… THIS IS AMAZING what work you guys put on this AMAZING GAME!!! Bravo Bethesda, May there be many more games like these in the near by future. Especially from my most favourite company, Bethesda.

  2. It looks amazing… if fact it looks like Oblivion with even better graphics…. I wonder how much that will limit the depth of the game. I think of Daggerfall and how HUGE it really was… it would take 2 weeks real time to walk across Tamriel in Daggerfall… DF had many many more skills…. you could roll for your character. I hope I don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to upgrade my computer to play it. I really hope they get rid of the ‘leash’ feeling with quests…I didn’t like that at all. Things I hope they have.
    Way more than 8 hot keys… that was terrible in Oblivion.
    More gear slots…
    No leashing with quests
    Way more skills..
    Skill limits according to class…. Warriors CANT use magic.
    Levitation… that was also a really BAD thing in Oblivion no levitation.
    A main story line that doesn’t take only 2 weeks to complete..
    Crafting …. make your own armor..bows…weapons…
    There’s a bunch more but… I’m not going to take up a huge space….
    Hey Bethesda…. eye candy is good…but don’t let it take away what the Elder Scrolls games used to be….

  3. One thing that’s really odd. I dreamed about Skyrim the other night and how you could move and look freely during conversation and you know what? Next day I read on tesnexus that you actually could do this! I don’t know about you but I was freaked out.
    And when a I read about this Radiant world I smiled all the way thru the text. Well, guess we’ll have to wait. *Starts building a time-machine*

  4. Those screenshots were already in the magazines, every and their mothers have seen them 100 million times. How about something new to hype us some more?

  5. skyrim 0_0 its b-b-beautiful, well, starting 11/11/11 i will be locked up in a dark room, transcribing the elder scrolls, whilst battling dragons with a spear (hopefully), thank you bethesda, my soul is at your disposal.

  6. OMG i love you bethesda. the models look amazing and so do the scenery. just from these 10 screenshots i have determined that i will buy anything you throw at me that has to do with TES

  7. Looks good, but looking at the third screen I do hope the PC version gets a menu system that displays all stats at once. Leave the button-mash scrolling to the drooling X-box crowd.

  8. The facial structures appear to have been substantially overhauled, I love it!

    The dragons appear to have some nice animations as well.

    Oddly, I don’t much care for the waterfalls, though. They look rather, well, unreal. Can’t be too critical there I suppose, though – after all, I’ve yet to see a game depict waterfalls well.

    I must say I’m glad to see that the skies will be treacherous once more… *has fond memories of Morrowind’s Cliffracers*

    All in all, this is shaping up to be quite an impressive game. I’m impressed!
    All the Best,

  9. Ok in the were the guy fights the troll,
    The left arm the the beginning of it looks well none fluent and bulky.
    Kinda throws me off ina way any one else agrees?

  10. Comparing to original unmodded oblivion…
    Look’s like body quality was improved (better normals, no neck seam noticable), but hair still looks like a pile of rags and plastic tapes.