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  1. Righteous, they may not be new, but at least their better than the print versions. Still, would like higher-res of these or newer, not that I’m not thankful for these of course.

  2. Oh… my…. god…… I’m so glad I discovered Daggerfall as a kid.

    That fifth screenshot is so epic. Funny, I just upgraded my PC a month or two ago but I imagine I’ll have to sell another kidney to be able to play this when it comes out. Has there been any announcement about system reqs?

  3. My biggest hope for this game is that the world is more alive than it was in Oblivion. The worst part of that game was walking through the woods forever and rarely ever seeing another living creature. Hopefully this will be different.

  4. The graphics look really nice. If it runs decent on a modern (but not super top end), I will be very excited indeed. Sunk 250 hours into Oblivion.

  5. Something is wrong for me D:

    All I get is a black screenshot. Nothing happens.
    I’ve checked my browser settings..
    Whyyyyyyy!? πŸ™

    Help please.

  6. I found these high res images on some Russian site soon after the worldwide magazines were released but its nice to see Bethesda releasing the images themselves so more people not as dedicated to searching every nook and cranny of the net like me can see the beauty of this game .. I <3 you Bethesda!

    Now show some video!! x3 *says like an entitled little brat*

  7. Were you guys aware that you put out the screenshots and concept art the same day Skyrims supposed to come out? the 11th? funny little coincidence, if not, lol.

    also, I’m on an iPhone and can’t see anything but a big white empty space. is there a link somewhere? I imagine their up on the Skyrim official site, but that requires me to get off the couch πŸ™

    I know, I’m lazy, but I’m also sick, so lem’me alone!

  8. I’m currently playing Morrowind again with my girlfriend and there’s just no possible comparison, Skyrim looks stunning. I’ve been seeking for stretched textured, UV borders, weak texel ratio… the only “flaw” I could find was a small rock that’s a bit less well integrated to ground on the pic with the giant XD
    You guys are doing such an awesome work!

    I just hope we’ll get more city life as well, I’m really hoping there’s chance there will be monthly festivals according to the calendar and if possible some street bands or performers… A feeling that people aren’t wandering aimlessly, it was yet greatly improved in Oblivion, I hope there will be some more level-up again in Skyrim =D

  9. It’s so beautiful, I hope you don’t screw over your PC fans who hate Steam again by denying us this beauty by requiring steam, just get some upgraded protection on disk, You know, a lot of “Pirates” steal games because of stuff like Steam and DRM, so try to develop something that is solely on the disc (doesn’t require an obtrusive program) that protects it better, it helps your sales (both ways) and offends many less people, Everybody wins. And if you can’t for the love of god himself, PLEASE NO STEAM EXCULSIVITY! I hate it, you only got me to buy New Vegas because I loved fallout, but if you do steam again you can bet you’ll lose at least 1 sale…not that that matters, but still…not cool guys, keep up the good work for those console guys at least.

  10. Wow these look awesome! And I love that hunting screenshot, this game looks fantastic even if it is just an early build πŸ™‚

  11. I love all the elders scrolls games.

    But I really, really don’t like the idea of making Skyrim even more narrow when it comes to skills. Only 18 skills? why? Morrowind was so awesome were there were lots and lot of skills and you had to choose more.
    and away with mystisism? WHY? Elders scrolls i sopose to be massive!

  12. ..If you really loved us, you’d let us download them as wallpapers, instead of copy-protecting the bejeezus out of them? Please, Bethsoft?

  13. The screenshots look great but I was expecting better. I’m kinda dissapointed actually. Skyrim looks like a modded Oblivion. I mean lets get real here, its 2011. Graphic visuals should be off the charts. I can’t wait to get my hands on the construction set so make my own improvements!

  14. Hello everyone!
    I just can’t wait to put my hands on a Skyrim’s box!
    BTW, do we have any chance to get at least subtitles in Portuguese in the game?
    –from Brazil.

  15. If you look closely at the background of the Bendu Olo interface screenshot you can see the mage birthsign.So I guess there’s still going to be birthsigns.Also you see one of the skills on the far left that ends in “aft”.I guess that would be speechcraft, I thought they would have gotten rid of that or merged it with Mercantile to one skill maybe called persuasion.Also they’re missing a few shots, like the one where the warrior is walking into a village and he sees an NPC and his dog walking together.Or the one with the warrior attacking the giant spider with a two-handed sword.Even though we’ve already seen these screens these ones are much more detailed, can’t wait to see a gameplay video.

    I also looked closer at some of the enemy shots and I noticed a few things.For one thing, the giant’s right arm (the one holding the weapon) looks smaller than his left arm, which doesn’t seem to make sense to me, I hope that gets fixed.I also noticed that one of the Draugr looks like he’s crying, maybe he’s crying because he doesn’t have a helmet unlike his friends?And also there seems to be a fourth Draugr behind that one.The troll itself seems rather unremarkable, basically a Skyrim version of the Cyrodiilic troll.The spell does interest me though, I can’t tell whether it’s a touch spell or the “flamethrower” spell that Bethesda mentioned a few times.If you look carefully, you can almost see some of the flames reaching behind the troll too.