That belongs in a museum!


This… this IS history!

And by this, I’m referring to The Art of Video Games — a new exhibit coming to the American Art Museum in 2012. To prepare for it, Smithsonian is letting you vote for the games that will be on display.

It might take a second to load, but Fallout 3 can be found in Era 5’s Modern Windows category, while Oblivion is categorized under Xbox 360. Meanwhile, id’s DOOM II is listed in Era 4 under DOS/Windows.

Voting runs between now and April 7th. To get started, register here.

Reader Comments

  1. Hmm, according my firefox status bar the website is “done” loading. However all I get is a black screen.

    Perhaps they are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment.

  2. Yep… I casted my vote, went into the kitchen, put chicken and fries in the oven, fixed a drink, came back. still waiting for the next era to load.

    I’m a bit confused by it though. Are supposed to vote for one game in each four selection? Or just one in each category?

  3. How about you guys do a version of fallout with current technology. No 1950’s style future. Where the US and somekind of China russan alliance,with a few arab countries. start a nuclear and biological war against US AND Nato or do a second civil war in the united states. just a few ideas you guys can come up with. im a trucker that love to play games.

  4. Why exactly is Oblivion categorized under xbox 360? The pc version was far superior in every way possible.

    Tbh, i think Fallout 3 should be categorized under xbox and Oblivion under pc, not the other way around.

  5. Yeah I’d much rather vote for Fallout 1 myself, I’ll see if it’s on the list. Personally I find the first much superior to 2 myself though. Personal preference, I count 1,2,3, and NV as canon though unlike some people who swear by the first. I also find Bethesda’s own The Elder Scrolls Daggerfall a good entry too. Of coarse in their own right Oblivion and Fallout 3 were good games. If it’s a choice for this current era or generation I’d pick the first Deus Ex. If not Red Dead Redemption all the way.

  6. The ultimate in grueling sci fi horror DOOM 2 got my vote aswell 😀

    Too bad i didnt see any DAGGERFALL considering some of its achievements such as largest game world ever created. WIZARDRY or DUNGEON MASTER would have been nice too considering they were one of the first to push the 3d first person rpg perspective much further.

    Congratulations once more to all for being part of HISTORY. In some quantum reality of was and when i may be reading about you guys and gals in Social Studies class 🙂

  7. @gstaff: I voted.

    In other news, please release some New Vegas related avatar gear (XBOX 360). Please! I’d get a New Vegas tattoo and tell everybody about Skyrim. PLEASE! Thanks.

    • @max, as long as there wasn’t profanity or something along those lines, it shouldn’t have been deleted. Comments often go through a filter, and we only have time to go through them so many times in a day.

  8. I voted! both Oblivion and Fallout 3 got my pick. (though I got frustrated with the load times and tried again a couple days later) now, when Fallout 1 was up so was Grim Fandango… sorry, but I had to go for Grim Fandango, cus it was after all called the ‘Adventure’ category, though RPG’s got lumped in there too.

    Some weird decisions on categories and game picks, imo. I mean, I do think some of the games that should have been on the list were there, including Bethesda’s, but there were some glaring omissions… I guess that will happen when you try to distill an era down to 4 choices per loosely defined category, but still. Games like Kings Quest, which, lets be honest, pretty much invented and popularized the graphic adventure game, Monkey Island, and many others that I WOULD have voted for were notably absent. They didn’t even have a PC category for the years those games were released. And Tetris! they forgot Tetris! And yeah, I think Oblivion should have been in the PC category, since one of it’s notable features is the modding community, something that can only be found on the PC version… and wtf? E.T. The Extra Terrestrial? for real? that game was notoriously bad, what’s it doing on there? I dunno, it just strikes me as the person making the decisions about what made the list didn’t actually know a lot…