PC Gamer Top 100 Games


The March issue of PC Gamer (US) recently hit newsstands, and in it, they reveal their Top 100 Games of All Time. Notable titles from the list include:

  • #87: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (2006)
  • #55: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • #51: QUAKE III Arena
  • #41: DOOM
  • #27: Fallout 3
  • #22: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • #3: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Congrats to all the folks that worked on these titles.

Update: The list is now online

Reader Comments

  1. [ King of the Wastes wrote on February 17th, 2011

    Fallout 3 should have been #1. Best game I have ever played. ]

    Yea Fallout 3 is a masterpiece of visual beauty and comedy with one of a kind ambience alive with stunning gameplay balance. Not a day passes am not playing for at least an hour.

    Fantastic screenshot of the Knights Of The Nine DLC. I’ll copy and paste it into my evergrowing collection of.. CD ART.

    Congratulations to all who are truly worthy cause my joy and money easily paid says so 😀

  2. I’m glad TES topped Fallout both times. Well deserved for my favorite IP. 😀

    Just started replaying Morrowind again after closing it down for a year. Some of the mod communities contributions make it almost as beautiful as Oblivion.

    Can’t wait for Skyrim!

  3. I really do not understand how can Morrowind be on 22 and oblivion on 3. Morrowind in my opinion was much better. Much more diverse. Hidden things. The possibility of killing Dagoth Ur without doing a single mission in the main quest. I don’t know, maybe because of my age… but i regarded Morrowind as the most complete and fulfilling game yet made. Oblivion lacks the feeling. The teleportation makes it boring and the quests seem to push you in. Morrowind had the feeling of real life… the pilgrimage to the mask of Vivec to get read of a disease. Or the long journeys around the map… the music. The characters. Morrowind was a life. Not just some marathon of clicking.
    But i guess its just my opinion.

    Oh and i really think call of Cthulhu should deserve more… it really takes you in.

  4. A good turnout, but I remember back in the good old days when Oblivion came in 1st. Also, note that in 1 year, fallout moved down 17 positions, and oblivion moved up 3. That, ladies and gentlemen, is memorability. Before the hate mail starts, Morrowind is good too, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s 4 years older then Oblivion, it could have ranked in the same region. Unfortunately, both of them will be pushed back when Skyrim takes #1 next year.

  5. they rehash this list every year, so how much can you really trust it? neither Fallout 3 nor Oblivion have changed in the past year, yet their positions on the list changed dramatically. and Quake 1 didn’t even rank? for shame, Quake 1 is not only good, it’s monumental.

  6. oblivion is the sole reason i bought an xbox. i love that game. love morrowind too, despite its combat engine (and those damnable blight storms).

    and, not to stoke the fires of a flame war (that should be long dead), but if you don’t like the fast travel in oblivion, then don’t use it. it’s a convenience; no more, no less. it’s not like there was no fast travel in morrowind. you just had to pay for it or use spells.